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7x04 "Cure" Review

Another week, another Smallville. This episode has Dean Cain starring as Dr. Knox. As usual, I have my thoughts. If you care, read away! I'd love to hear yours too. :)

I didn't recognize the girl at first. Of course they changed actresses so that was expected and season 1 seems long ago. I only got into the show around season 5 so those previous episodes, I watched but randomly and not in order.

I've read spoilers and I saw episode stills so I knew Dean Cain was some sort of psychopath. .His reasons were not too shocking. According to Smallville, love makes you crazy. :)

Let's start out with Chloe and Jimmy. They had their cute moments and truth be told, I'm a fan of the pair. Chloe deserves someone who cherishes her. It's too bad that Smallville writers are intent on keeping her alone and constantly pining over Clark. Can't the girl just get a stable relationship? I felt really bad for her though. She has been hunting these meteor "freaks" for so long and now she found out she is one of them. It was sad about their break up in the end but I have a feeling that it's not quite over between them. But I do think that Chloe should've told Jimmy. I mean, he's not that prejudiced against meteor freaks so I really think he would've changed his attitude because he really seems to love her.

Chloe was quite surprising in this show. The telling off of Clark was unexpected but I actually kind of liked it. Clark does expect her to drop everything and put him first. It was good that she stood up for herself. Clark totally did not see that one coming. They had some nice scenes in this episode. Clark was so sad when he said "you won't remember me". I really enjoy their friendship.

Now back to the other half of that relationship. Jimmy had scenes with Kara. I do NOT like that relationship. But we knew it was coming. I can't believe Kara was going to tell Jimmy her secret. Well, at least I think that's where they were going before Chloe showed up. But it seems that Kara is not what we seem.

That scene with J'onn totally threw me off. I wonder what is going to happen with Kara now. Clark chose J'onn over Kara, which was interesting. He made a logical decision though. Kara, who both J'onn and Jor-El warned him about vs J'onn, who he knows he can trust. But it must've been difficult. Lana's expression when that kitchen scene was going on was priceless!

Speaking of Lana, the Clana is back and annoying as ever. But really, I think this show played an important part in the beginning of the end. Clark didn't tell Lana about Chloe that Chloe's meteor infected and it seems Lana is hiding everything. And she is stalking Lex. All those video cameras aiming at him was a bit creepy.

I was so thrilled when Lex told Clark about Lana stealing 10 million dollars from him. And Lana totally lied. Clark was doubting her, you could tell. These are the things that will lead to the end of the relationship. I'm very looking forward to it. I want Clark to find out about all of Lana's lies and call her on it. Because he has put up with too much of the "you're hiding things" crap from her to let this one slide.

The Clark & Lex scenes were amusing. It's funny how Clark tells Lex he's really mad for having to kill someone to protect him but he does it anyway. I like how they were being honest with each other though. It was a nice change.

That last scene with Kara . . . I wonder where she is going.

The episode was okay, nothing spectacular. But I didn't hate it either. Grant wasn't there but Lois wasn't either. Hopefully we will at least see Lois in the next episode. But I heard she's only going to be in 12 this season. :\

What did you guys think?
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