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first prompt on my fanfic100 table

This is the first prompt I've chosen on my table. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

Story: Finding Love
Pairing/Characters: Collie, slight Lollie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warnings: slash
Spoilers: season 7
Summary: Oliver reflects on his favorite holiday

The table is here

Prompt: #93 “Thanksgiving

If anyone asked him what his favorite holiday was, he’d always answer “Thanksgiving”. Most people just smiled and figured it was because of all the good food that was served. He’d let them believe it but inside, he was smiling because they were wrong.

The turkey was great and he did love pumpkin pie but that wasn’t what made the holiday memorable for him. No, it was much more than that. Thanksgiving was when he found love.

Thanksgiving was not so special the first ten years of his life. He loved his parents and he knew they doted on him but Thanksgiving was more of an elaborate affair. So he didn’t really appreciate the true symbolism behind it.

After they died, he hated Thanksgiving because he didn’t have anyone to spend it with. He was bitter and jealous of all those lucky children who had families to celebrate the holiday with. A holiday meant for families and he didn’t have one.

But he learned to cope, outwardly not showing any emotion. He hated not having any power over his own life so in high school, he climbed the social ladder so he could have power over others. Picked on those physically weaker than him so nobody would see the weakness within himself. So that they wouldn’t get too close and see the lost, lonely boy who missed his parents and just wanted to be loved.

It took a boy’s death to change his outlook on life. An innocent boy who had dreams and hopes but never got a chance to accomplish them. That’s when he did a 180, vowing never to purposely hurt another soul.

Back then, he had a mask on, so that the rest of the world wouldn’t see who he really was. Despite his attempts to reform, he still wasn’t able to lose the mask. When he put on the costume and ventured on into the night, protecting people as the Green Arrow, a name he wasn’t given until much after he first began roaming the streets, he felt himself withdraw even more.

He felt as if he was doing good. Even if his methods were unconventional, it was the end result that mattered most to him. Oliver Queen paraded around, charming women left and right, making big business deals but besides the one night stands, he didn’t do relationships.

Then he went to Smallville and everything changed.

It was near Thanksgiving when he got hyped up on a healing drug. A healing drug with dangerous side effects. But as far as he was concerned, that drug was the best thing that ever happened.

Not what it did to him though; it made him a complete jerk but with the drug, he found love.

He was in a relationship at the time with Lois but it wasn’t she who he fell in love with. No, it was her best friend who captured his heart . . . her male best friend. Clark Kent had stood by him, even when the drugs had completely taken over.

Didn’t walk away when he kicked him and even prevented him for committing murder. Only when after the whole incident, he stood there and told Oliver that he still considered him a hero did Oliver realize that he was in love with him.

It was a harsh slap in the face but he didn’t let himself reveal anything that day. Instead, he went to the Kent Farm for Thanksgiving and made up with Lois.

To be with someone and want their best friend was not easy but Oliver made it through. He did care about Lois and regretted leaving her but more than that, he regretted leaving Clark. Especially without telling the brunette how he felt.

They kept in contact but the phone calls were too short and too far in between. It was all business talk too.

Only when he heard about Clark’s near death experience from Bart did he rush back to Smallville. He was worried about Lois and Chloe too but the thought of anything happening to Clark scared him.

So he had to see with his own eyes that Clark was alive. He couldn’t describe the feeling of seeing Clark just working on the farm. It took all his willpower not to rush into Clark’s arms and never let him go.

He held back but that day, they did a lot of talking. It was one of the best days of his life because that day, Clark told him his secret. Introduced him to his cousin, who had just arrived and called Oliver “someone she could trust”. The memory still brought a smile to his face and he was certain that Clark’s cousin, Kara, could see how infatuated he was. Because after the introduction were made, she shot a small smirk his way, and looked pointedly at Clark.

Their friendship grew stronger and Oliver decided to stick around for a while. The team didn’t need him and he could operate Queen Industries from Metropolis. His reunion with Lois wasn’t as pleasant but it was not as bad as he expected.

It would be Thanksgiving before he did something about his feelings. Lana’s unexpected return had stopped him from doing so before. They reunited and a little part of Oliver died when he found out.

To everyone’s surprise, they didn’t last more than a couple of weeks. They parted as friends and Oliver was the first person Clark told when they split. Clark claimed that they were both holding on to the past and it just “wasn’t the same anymore”.

Whatever the reason was, Oliver didn’t care. All that mattered was Clark was single again. This time he was determined not to lose him. He was nervous, more nervous than he had ever been about loving anyone. Because he had no signs that Clark even had any feelings for him. Hell, he didn’t even know if Clark was interested in men.

But on Thanksgiving, he took that chance. After dinner, he was left alone with Clark. Lois and Chloe were helping Mrs. Kent in the kitchen, all of them pushing them out when they tried to help. Clearly, there was a gossip session going on that they were not invited to.

It worked in his favor, as he took the moment to lead Clark outside, claiming he had to talk with him. There was no talking that took place. Oliver couldn’t figure out the right words to say and just kissed him.

Best move he had ever made. Clark kissed him back and he found the real reason that his relationship with Lana hadn’t worked out. It turned out that Clark had been in love with him since the last time he was in Kansas. They had wasted so much time.

Oliver was determined never to waste another moment again.

And we haven’t. Oliver smiled at the thought. For the past year, they had spent every free moment they had together. Granted it didn’t amount to a lot of time, both of them having busy schedules but Oliver always made an effort to find time for his boyfriend. And he knew Clark did the same.

Now he was back where it all began. Mrs. Kent was a US Senator but she always made it home for Thanksgiving. Lois had showed up with her new boyfriend, Grant. He didn’t know the whole story but apparently, he was her editor at the Planet. They had been seeing each other for a while.

Chloe was still with Jimmy. They had had some issues during the year, Chloe too afraid to tell Jimmy she was a meteor freak and Jimmy had been flirting with Kara a bit, not realizing why Chloe was pulling away. But in the end, they stuck it through. Jimmy had accepted the truth and they were both stronger for it.

As for him . . . well he was happy. His thoughts were cut off when he felt two arms wrap around him.

A head rested on his shoulder. “What are you thinking so deeply about?”

Oliver spun around, meeting warm green eyes. “You . . . me . . . us . . . how everything worked out.”

Clark smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Oliver said, meeting Clark’s lips.

Clark broke away and tugged on his arm. “Come on, the turkey is waiting.”

Oliver laughed and followed him inside.

Yes, he did love Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, he had found a family, found love . . . found Clark.

And for the reason alone, it would remain his favorite holiday forever.
Tags: category: slash, challenge: fanfic100, fandom: smallville, fanfiction, ship: clark/oliver
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