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10.14 'masquerade' review!

Okay, I finally saw the new episode of Smallville. Here are my thoughts.

It was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it, though parts of it were definitely creepy. I get easily squicked out, so that's probably why. It's also why I don't watch SPN but that's another story. Back to the show.

The Good:

Clark! ♥♥♥ How adorable was he? He makes me very happy, even though he's kind of an awful liar. I love how he brought up the adrenaline excuse for saving Burt (who reminds me a bit of how Jimmy Olsen should've been like). I like how he saved Chloe and fought the darkness. Also, the GLASSES! How freaking awesome was that? I squeed! I hope they're here to stay. I know some people think it's too late but I actually believe he can pull it off. See, I got glasses my sophomore year of high school. Had them for about a year and a half and then I switched to contacts. These days? My friends admit they don't remember what I look like in glasses anymore. So, a bunch of people that Clark works with won't remember what he looked like without glasses after a while too. :)

Clois! These two make me so happy. I love their phone conversation in the beginning, especially with Lois referring to the 'little Clark and Lois'. I died laughing, I swear. Also, her altering his uniform? Too funny. Though I have to say, with that red hood, he reminded me of a giant Bart. Their final scene made me smile, especially his expression when she kissed him on the cheek. Most importantly, I love how Desaid said that Clark was stronger now than he was before, because I truly feel that it has to do with Lois and the love the share. I truly love how in love they are.

Lois. She wasn't there a lot but her scenes were good. I wish we got to see her investigating more, especially with Clark, but what can you do? I like how supportive she is of Clark, but will tell him what needs to be said. I love her. That's all.

Chlollie. Okay, aren't they precious? I really do like them and Ollie's SUCH a girl. I cracked up at how he was the one remembering the anniversary and being all pouty when he realized she didn't think of him as her boyfriend. The "I love you's" said at the same time as well as the talk about the adorable blondes in their last scene? Very sweet.

Ollie. He drives me crazy sometimes (like when he refuses to listen to Clark, even though it's for his own good) but he's cute. His "disguise" at the restaurant was ridiculous and I'm a bit worried now that he's marked but I am looking forward to seeing how that will play out.

Chloe. The characterization for everyone was good in this episode and I like her talking about who she is and losing herself in that last scene. That was really interesting.

The 7 sins. That was an interesting test to put Chloe through. I like how she had to face who she was and what she wants to be. NGL, I was relieved that there wasn't a Chlark kiss, even if that wasn't really Clark. Don't get me wrong; I'm not threatened ... it just would've felt like pandering and all around completely unnecessary.

The Bad:

Mild complaint but a lot of the scenes were really dark, lighting wise, and in the beginning, there were many close ups on people's faces in the beginning, which I felt was a bit awkward.


A solid episode. Like I said, I enjoyed it. I don't have anything else to add.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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