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sv/dcu fic recs!

Time for a Smallville fanfic rec list! It's been a while since I made one of these, which is why some of the fics are a few months old, but I decided to add them anyway. Maybe some of you missed them the first time around and if you did, you can check them out now.

There's a variety of ships from Clark/Ollie, Clark/Lois to Lois/Tess to Chloe/Oliver to Chloe/Bart to Clark/Bruce and a couple of gen fics! Something for almost everyone. Enjoy!

1. A New Fantastic Point of View by ladybugkay (Clark/AU Oliver, past AU Clark/Tess, past AU Ollie/Lois, PG-13)- There's a reason she's one of my favorite Clark/Oliver fic writers and this oneshot proved it. This is based on the premise that Lionel made it through back to the real world and Clark was stuck in the AU world. It's sheer genius- creative, interesting and very well written. There aren't enough good things I can say about this fic. She left me in awe with her characterizations, nailing everyone's voice, from Clark to AU Ollie to AU Lois and AU Tess. I love how she fills in all the details and it makes for a perfect story.

2. A Reason to Celebrate by merfilly (baby!Clark, Martha, Jonathan, G)- Clark's first Christmas with the Kents. It's just so sweet and the world definitely needs more wee!Clark. She's really good at writing them all and this oneshot will warm your heart, like it did mine.

3. All His by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, NC-17)- Not only does Fina write the best Chlollie, she also writes the hottest. This particular oneshot proves that. There aren't words to describe the hotness so just go and check it yourselves. :D

4. Always, Forever by kg1507 (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- This is a post 'Ambush' fic that's really great. It managed to cover everything that the episode skipped over and do it in a realistic way. Plus, there's Clois smut, which is always a bonus. If you love Clois, you'll love this fic too.

5. Be Good, For Goodness' Sake by mithen (DCU, Clark/Bruce, Zatanna Zatara, Vicky Vale, Wonder Woman, Selina Kyle, PG-13)- Wayne Enterprises is hosting their annual holiday party and Clark's getting a lot of attention, which doesn't make Bruce happy. I have a thing for jealousy in fics and jealous!Bruce is even better. Clark's just really adorable line. Awesome fic is awesome.

6. Bird's-Eye View by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, Dick, Alfred, PG-13)- A fic on Dick's POV about Clark/Bruce. I don't read the comics so my knowledge on Dick/Robin is limited but I always enjoy the way that she writes him and this fic is made of win.

7. Christmas Eve Magic Trilogy by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Oliver, Lois/Tess, R)- There isn't a ship that this woman can't write well and she proves it by writing absolutely fantabulous Clark/Ollie & Lois/Tess. There are 3 parts and they're all perfect. I love her Lois and Tess and her Clark and Ollie are so sweet. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how great she and her fics are, so just go read and find out for yourself.

8. Christmas Miracle by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13)- I know I rec a lot of her fics but they're just that good! This one is no exception. It's a Christmas oneshot, with fun banter and mistletoe. Sound good? It's even better that that, promise.

9. Clarity by autumnrae89 (Clark/Lois, Oliver, Tess, AU!Lois, G, AU)- Another 'Luthor' centric fic, which was written before the episode aired and is different but still really good. I like how she wrote all the characters and I enjoyed reading everyone's interactions. I always have loved her fics and this one isn't an exception.

10. Enchanted by mitsuki_shizuka (Clark/Oliver, PG-13)- A lovely AU where Clark and Ollie meet at a party his parents are hosting. I love the way she writes the two of them and she really showcases the two of them are perfect for each other.

11. Festival of Light by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, R)- Clark celebrates a Kryptonian holiday with Bruce. Another brilliant fic. I love the idea of Clark sharing a part of his heritage with Bruce and her descriptions always have such great detail that you can easily picture the situation. She has this way with words that never fails to leave me in awe.

12. Giving Her the Sun by kabuki_party (Clark/Lois, PG-13)- Clark and Lois celebrate their first anniversary. This was just perfectly fluffy yet she managed to capture Clark and Lois's snarkiness.

13. For Richer or Poorer by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, NC-17, AU, WIP)- My favorite Chlollie writer has a new fic out and it's absolutely amazing. It's an AU, with a role reversal. Chloe Sullivan is the billionaire who moonlights as an arrow flinging vigilante and Oliver Queen is the former reporter who can hack like nobody's business, as well as Clark's best friend and Lois's cousin. So far? It's absolutely incredible. I love her characterizations and how the story is progressing. Chlollie + Clois + Clark/Ollie & Lois/Ollie friendship? What more can a gal ask for? Go read it. I promise, you won't regret it.

