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10.13 'beacon' review!

It's Friday and that means a new Smallville! On a side note, I'm sure you've all heard the ... news by now. I was one of the few people who didn't need it but nonetheless, it's quite exciting. Anyway, on to tonight's episode!

I really liked tonight's episode. I enjoyed seeing Martha back and while I'm not a fan of the clone!Lex arc, it wasn't that bad. At least it didn't overshadow all the good. There was plenty of good.

The Good:

Martha Kent! Yes, since she's the guest star, she gets to be first. She was so awesome, in all her scenes. I love how supportive and strong she is. Definitely one of the best fictional moms out there. I was totally applauding and cheering her on during her scene with Lionel. She doesn't let anyone intimidate her and that's one of the (many) reasons she kicks butt.

Clark & Martha. I was hoping that we'd get some good interaction between these two and I was pleased. Honestly, their scenes had me sniffling a bit, especially their last scene together, when Martha said that Jonathan would be proud. I wanted to give Clark a hug when he told her that he wasn't ready to say goodbye to her in the hospital. That poor boy has lost too many people already. His crack about the bad haircut in the future made me laugh though. Annette and Tom work together well. I can't say enough good things about them.

Clark. He's always awesome. Not to mention very smart. I like how he figured out what Tess was going to do and came back to stop her. I love his morals and how he doesn't let people get to him. I am so glad they're letting him figure things out these days. It makes me happy. It's about damn time that we got to see him showcasing his intelligence. He even saved Lionel, though I like that he wasn't all that gentle in throwing him down. NGL, I laughed.

Clark & Lois. Yes, they didn't have many scenes together but the ones they had were gold. They're always amazing together. I just love them so much. Their hug made me smile. I love how he just clung to her. Their love for each other melts my heart.

Lois. She's epic and extraordinary. I love the lengths that she'd go to bring about justice. She stands up for what she believes in and we saw that. Also, she can bake muffins now! Apparently, when she found her inner chef back in 'Ambush', it was there to stay! LOL

Lois & Martha. I was wondering how their scene would go and it was so sweet. I seriously was squeeing when Martha gave Lois the necklace that Jonathan's mother gave her. And when she said that Lois was perfect for Clark? I died and went to heaven. It was everything I could've hoped for and more.

Chloe & Lois. Haters can hate but I love my cousins and their relationship. So there! I am glad we got a scene with them together. I love that Lois is getting Chloe to hack for her. Lois's expression when she was like "all of them" was so adorable.

Chloe & Martha. That was a nice scene. I did like Chloe acknowledging that she was being too overprotective when it came to Clark.

Chloe & Oliver. I'm in the minority, but I ship them. I get the argument about 'she slept with him where her husband was killed' and yeah, that's kind of creepy, but if you ignore that part, their scene was sweet. Though I have no idea how she wants her laptop when she has Ollie in bed next to her. I like how she caught him in his lie, when he said he's going to "stretch". When he got out of the chair and hugged her, I was pleased.

Oliver. He was pretty awesome in this episode. Though if he was trying to blend in, he wasn't doing a very good job. The hoodie made me LOL. Doesn't he realize he only looks more suspicious? But I like him going toe to toe with the Luthors. Again, in the minority, but I love Ollie. I may get frustrated with him, but that's only cuz I care too much about a fictional character.

Tess. I was happy to see her. I missed her last week. She had a scene with Lois and even one with Lionel! That was cool. I liked her convincing Alexander to put down the gun, though I was stunned at the last scene. She was going to kill him? Wow. I can't say it enough though: Cassidy Freeman is an incredible actress. I've never seen someone express so much with their eyes. I love the whole cast but she blows me away every week that she's there.

Lionel. I am not a fan of the Luthor plot but John Glover is always impressive and very intense. It's why he's one of the best villains that Smallville has to offer.

The videos. Yes, they were a bit cheesy, but I actually liked them. It's nice to see people praise Clark, because he's been belittled too many times on this show. It's good for him to hear that he does do good and inspire people. Hearing it from family/friends is fine, but hearing it from strangers can help even more sometimes, especially in the hero business.

The VRA being overturned! I had a feeling it would but I'm glad anyway.

The Bad:

Lucas Grabeel as a young Lex Luthor. He had his moments but I didn't really buy his acting. Even my sister was like "WTF?" It doesn't help that he doesn't resemble MR at all. I wasn't all that impressed with him in 'Reunion' and I was a bit disappointed that they brought him back. I understand why, but 'meh'.

The clone!Lex plot. I'm over it. At least I'm pretty sure that this Lex won't be the one that Clark faces in the future and that makes me happy. I would've been pissed off if that's where they decided to go.

Maybe it was just me but the whole poll thing was a bit rushed but it was fine. Not going to spend too much time on that.


Good episode! Like I said, I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to next week!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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