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10.12 'collateral' review!

Smallville has returned at last! We had to wait an extra week for this particular episode but I was just happy to get the show back. I missed seeing Clois on my TV. Here are my thoughts.

I really enjoyed this episode! I know a lot of people have issues with it, but I really liked it. I thought, overall, it was done well. It was quite exciting and had many squee worthy moments, for the characters and my ships. Of course it wasn't all perfect but the majority was interesting and I was actually interested.

The Good:

CLOIS! They're seriously my favorite part of any episode and this one is no exception. They're just ... epic. Can I say how much I loved that they flew? Sure, it was only in the 'fake' world, but they FLEW and they flew together. Clark acknowledged that she was his inspiration and her saying how fun it was just killed me. He's definitely going to flying for real soon enough and I hope it's before the finale. Even their reunion in the beginning was so sweet. They seemed so relieved and happy to see one another. It melted my heart. I loved that the only two people Clark ended up trusting were himself and Lois. That was sheer brilliance. Of course their final scene was perfect too. My love for Clois knows no ends and I wish I could describe in a somewhat eloquent manner how much I love them but I just can't. So I'm going to sit here, with big smile on my face, and squee like a fangirl some more. ;)

Clark Kent. He was great. I liked him expressing doubt. I know people say that Chloe & Lois bossed Clark around and told him what to think but that wasn't the case. The truth is that yes, they did tell him things but he only chose to listen and believe what he felt was right. Many people have told Clark to believe in himself but just as many have caused him to doubt. It is no surprise that he has problems. At the end of the day, he took the advice of the woman he loves more than anything and followed his heart and his instincts. That's what I admire about him. He took a 'leap of faith' and it all ended well.

Lois Lane. This woman is seriously amazing and totally my role model. She was incredible and awe worthy this entire episode. I loved every single scene she was in and her interactions with all the characters. I cheered her on in the beginning when she was fighting to get Clark and Ollie back. Her threatening the lady on the phone cracked me up. I love how unconditionally she believes in Chloe, because damn it, Lois Lane is loyal, especially to family. I love how she supports the man she loves and is such a good partner for Clark. It's no surprise that he's in love with her- she's incredible. ♥

Chloe Sullivan. I have had my share of problems with this character in the past two seasons and while I was looking forward to seeing her again, I also had doubts about how she would return. I was pleasantly surprised. I like that when they had her kick butt, it was realistic and within her capabilities. Let's face it: she's never been a fighter and making it through the computer (no matter how much it seemed like it was 'Avator: The Smallville Edition') was good. I hated how they let Lana have a never ending list of talents, which didn't make sense, so this was much appreciated. Her interactions with everyone was reasonable and not overdone. Even her blackmailing the VRA was awesome. I was impressed, I really was.

Chloe & Lois- No, the cousins didn't have many scenes together but the ones they had were epic. I love Chloe searching out for Lois and Lois believing in her. Also, Chloe is going to be Lois's maid of honor! I'm so happy, I wanted to cry. Really. You people can't know how much I wanted it. I loved the Chlo-Lo relationship from s4 and I just want them to love each other. They do. Lois was the one who was able to figure out that Chloe's avatar had been hacked into and that made me cheer. And their final scene, with the hug? I was in heaven.

Chlollie- I forgot how much I really ship these two until I saw them together again. They're so cute and I really don't want to see Oliver's heart broken again. Their reunion was very realistic and I liked that Ollie had his doubts. It would've been silly if he had taken everything she said for law. It was gradual and she had to prove herself. What I also like was their final scene, where they had to talk to one another and he showed how hurt he had been during her disappearance. Very beautiful.

Chloe & Clark- This was good. Clark having his doubts and Chloe not getting it was really interesting and perfectly in character.

Lois & Dinah- Their interaction was really exciting. I can understand why Dinah would doubt Chloe (and it was nice seeing someone blaming people other than Clark for what happened in 'Doomsday') but I like that Lois pointed out her right wing attitude. There's no long lost love between these two ladies and it showed. It also made sense, considering 'Siren', which was the last time we saw them really interact. The 'Icarus' funeral scene doesn't count. If they were all BFF, it wouldn't have been OOC and not made sense, at least to me. This was real and it worked.

Dinah- Her character hasn't been used well in her past appearances but I think she was here. I liked her hair longer. It suits her, and she doesn't look like Ollie's twin. I wish they'd do something about the BC make-up but I guess you can't have it all. The Matrix style fight between her and Chloe made me snort a bit but I liked that she came around and was big enough to admit that she was wrong.

I liked the use of the Suicide Squad and Rick Flagg. Never thought I'd be rooting for him, but I guess that's how it works out. I am impressed with the people who called Chloe working with them. Don't remember who but I know people did. The line to Ollie about 'keep your shirt on' cracked me up.

I know it was very Matrix/Avatar inspired but I liked the A-plot. I was actually gripped and watching intently the entire time.

The Bad:

There was bad? Okay, I am not exactly thinking rationally right now but whatever. I could've used more Clark, but I can't really think of anything I would've cut. I kind of missed Tess, but I suppose she wouldn't have fit in. Though I did like that it was Lois who referenced her (at least I think that was who she was talking about?). Yes, I still ship it. Don't judge.


As you can tell, I loved it. I want to watch it again. I need to take it all in, you see, because I was too busy squeeing at some parts. *nods* That's my explanation and I'm sticking to it.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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