14. His Wayward Thoughts by kanarazu (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Oliver, PG)- A fic set in 'Escape' where Lois can't stop talking about Chlollie and Clark just wants to focus on them. This really made me laugh. I love her Lois voice and her Clark cracks me up too. Definitely a winner!

15. Hold On by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13, AU)- One of the reasons I love her Chlollie fics is they're always so unique and creative. She just have the best ideas, I swear! In this particular oneshot, Ollie is a soldier, having to leave again. It's beautiful and all around amazing. This will tug at your heart strings and have you hoping that he'll come back and they'll get their happy ending.

16. Hung Up With Care (Justice League, PG)- This is an adorably sweet ficlet about SV's JL spending Christmas together. SV fandom needs more gen fic and it makes me even happier that someone I admire is writing it. Trust me, this will put a smile on your face too.

17. Like Water For Chocolate by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, PG-13)- Bruce attends a VDay ball and ends up needing Superman's help. She always has such great ideas and really executes them well. Her fics make me happy. Go read them and you'll be happy too. ;D

18. Lucky in Love by ancarett (Clark/Lois, PG)- An absolutely adorable Clois ficlet about Lois suffering through her own wedding shower till Clark gives her a special gift. It managed to be both funny and heartwarming, which is an awesome combo, especially when done by a talented writer like her.

19. Morning Coffee by nora02583 (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- A steamy oneshot about Clark proving that he is definitely better at waking Lois up than coffee. It's hot, and sexy and there's fun Clois banter. All around win.

20. New Traditions by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Bart, PG-13)- The world needs more Chloe/Bart and I'm glad that she at least writes it from time to time. I really love her Chloe and Bart. They're just so adorable. In this lovely oneshot, Bart decides to make one of Chloe's childhood dreams come true. It's just really sweet and will make you smile.

21. No Quiet by calcus (Clark/Oliver, PG-13)- A season 6 Clark/Ollie fic from Ollie's POV that's just fantastic. I really love her Ollie voice and I really like how she managed to capture who they were in s6. The story progresses wonderfully and the ending is so right and lovely.

22. Our Wandering Kind by dreamerelusive (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, SV/DCU)- Clark's decided that Bruce is 'The One', but Bruce isn't the easiest guy to win over. And Luthor's experimenting with red k. IDK why but I have a thing for red k fics and when it's Clark/Bruce, it's even better. This story has the right combination of everything- smut and angst, and it's really worth reading, if you're a Clark/Bruce shipper like me.

23. Power, Wrapped in Glittering Gold by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, NC-17, warnings)- Bruce borrows Diana's whip for a little fun with Clark. She is seriously not only one of my favorite Clark/Bruce writers but one of my favorite authors in general. I get excited every time she posts new C/B fic and they never disappoint. This one isn't an exception. It's hot and snarky and just all around marvelous.

24. The Devil Makes Us Sin by ladygawain (Lois-centric, AU Clark/AU Lois, AU Lois/AU Oliver, AU Oliver/AU Chloe, NC-17)- This is seriously one of the best 'Luthor'- based fics I've ever read. I felt this filled in a lot of holes in the actual episode and it was just written brilliantly. It was heartbreaking and angsty but considering the universe, it makes sense. I love that she gave AU Clark layers, which the actual episode failed to do. This is all in AU Lois's POV and she has an a great grasp on her voice. Seriously, if you haven't read this fic, go do so now because you're missing out.

25. Waterfall by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, PG-13)- Bruce has had a hard day but fortunately, he has Clark to take care of him! This is a sweet ficlet that will put a smile on your face.

26. Well-Suited by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, PG-13)- Clark needs Bruce's help in getting a suit. All the supporting characters are really good and of course, her Clark and Bruce are brilliant as usual. Just an all around entertaining fic.

27. Work of Art (Greek Style) by bradygirl_12 ( Clark/Bruce, Linda/Barbara, Selina Kyle, Dinah Lance, Diana Prince, Linda/Barbara, Kathy Kane, Mari McCabe, Beatriz DeCosta, Tora Olafsdotter, Donna Troy, Raven, Ivy/Harley, Dick Grayson, R, SV/DCU)- Another amusing oneshot! I love her original ideas as always and this definitely put a smile on my face. I love the twist at the end too. When she pulls them out, she really knows how to bring it. So didn't see it coming but it worked, just like the rest of the fic.

28. Written in Old Lights on a Tree by saavikam77 (Clark/Lois, PG)- Clark goes to buy new lights for the tree and Lois ends up stumbling upon a box of old goodies. Her Clark and Lois make me happy. Everything about this fic is so great and I loved how she threw in mentions from other verses. Christmas may be a few months ago but Christmas related fics are good all times of the year!

Okay, that was a long list. If you did find something you liked, make sure to comment. That way we can get more fics from these people. :D
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