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i love memes!

snagged from parvani  

Comment in this post and I will choose four of your interests I would like you to explain more clearly.

Memes are so much fun! Especially these ones where I get the chance to know people on my flist better. So if you want to take a few minutes to do this, comment away! :)

babydracky   chose four for me!! :)

1) Kajol- She is an Indian actress who works in Bollywood, the Hindi film industry. I absolutely adore her! The first movie I saw of hers was called Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It was with another Indian actor who I love named Shahrukh Khan. They have such chemistry on screen it's amazing.

  That is her in a movie called Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (translation: sometimes happy, sometimes sad). It was also with Shahrukh. That icon is made by syliasyliasylia. Most of her movies are light, family friendly films and I used to love Bollywood for their long 3 hour movies filled with songs. Romantic comedies are my favorite genre and they definitely satisfied my romantic side.

2) Bruce Wayne- What do I say about Batman? Except for the fact that he's awesome! He has no powers of his own but he is the scariest hero out there. Don't mess with Batman. I sure wouldn't. And I like to imagine him as Christian Bale who is absolutely gorgeous. :) "Batman Begins", in my opinion, was the only decent movie that came out in 2005. Katie Holmes was kind of a pain but CB was too hot for words.

3) tennis- It's a sport that I've recently gotten into. I'm still all about the NBA but tennis is a really interesting sport to watch. I especially love Roger Federer. That man is unstoppable! He's so graceful on the courts and I love how he never even loses his cool, even when he's behind. :)

4) Jack/Will- As in Jack Sparrow & Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. I love that pair! Elizabeth got annoying but Jack & Will are so cute. Especially in the first movie. I think Disney limited their interactions in the 2nd & 3rd because they probably saw everyone going ga-ga over the slashy hints. :D They're better off with each other than with Elizabeth. ;)

queenjazzy chose 4 for me too!! :)

1) Slash- I'm such a slashy girl. It's so much fun. I discovered slash with Harry & Draco and now my OTP is Clark/Oliver. Hot boys together are fun. Besides, sometimes there are such obvious hints. Remember the good times when shows were so innocent but if you look back, there are so many hints? Like Boy Meets World- the Eric/Jack & Shawn/Cory pairs were so there!

2)Peter Parker- Spiderman is cool, what can i say? I mean, Superman is better but Spiderman 2 is definitely one of my favorite movies. I actually liked the second movie better than the first and Peter Parker is amusing. You can really relate to him. He has issues, has to go to college, make money to support himself and save the world too. He's a superhero but he has problems of a normal person. :)

3) Literati- That is the nickname that the pairing of Rory Gilmore & Jess Mariano got. Honestly I don't know where it came from or what it means but I'm assuming it has to do with literature and how they both love books. They were a really cool pair. Dean was boring. Sure, he was a great first boyfriend and what not but he couldn't keep Rory. He wasn't suited for her. Jess was entertaining and was quick witted. He and Rory fit. It made me sad that they broke up. I really thought they would reunite at the end of the show but it didn't happen. In my mind, Rory went off to wherever she went to and somehow ran into Jess. They're currently living happily ever after, discussing books and arguing about Rory's coffee addiction. ;)

4) Gilmore Girls- What an awesome show! I really loved this. The quick banter between Lorelai and Rory, the mother/daughter relationship rocked. Alexis Bledel is cool and Lorelai just rocks! The show was fun and amusing and I was really sad when it was the last season. It was a unique plot and one of the CW's best shows. :D
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