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day 24 & 25!

I know, I haven't posted my SV review yet. That's because I haven't seen it. We had guests tonight and while initially I was going to watch it while they were here (it's really casual; just one family), I wanted to watch my show in peace so I recorded it. I will probably watch it tomorrow. So please don't spoil me until I post my review? Thanks!

Also, I forgot to post my 30 Day Meme yesterday so here's days 24 and 24.

Day 24: A pairing you think is actually together behind-the-scenes, but it's not confirmed in canon

This was a tough one, because most of my ships (other than the slash ones) have gotten together at some point. Whether they've stayed together is a different story. I chose one that I really love. May be kind of a stretch but it's the only thing I could think of: Goren/Eames (Law & Order: CI).

I love these two and they really love each other. I like they balance each other out and I'm sure they found each other after Goren was fired and Eames quit. They just refuse to admit it. ;D

Day 25: A pairing that you have grown to like but didn't at first

Again, I fall for most of my ships immediately though I guess there are a few I didn't like at first. Lorelai/Christopher was one of them, but other than that, there aren't many. I went with one that I didn't want to like but fell for them anyway: Lois/Oliver (Smallville).

I honestly started shipping Clark/Lois on the idea that they would never hook up, but when I realized in s6 that Lana would be with Lex and Chloe would be with Jimmy, I thought they'd take the time to develop the Clois relationship. But imagine my surprise in 'Wither' when they had Lois hook up with Ollie! I had a major crush on Ollie after 'Sneeze' but since I don't know much about the comics, I didn't realize Oliver Queen = Green Arrow = good guy so I was worried on Lois's behalf.

But it didn't take me very long to fall for them. Justin and Erica have a lot of chemistry. Other than the 'Luthor' AU, I've never thought any of their scenes felt forced. When they broke up in 'Justice' and then again in 'Siren', they really managed to break my heart too. What I like about them is the mature handling of their relationship. It was probably one of the best ships on the show and I love that they're friends now. It makes me happy. Someone was saying that Chloe should really be Clark's best man and Ollie should be Lois's maid of honor. I love my Chlo-Lo but I would totally be down for that. ;D

01. Favorite het pairing
02. Favorite yaoi/slash pairing
03. Favorite yuri/femslash pairing
04. Favorite sibling relationship
05. Favorite friendship
06. Favorite parent—child relationship
07. Favorite rivals relationship
08. Favorite partners in crime relationship
09. Favorite family unit (four or more people)
10. Least favorite pairing
11. An "OT3" or threesome
12. Favorite Person and Animal Companion Relationship
13. Your first pairing
14. Your most recent pairing
15. Favorite non-canon pairing
16. Pairing with the best chemistry
17. Favorite canon pairing
18. Favorite nakama/group of friends (four or more people)
19. Favorite band of villains
20. A pairing you like, but don't like what canon did/is doing with them
21. A pairing you think gets too little attention
22. A pairing that a lot of people ship, but you don’t
>23. An unpopular pairing that you like>
24. A pairing you think is actually together behind-the-scenes, but it's not confirmed in canon
25. A pairing that you have grown to like but didn't at first

26. Favorite childhood pairing
27. Pairing you think is the most adorable
28. A pairing people would be surprised you like
29. Your favorite of all the relationships you've posted so far
30. Free choice
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