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10.15 'Fortune' review!

It's Friday and it's Smallville day! The trailers made this episode seem like pure crack and there were parts that seemed hilarious but I couldn't help but worry anyway. The last time I felt this way was probably 'Hex' and that ended up being a success. I actually wanted to be spoiled for this one but I was getting my hair cut when it was airing during in the east coast. It's hard finding SV spoilers without going into the Smallville tag on Twitter but I found out enough to make me believe it'd be okay. So I watched.

Honestly, I'm torn on this episode. There were a lot of moments that I enjoyed but many scenes did make me go "WTF".

The Good:

Clark Kent! There wasn't enough of him but he was adorable when on screen. Though no one should look that hot when hungover. Just saying. I loved him drunk and I cracked up when he couldn't use his superspeed, because of him being hungover. The attempted run and then falling flat on his face? I died, I swear.

Clois! They were adorable together. Clark telling the camera that Lois is the love of his life? SO sweet. Also, I love how he knew what to say, when it came to the ring and their wedding. "I'm gonna want to marry you in 5 days or 5 years." This is why they're perfect for each other. ♥♥♥

Lois! I always love her. Her crawling around trying to get her engagement ring back amused me. I just love her interactions with everyone too. :D

Lois and Oliver. NGL, I used to ship them, but I love them as friends. JH and ED have this amazing chemistry, which is why none of their scenes feel forced. I really loved their dialogue when they woke up on the train tracks. Him offering to get her a replacement ring and how he agreed to help her find the real one was sweet. Also, them being tied up to a chair gave me 'Siren' flashbacks. Their talk about Clark also made me smile. He does "get" her, probably because they're quite similar. Lollie was one of the most maturely handled relationships, at least IMO.

Oliver. He was ... in drag. I still can't stop laughing at him in the showgirl outfit. It was one of the things that I was looking forward to. Then he got hit on! Priceless. The make-up? Also awesome. I liked that he was able to kick butt in that outfit.

Chloe and Oliver. They were sweet. I liked the smiles they exchanged while they watched the video. And yay! It was them who were married. I had a strong feeling that the trailer was misleading but so glad it was confirmed. Besides, Clark already eloped once. That's good enough. I don't know how this marriage will be handled but for now, I'm pleased. When she connected the two pieces of paper, I "aww'd".

Chloe. Overall, I'm satisfied with her arc. I like the speech she gave at the beginning. It was very sweet. I don't know if I feel like I got closure, mostly because Ollie went with her and IDK how that's going to work out but her ending felt more final than characters who have left before.

Chloe and Clark. Parts of their barn conversation did make me go "???" but I enjoyed their friendship in the episode. I liked how she tried to ease Clark's worries about Lois and they were sweet.

Clark and Oliver. Their bathroom scene in the video was absolutely adorable. Yes, I'm taking the time to mention it. What? I love the boys so I take what I can get. ;D

Tess and Emil. I've always loved both characters but 'Fortune' won me over and made me ship them too. Totally didn't expect that. Anyone with me? They were really great, especially during the karaoke scenes.

The whole gang in Watchtower. Who would've thought we'd see them all in one place? Not me. I was so happy just to see Clark/Lois/Oliver/Tess there in 'Patriot'. But adding Emil and Chloe? That's a WIN for Smallville! At least in my books. I also like that Chloe gave Tess approval as 'Watchtower', kind of handing over the role without actually saying it.

Mentions of Wonder Woman and Batman! I'm not thrilled Chloe met them first, as after all Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman make up the trinity but I interpret it as they haven't joined the League yet. I can picture that Clark's the one who convinces them later. Let me live in my happy place, people.

The Bad:

Since this was Chloe's final episode, I expected the arc to be about her, but I am looking forward to the show going back to being centered around Clark. I can kind of understand why Clark fans don't really like the episode. You really just have to shut off your brain and enjoy the crack.

Is Chloe going back to journalism? I guess they kind of hinted at that in the last episode, but I wish they had built up to it a little more.

Ollie confuses me a bit, especially since he has the omega symbol. We know he will be back and isn't gone for good, but I guess we'll have to wait and see to find out answers.

Was it me or did this episode seem a bit disjointed? It had a lot of funny moments, as I listed above, but the trailer promised crack and that was basically all it delivered.


Not bad. Not the best episode ever but it was entertaining. I wonder what happened to the poor lemur though, lol.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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