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new chapter

I have another chapter up. Once again, please read & review! I always love to know what you think!

Story: Chemicals React (title thanks to boltgirl426)
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, Chlimmy, Clois mentions of Lollie & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: through 6x13, Crimson
Summary: My version of Crimson. After Lois kissed him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite, which removed his inhibitions. First stop? Star City!
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 3

They left the club a few hours later. Oliver had had a few drinks and was feeling frisky. And was currently enjoying making naughty suggestions in Clark’s ear. It was getting more difficult by the moment not to just jump him. On the dance floor, they were practically having sex with their clothes on, what with all the thrusting and rubbing going on.

But he didn’t expect Oliver to make a move the minute they got in the car. Clark had barely closed the door when Oliver’s lips were on his. All he could think was ‘thank god the car had tinted windows’.

Then again, he wasn’t doing much thinking as he was giving himself completely to the kiss. Oliver pulled away abruptly. Clark let out a little moan, in protest.

“I told you,” Oliver said softly, “that you were coming home with me.”

“I never doubted you.” Clark would’ve said more but his eyes landed on a certain building, a chapel to be exact.

“What are you looking at?” Oliver asked curiously, a little annoyed he wasn’t getting all of Clark’s attention.

“Hmm?” Clark murmured, his eyes and thoughts focused on the chapel. He recognized the name of the chapel from the Vegas brochure he had been reading. It was the only chapel in Vegas to allow gay marriage.

Oliver followed his gaze and his eyes widened when he saw what he was looking at. “A church Clark? Thinking about getting married?”

“Why not?” Clark said, turning back to Oliver.

Oliver seemed a little puzzled and nervous. Clark’s declaration seemed to sober him up. “You want to get married? Isn’t this a little sudden?” He looked at Clark carefully. “Are you sure you’re okay? It’s like you’ve done a 180.”

“Oliver,” he laughed. “If anything, I’m more me than ever.” Then he smiled. “Oliver, haven’t you ever wanted to do something spontaneous? Just totally out of the blue?”

Oliver softened at his words. “Clark . . . I don’t know.”

Clark gazed at him. “Maybe the reason that neither of us have had much luck in relationships with women is because we’re not meant to be with a woman. We’re meant to be with each other. It’s more than just luck that we ended up parking in front of that chapel . . . its fate.”

He took Oliver’s hands in his and looked deep into his eyes. “We understand each other. You know what I can do and I respect your obligations. We’re perfect for each other.”

“Clark . . .” But the protest was weaker now. Oliver was caving.

“Marry me, Ollie,” Clark said, “WE have a future together. Let’s get married.” Oliver was frozen and his brown eyes were filled with emotion.

“Yeah,” Oliver finally agreed, “Let’s get married.”

Clark woke up suddenly, the dream still too fresh in his mind. What was worse was that it was not a dream but a memory. It had actually happened. He opened his clenched fist and saw his wedding ring lying in his palm. Nobody knew that he had gotten married, not even his mom or Chloe. The topic was too hard to bring up.

It had only been a day since he had come home. But he couldn’t get Oliver out of his mind. Saturday had gone by quickly. He had chores to make up so he spent most of the day doing that. Chloe hung out a little bit, telling him about her Valentine’s Day and then, cautiously mentioned Lex and Lana’s engagement party. But the news hadn’t bothered Clark.

He was over Lana, that much he knew. What he felt for Oliver was a different story. He went through the day in slow motion. Doing his chores, getting ready, having lunch- it was all robotic. At least he was back in his jeans and t-shirt. That outfit was in the back of his closet again, where it belonged.

But the day was moving too slowly for his liking. It was only 3 pm. Chloe was coming over later and they were going to get coffee at the Talon. She insisted that he come out with her and she wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. However, she was only coming at 4 so he still had another hour to kill.

He was in the kitchen, looking through the fridge for a snack, when he heard a knock at the door. Chloe’s early, ran through his mind but he didn’t think too much of it.

“It’s open!” he yelled. Hearing the door open, he smiled to himself, as he continued his current task. Chloe was practically family; she knew her way around the house almost as well as he did.

“Chloe, can I get you something to eat or drink?” he asked, finding the leftover pie his mom made. How he loved his mother’s pie.

