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icon meme! :)

snagged from medie

Comment and I'll pick seven of your icons, and then you will explain why you love/are using the icon (who doesn't love talking about their icons, seriously) and then post your explanation/this meme in your journal for other people to squee about their icons, and basically it will be a huge squeefest of love and 100x100 square pixels.

This sounds like fun! So give it a whirl. :) And I love hearing why people choose the icons that they do.

 Ooh, and queenjazzy chose icons for me too! So if you're interested in my explanations, check it out. :D

  My default icon, made by chaotic4life, is really one of my favorites. I love how she manipped the picture, which was originally one of Justin and his wife. And the look on Justin's face is so cute! And Tom looks really intense. The fact that it's black & white makes it even awesomer.

I really think this describes Chloe. I have so much love for Chloe and I really feel bad for her. She's forced to keep everyone's secrets. Mostly Clark and Lana's. It must take its toll. It was made by duskwillow and I loved it when i first saw it. Had to snag it. :)

This was made by rjchasez (no, i never make my own icons, i had no talents to do so whatsoever :D). I love Tom in this picture. He's looking all smooth and sharp in that suit. Call me a dork but i really like that font that the word 'reporter' is in. :) Besides, we all know who he is going to be and it's funny because the picture is a complete opposite of the Clark Kent that he will be. But really, doesn't Tom look super gorgeous? I wish they dressed him better in Smallville.

You know, the first time I really recognized Jensen Ackles's hotness was when I saw the promos for Supernatural. And then i was like "wait, he was in Smallville"! And then I had to go rewatch season 4 because I felt bad for not appreciating him the first time around. What can I say? Tom's distracting. ;) But chaotic4life made this lovely icon and I needed a JA icon. :)

I fell in love with this pair through fanfiction. Since I actually enjoyed Lollie in season 6, I didn't really think about Chloe with Oliver. And then I read kdsch123's amazing story, Metropolis Holiday and they came to life. And I haven't looked back since. :D tehzo made this wonderful icon and I loved the batch she made but this was my favorite for sure. It was cut and edited so well that it looks like it was taken from a photograph!

Except for all the Lana crap, "Hydro" was an awesome episode. Clark in all that green leather was HOT. Besides, Clois finally had their first kiss and apparently our favorite farm boy can "teach Oliver a thing or two". LOL! I nearly died. This beautiful icon was made by duskwillow. I really loved him running over and pulling off his glasses. i wished I could pause the TV. His eyes were gorgeous, so GREEN. With this icon, you can see how his eyes stand out and I love it. :)

I love Clois and I've never attempted to hide my adoration for them. Tom and Erica look awesome together (and she's the perfect height for him!) and they have great chemistry. No matter what anyone says about ED, I really love her. :) And we know what's inevitable. Destiny is the right word for them. Besides, this is a very pretty icon, made by carmendove and I had to have it. I didn't have any Clois icons at the time and it was just unacceptable.

I hope you enjoyed my little spiel! :D Comment if you want me to pick some icons of yours so you can have your own.

babydracky also chose 7 for me! :D

This was made by iconaddict and I love it to pieces. Clark daydreaming about Ollie is too cute for words! And they're my OTP so I love them best. The little smile on Clark's face is too adorable for words. It's definitely one of my favorite icons.

More Clark/Ollie icons. This is just so hot. It was made by chaotic4life and TW is just so beautiful. With his hair slicked back and that intense expression his face. Absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention Justin's outfit was one of my favorites he was in and the first time I really fell in love. How many guys can pull off an all white suit? ;) Collie 4 life! :D

Damn is right. This particular icon is made by superheroesrhot. Clark without a shirt and his hair is all wet . .. mmm . . . i LOVE it. ;) I think the icon says all there needs to be said.

I really like how carmendove made the uniform blue & red. Because Oliver Queen in the comics is a strong liberal and he does fight for the people, despite being one of the upper crust. :D And look at the boy, he's gorgeous! :D The more Ollie icons, the better.

Made by billietallent, this is one of the pairings I ship. Harry Osborn/Peter Parker from Spiderman. And the icon is so cute. The way Peter is looking at Harry, all adoringly makes my heart melt. MJ bugs me and as far as I'm concerned, they're better off with each other than her. :\

Isn't this icon cute? It was made by rumonica. I needed Chlark icons because I was writing a Chlark fic and I like my icons to match the story. And this was perfect. I mean, really what else do you need? Hot guys, computers and coffee- my three favorite things in life! ;) I mean, I prefer Clois and Collie to Chlark but they are cute.

This particular icon was made by carmendove. The guy in the icon is named Hrithik Roshan, who is an Indian actor who works in Bollywood, the Hindi film industry. The particular movie is called Dhoom 2 and he was HOT in it. I really like this particular scene and he looked so good. :D
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