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After years of waiting and complaining, I think Smallville might actually be making progress. On the clois community, at this particular post, my day was made! :D

The TV guide interview where fans ask Gough questions is here. But it's one particular question that was posted for all us clois lovers

I know about the romantic restrictions on Lois and Clark [being a couple on Smallville], but is there a restriction on one or the other starting to have nonplatonic feelings? Such as Clark starting to like Lois more but keeping it to himself? —.

What did Gough say?

Gough: Shhhhhh! You're spoiling the end of the season!

AHHHHHH!! We have hopes after all. And it's Clois FTW! Go Clois, Go Clois, go go go Clois! It seems, queenjazzy, we may not be going to Canada after all! ;)

*does snoopy dance*

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