“You’re being awfully quiet, Chlo,” he joked, “Everything okay?” Still silence. With a smile on his face, he turned around, ready to greet his best friend. Then he froze. Because it wasn’t Chloe waiting there.

No, it was Oliver. “As you can tell,” Oliver said quietly, “I’m not Chloe.”

He dropped the pie, making a mess in the kitchen but he hardly noticed. His mind was screaming to run but his feet felt like they were stuck to the ground. And oh god, he wasn’t ready for this. Not now, not ever.

“Oliver.” His heart was pounding so hard, Clark thought it would burst out of his chest.

“And he speaks.” Oliver was mocking him, playing his words back at him. “Thought you lost your voice there.”

Oliver walked past him, and looked around. “You alone here?”

“Yeah,” he replied, his voice low. “Mom is in Metropolis.”

Oliver was nodding, slowly. Not facing him, he continued, “I got your note.”

“Oliver,” he started but he was cut off when Oliver spun around unexpectedly, his eyes blazing.

“Want to hear what you wrote?” he asked, pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket. He brought that blasted thing with him? Oliver cleared his throat as he read aloud. “Oliver, I’m sorry but I have to go. Please don’t come after me.” His voice dropped a note. “Clark.”

Green eyes met brown. “Ollie,” Clark tried again but he realized he didn’t know what to say. “I’m so sorry.”

“So you say,” Oliver said, waving the note around. “I’d really like an explanation.” But Clark was watching his hands, his left hand specifically, where a ring similar to the one that was in Clark’s pocket, rested. Oliver noticed where he was looking and his expression turned cool. “Yes, I am still wearing my ring.” He glanced at Clark’s hands. “Which is more than I can say for you. As far as I’m concerned, we’re married. So what Clark? Did you shove that ring off the minute you left? Throw it in a garbage can somewhere?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Clark protested but he really should have kept his mouth shut.

“Why should I believe that?” Oliver shot back, angry now. “You threw me away!”

“I never meant to hurt you.” That was the most cliché line he could’ve possibly said.

“Well you did,” Oliver said coldly. “And I’d like to know why.”

Before he could respond, the door swung open and Clark decided Lois had the worst timing ever.

“Hi Smallville,” she said cheerfully. She stopped for a moment when she noticed Oliver. “Oliver, I didn’t expect to see you.”

“He came to see my mom,” Clark interrupted, not giving Oliver a chance to answer. “I was just telling him that she’s in Metropolis for the day.”

“Oh,” Lois said. He could see the disappointment in her eyes that he wasn’t here to see her. “I too was looking for Mrs. Kent. But I’ll see you guys later.” She headed back and then she stopped, turning back.

“Smallville?” she asked, hesitating.

“Lois?” he said, looking at her. She seemed nervous.

“When I was . . . under the influence, as you could say,” Lois asked, “We did . . . I mean, you and I didn’t . . . we didn’t do anything did we?” Seeing his quizzical look, she continued. “I mean, Chloe said you don’t remember much either but . . .”

“Nothing happened,” he was quick to assure her. Normally, he would’ve teased her a bit but he didn’t need Oliver getting any more ideas in his head. “I think I would’ve remembered.”

“Of course you would’ve,” she said, now smug. “Highlight of your life and all that.” Clark rolled his eyes. “Oh Smallville, don’t deny it. You know you wish you had gotten lucky with me.”

“Oh yeah,” Clark said sarcastically. “My life’s dream- crushed.” He smiled wickedly and went to his living room. Oliver was watching the exchange silently. Clark returned with a CD.

“Here Lois,” he said, “I found this. I think you made it for me.” Lois took the handed CD and frowned at what she saw.

“White Snakes,” she murmured. She forced a laugh. “I must’ve really liked you, Smallville.” Her gaze darted between the two men. “Well, see you. Those articles don’t write themselves.” Lois left and Clark almost wished she hadn’t. She proved to be a good distraction from the situation at hand.

“How much of what you told her was true?” Oliver wanted to know.

“I didn’t lie to her,” Clark responded. “Chloe did; I never said I didn’t remember what happened. What I told her was the truth. Nothing happened.” He sighed. “At least nothing happened between Lois and me.”

“Let’s start at the beginning,” Oliver stated. “And how did Lois play into all this?”

