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2010 fics and a fic meme!

I snagged this idea (and the meme) from ladygawain. Under the cut is all the fics I wrote in 2010 (they're all Smallville, of course!) and a fic meme! :D

Fics Written in 2010

Just to See You Smile
I'm Only Happy When You Smile

A Break From Reality
A Special Gift
His Little Girl
I'm Yours
In a Flash
Lonely No More
The Right Choice

Dirty Little Secret
Playing With Fire

A Weekly Tradition
From the Heart
Getting It Right
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Making It Through
Need You Now
Picking the Right Moment
Stuffed Animal
Toasting to a Brighter Future
Worth the Wait

A Moment Like This
A Nudge in the Right Direction
Always By Your Side
Chocolate Kisses
Escape to Paradise
Feelings Show
For the Next Fifty Years
His Mother's Son
Home is Where the Heart Is
I'll See You in My Dream (WIP)
In Love ... All Bets Are Off Ch 11 (WIP)
Made With Love
Moving Forward
Never Too Late
No More Hiding
Once in a Lifetime
The Best is Yet to Come
The Blonde Curse
The Double Date
The Gift
When Worlds Collide
Underneath the Stars
You Belong With Me
You Found Me

Dancing in the Rain
Not Just a River in Egypt
Taking Charge

Learning the Truth
Several Weaknesses ... Only a Few Regrets

Other Pairings:
Getting It (Chloe/Lana)
Hold On (Clark/Lois/Oliver)
In Every Sense of the Word (Clark/Bruce, SV/TDK)

Happy Mother's Day (Clark, Martha)
Her First Word (Chloe, Lois, Moira)
Parting Words (Lois-centric, Clark)
Sticking Together (Chloe, Lois)
What We've Become (Clark, Lex)

Fanfic Meme:

01. Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Definitely more, because at the beginning of 2010, I was still on what I thought would be a permanent hiatus from fandom. I didn't think I'd come back, much less write fic again.

02. What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
Chloe/Tess. I've only written two so far but I never imagined that ship together before, mostly because I hadn't seen season 9 yet. This is why I enjoy taking requests, because it exposes me to new prompts and ideas that I had not thought of before. I mean, I shipped Tess with other females but for some reason, Chloe hadn't struck me. When I saw s9 and thought of their characters, I really realized that it would work.

03. What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
Probably 'Never Too Late', because it was the fic that inspired me to come back to fandom. I really liked getting into Oliver's head. I was very angry at him post-'Doomsday'. The fic was Clark/Ollie but it was mostly Ollie-centric and it helped me work out some of my issues with the way he was being portrayed on the show. Plus, I love The Christmas Carol and I've always wanted to do a fic with that theme.

Also, I like 'I'll See You in My Dreams'. Other than b'day fics, I honestly write for myself and that particular plot, even though it's still a WIP, I just went for because I wanted to do it.

04. Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I don't know ... I mean, I wrote pairings that I hadn't really written before. But I don't think I took any real risks.

05. Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
I want to write for fandoms outside of Smallville. Also, within Smallville fandom, I want to test out some new ships that I have always wanted to write. I'd also like to finish 'In Love ... All Bets Are Off' because I have been dragging that story out for too long and it's driving me crazy.

I would also like to get closer to finishing some of my challenge tables.

06. From my past year of writing, what was...

I can't say ... I'm terrible at judging my own fic but I guess 'Escape to Paradise'?

Most popular
In my LJ, my Clark/Ollie fics always get the most feedback, relative to the other ones, though I think the Clois story, 'Picking the Right Moment' did pretty well too.

Most underappreciated by the universe
Probably any Lois/Tess fics I've written, but they're a small ship and I didn't crosspost to other comms yet, as per the rules of the challenge. At least that's far as oneshots. I don't really count the ficlets, though they are listed above.

Most fun
'A Nudge in the Right Direction', because I had fun with the idea. I also liked writing 'The Double Date', even though it was short. Ollie/Clark & Lois/Tess going on a double date amuses me and I liked writing Ollie whining to Clark.

Most disappointing
'When Worlds Collide'. I just wanted to get it done before the episode aired but I really do believe that I rushed the fic and it could've been better.

Most sexy
I don't do sexy fics. Smut and me are worlds apart so I'm skipping this question.

Story with the single sweetest moment
Ollie singing to his daughter in 'His Little Girl'? My stories tend to have a lot of fluff but writing that made me smile.

Biggest surprise
Probably Ollie's parents being alive in 'I'll See You In My Dreams'. Only a few people weren't shocked at the twist.

Hardest to write
'Several Weaknesses ... Only a Few Regrets'. I love Lois/Tess but I have a hard time writing them. Mostly because I can't get Tess's voice down. She's very difficult for me to write.

Favorite angst
I don't think I wrote any angst this year. Maybe "Parting Words" or "What We've Become"?

That's all from me for now! Take care, flist! :D
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