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10.16 'scion' review

All right, it's Friday and that means Smallville. This is the last episode before we go into hiatus until April 15th.

It was ... interesting. There were parts I liked and others that I didn't. I already read spoilers and realized that Alexander Luthor = Conner Kent AKA Kon-El AKA Superboy. I was surprised at the development but at least that means they can make way for the real Lex to be alive. I really didn't want the Lex Luthor Clark faces in the future to be a clone.

Anyway, moving on to the actual episode.

The Good:

Clark. I love Clark and I love how he came around to Conner. He was great in all of his scenes, from his awkward moments with Tess to his confrontation scene with both Lionel and Conner. Is it any surprise that he's my Superman? Not to mention my favorite character.

Clois! All their scenes were pure gold. I love that he opened up to her. The show so rarely allows us to get into Clark's POV or let us feel sympathy for him. He couldn't have had an easy childhood and we got a bit of insight into that today. I really loved it. Plus, Lois talking about having kids with Clark? I died. Clois babies = ♥

Lois Lane. That woman is a badass and hot as hell. I love how strong she is and how she is so supportive of Clark. She was skeptical about Conner but she was willing to back Clark by saying that he'll have both of them. How awesome is she? Plus her line about Conner being the lovechild of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor? Major win. She seriously gets some of the best one liners on the show and Erica just delivers all of them perfectly.

Lois and Tess. I love when they share a scene. Even more so when they're working together. It makes me happy. :D

Tess. She's so awesome. I love how she is willing to take on Lionel and doesn't back down. Plus, when she found out how to get him kicked out and even laced his drink? Sheer genius. I was cheering her on. Tess Mercer = definition of a strong woman. She's flawed but she's also tough, intelligent and knows how to get things done. I can't say enough good things about Cassidy's acting.

Clark and Tess. How adorably awkward was their barn scene? "How are you?" LOL at the small talk attempts. It was nicely played by both of them.

Clark and Conner. I actually liked seeing Clark help Conner with his abilities and that last scene in the barn? Very sweet. Clark talking about his parents was a nice touch and I smiled at Clark enrolling Conner at Smallville High and giving him his last name. LOL at Conner in the flannel. My sister even made a note of it.

The Bad:

No closure on what happened between Conner and Lois. He tried to force himself on her and then almost killed her. But were there any repercussions? No. None of the characters even talked about it! I think Lois at least deserves an apology. She has to live with this guy and we just jumped from her running away to the sappy Clois barn scene. I was not okay with that. Just one more thing that was shoved to Offsceenville. I swear, that must be the best show ever.

Lionel. John Glover is a great actor and while Lionel has his moments, his overall storyline is boring me and IMHO, just wasting screen time. I'm not really invested in what's going on with him. Tess and he play off each other well but that's about it.

Also, wasn't Tess supposed to give Clark and Lois a wedding present? What happened to that? I am a little let down because I was looking forward to it. :(


It was pretty good. I don't exactly know how I feel about it, because it had its strengths and weaknesses. Not one of the worst but not one of my favorites either.

I can't believe we're on hiatus again until April 15th. Then it's the final stretch! But I'm not thinking of that right now.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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