Clark bit his lip. “Well, it all started on Valentine’s Day. Chloe and I went to the Talon, to get a cup of coffee. It ended up being all Valentine’s Day decorations. I was upset but she convinced me to stay. According to her, I had been to depressing, since Lana and Lex got engaged.” He paused for a moment and continued. “Jimmy brought Lois and he decided it was a good idea to set us up.”

“I guess I wasn’t the only one who saw the attraction,” Oliver muttered.

“Jimmy just wanted to set me and Lois up because if I was with Lois, he could feel more secure about Chloe,” Clark corrected. “It didn’t go anywhere. We figured it out and I was going to leave. Lois, on the other hand, talked to some lady, who offered her a way to move on.”

“Move on?” Oliver interrupted.

“From you,” Clark clarified. “You really hurt her, Ollie, when you left.”

“You’re one to talk about hurting people,” Oliver retorted. Clark ignored the comment but knew that the other man was correct.

“Anyway,” Clark went on. “She took her up on it and the lady gave her some lipstick, which was supposed to make you fall in love with the first person you see.”

“Let me guess, it was you?” Oliver caught on quickly.

Nodding, Clark kept going, to explain how she had hit on him in the morning and then the fateful kiss at the Daily Planet.

“I don’t understand,” Oliver interrupted. “What does her kissing you have to do with you running off to see me?”

“Everything,” Clark explained. “The lipstick was a combination of some sort of aphrodisiac and red meteor rock.”

“Red meteor rock?” Oliver looked stunned. “Don’t meteor rocks make you sick?”

“The green meteor rocks make me sick,” Clark was quick to enlighten him. “There are several colors and they all have a different effect on me. Green can kill me, if I’m exposed to it long enough, silver makes me paranoid, black is just complicated . . .”

“What does red do?” Oliver was getting straight to the point while Clark wanted to stall.

“Red makes me lose my inhibitions,” he admitted.

“What does that mean?” More questions. Clark didn’t know how much more he could take. “I mean, lose your inhibitions?”

“It means exactly what I said,” Clark said. “Whenever I do stuff, I’m always thinking it through. On red k, I don’t think, I just act.”

“So where do I fit in?” Clark closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead. Oliver turned even angrier at his lack of explanation. “I need to know Clark!”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Clark snapped, finally exploding. “You’re not the only one confused Ollie! I have no idea why I came to you that day. I mean, when I was on red k before, at least I could somewhat explain my actions. Now, I don’t even know!” He hit his hand on the counter, careful not to use his strength so he wouldn’t break it.

“I’m putting my heart on the line, here, Clark,” Oliver yelled back. “And you’re giving me nothing. How do you think I feel? I woke up, and I was alone . . . the supposed happiest day of my life and I was miserable. I didn’t know where you were, what happened, anything! So don’t give me this bullshit.” His voice cracked a bit, anger draining quickly. “I know why I married you.” His eyes met Clark’s. “So why did you marry me? You did ask.”

“Ollie,” Clark began, hating to see the sadness in his eyes. “I . . . I don’t know.”

“You lost your inhibitions,” Oliver said, almost pleading, “And you came to me. Not Lana, not Lois, not Chloe or anyone else. Me. Shouldn’t that mean something? That deep down, it’s me you want?”

Clark’s heart ached at the desperate tone Oliver’s voice was taking. This was not the cool, confident Oliver Queen that he was used to. This man was quickly being broken and it was all Clark’s fault.

“Don’t you feel anything for me at all?” Oliver whispered.

“I . . . I don’t know.” Clark hated feeling like this and he didn’t even want to imagine what Oliver was going through.

Oliver closed his eyes, using the counter to steady himself. When he opened them, those soft chocolate eyes were filled with tears. Clark felt sick to his stomach. What had he done? Without another word, Oliver turned around and left. A few minutes later, Clark heard him drive off.

Oliver was gone . . . Oliver was gone and Clark had no idea if he was coming back. Clark sat down . . . he had no more strength left to stand. The conversation replayed in his head but what stood out was Oliver’s misery.

Thinking about the expression on Oliver’s face before he left made Clark feel like he had been stabbed in the heart. He pictured their wedding and how happy Oliver had been. And Clark did something he hadn’t done in a while . . . he put his head in his hands and just cried.

A/N: I know, sad ending. Don't kill me! It has to be sad before it can be happy. :D

Chapter 4
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: chemicals react
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