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days 3-5! :)

Okay, I missed a few days of my 30 Day Female Character Meme so I'm playing catch-up. Here are days 3-5.

Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love

This was tough, because most of the characters I love I loved immediately. So I guess I went with a character that I mostly loved to hate and ended up actually loving: Rachel Gatina (One Tree Hill).

Honestly, she was just the typical bitchy character early on and I just was too focused on everything else that was happening (mostly Brucas and Naley getting back together) to really give a damn about her. But as we got to see more of her character, I really grew to sympathize with her. Sure, she could be a bitch but a lot of it was just a mask. She could also be really sensitive and was quite vulnerable, as we saw with Cooper and the looks she gave him at the Naley wedding. Rachel was genuinely hurt, because she did care.

Also, in season 4 and onwards, she became a good friend to Brooke and that was when I really started to love her. I love that she let Brooke stay with her and while she didn't coddle her, she definitely sympathized with her. To show how much she did love Brooke, she even took the blame for the exam theft. IDK what happened with her in later seasons, because I stopped watching but I will definitely keep the image of Rachel that I have in my head.

Day Four: A female character you relate to

Another hard one, because I don't think there's any one character I completely relate to. I relate to certain characteristics with various characters but I can't really pinpoint one and be like, "oh, she's like me." Someone I kind of relate to is Paris Geller (Gilmore Girls).

While I am not as socially inept as she can be with everyone, I am definitely that way with boys. I also relate to her determination. I can have a one track mind when I want to pursue something. Those final two years at UCLA, all I was concentrating on was getting into law school. Also, I had an interest in journalism but same like Paris, I didn't want to pursue it as a career. I can be pretty bitchy if I set my mind to it and I am kind of frank as well.

She's a character with many layers and I love that we got to see that as the years went on. She was a really good friend to Rory and not only that but she was the kind of friend that Rory needed. Paris is the type to tell it like it is, which is (for the most part) what I tend to do. Over the years, I grew to really love Paris and I'm glad that she got her happy ending.

Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show

IDK. If it was 'movie', I'd probably say Uhura from Star Trek XI (and I never watched the original series so I can't work with that) but since it is TV show, it's a bit more difficult. At least for me, but I finally picked one. Whether it works or not, oh well. This is just my interpretation anyway: Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU).

I've always gotten the feeling that Law and Order is more male dominated. With the original, for the longest time, there were only male/male partnerships. Only with the spinoffs did they start introducing female detectives. Yes, there are strong female characters but I definitely feel that they're outnumbered by the men.

Olivia is just really awesome. I love her. Though SVU can be a bit too much for me to handle sometimes, I just adore her character and really admire her as a whole. She's strong, yet sensitive, which is great since both qualities are needed in the types of cases she deals with. Whenever she believes in something or someone, she fights for them (or it) with all her heart. Not only is she smart, but she can kick ass. Definitely one of my overall favorite characters.

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