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10.11 'Icarus' review!

Tonight was the mid-season finale! Here are my thoughts.

I loved it! It was awesome. I don't know what the rest of you think, but I really enjoyed it, from start to finish. I thought it had a bit of everything. I squeed over the Clois proposal. Though they KILLED Carter? WTF? My heart ... torn to shreds. I loved him so much! Really one of my favorite episodes of the season. Honestly.

The Good

Let's start out with the obvious: CLOIS! They're so epic and they got engaged before the credits rolled. I am glad I didn't have to wait. My love for those two knows no ends, I swear. I just adore them. Tom and Erica play a perfect Clois and just shine. Chemistry may be subjective but I really feel these two have it. Plus, do you see Clark's smiles? How HAPPY he is? How can you not be happy for him? I liked how their restaurant plans fell through and the proposal turned spur of the moment- it was very Clois. Also, someone on Twitter noted about how Clark crossed the street and compared it to 8.15 'Infamous'. They were all, "now he's not afraid to cross the street and he's not looking back" or something like that. I thought it was perfect said!

Even the rest of their scenes were perfect. The one at the farm was quite sweet. I love how they smile at each other and Lois reassuring Clark. Lois going over the ways to hyphenate her name was funny as well.

They're good together but they're also awesome separately. Clark was perfect, as usual. He saved the day, and I loved how how romantic he was. I was literally swooning at some of his dialogue. Plus, he came up with the Phantom Zone idea, which was quite brilliant.

Lois is also wonderful. She proves time and again why she is the woman that Clark fell in love with. I seriously am not surprised he wants to marry her- she is fantastic! Not only will she take on people like Slade and that female soldier, she got through to Cat Grant! I loved how she talked to her and was patient and actually got her to see the light. Not to mention that she was hilarious when she was trying everyone to see her ring in the opening scene after the credits.

Chloe and Lois. There was a Chlo-Lo scene! I know it was cut from 'Lazarus' but I'm glad we got to see it air. I really thought it was sweet and I liked the note that Chloe got to Lois. That made me very happy. I love those two cousins. They are seriously one of my favorite platonic relationships. The scene itself was really good. My sister doesn't like Chloe and she even warmed up to her in that moment. That's saying something.

Clark and Oliver. Okay, OLIVER IS CLARK'S BEST MAN! How happy did that make me? I could not stop smiling, I swear. Ollie wanted to back out of the wedding and Clark stopped him. They're just so adorable- bromance ftw! I grin just thinking about it.

Lois and Tess! I love how Tess conveyed to Lois that her phone was bugged. I swear, those two amuse me too much.

Tess was great and I love how unintimidated she was by the soldiers and her clear dislike of Cat. That always makes me laugh.

Carter and Ollie. Their snark was entertaining. I love their banter, but I also like how they were able to have a serious conversation and Carter sympathizing with Ollie.

The League in general. Them tricking Clois and throwing them a surprise party to congratulate them was awesome. That whole scene was just nice. I like friendship moments and I wish we saw more of that. I want to see the Justice League become more like a family. The scene with Ollie, Carter and Clark in Slade's office was really good, though I was half expecting them to get caught.

Emil. Every episode automatically improves when he's around.

The plot was solid. I like how they showed the brainwashed people and how the anti-vigilante plot has come along. I am really wondering how it will go the other way for the heroes.

The ending- it came out of nowhere and left me in suspense!

The Bad

CARTER IS DEAD. That makes me so sad. Yes, I am putting it under bad because it's just WRONG. I know he died as a hero and he will be reunited with Shayera in death (hopefully) but it's heartwrenching. I didn't see it coming and I was just depressed. :(

The actress who played the female soldier wasn't very good. Her mouth/teeth were distracting, but that's just me nitpicking. I just had to mention it.


Like I said, I loved it. From beginning to end, it had my attention. I can't believe I have to wait until January 28th for the next episode!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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