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Prompt #86 "Choices"

The third part to my five part series has arrived! Enjoy! And let me know what you think! :)

Expect the Unexpected
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Clois, Oliver/Dinah & Chloe/Bruce
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don't own anything
Warnings: slash
Summary: follows "Not Enough" and "Heart of Glass". It's Clark's wedding day and the unexpected happens.

The table is here.

Prompt #86 “Choices” (sequel to “Broken”)

The wedding day was approaching quickly. Clark was getting more nervous as each day passed. Lois was too excited and was always doing stuff with Chloe, who was her maid of honor, or his mother.

As for him, he was trying desperately to keep it together. Bruce, his best man, was concerned about him. He wrote it off as pre-wedding jitters but he could tell Bruce didn’t buy his explanation. Who was he kidding, thinking he could fool Batman?

But fortunately, he also didn’t pursue it, just saying that if Clark wanted to talk, he would be there to listen. Clark was impressed at how much Chloe had really gotten to Bruce. Of course, he was still distant to most people but around the people he cared about, he was a little more open.

Then again, it was Chloe so he wasn’t all that surprised. He knew that he was lucky to have her as his best friend and he was just happy that she found a good man to love her. Because she deserved it.

Chloe was shocked when he and Lois began dating, as they had spent most of their relationship as each other’s throats. But she was happy for him, happy for them. Now and then, she would ask subtle questions about Oliver, hinting that she knew something was up. But never did she prod him for answers.

Oliver. There was hardly a moment where the blonde wasn’t on his mind. Ever since he walked out of Oliver’s penthouse, he couldn’t erase him from his mind or his heart. It was hard being around him so at meetings, he avoided him and made sure their interaction outside of the League was minimal.

It killed him how Oliver was pulling away from everyone. He could see the changes and he wanted nothing more to run back to Oliver. But he resisted, reminding himself that he was to be married. Not to mention, he still couldn’t quite look Dinah in the eye.

Everyone was worried about Ollie but nobody was able to secure answers from him. Clark hated staying on sidelines, unable to comfort the man he loved but he knew it was the way it had to be.

So he focused on preparing for the wedding, concentrated all his efforts into making Lois happy. He actually managed to fool everyone, including Lois, with his behavior.

Then Oliver and Dinah broke up and everything changed. They just announced one day they were no longer together. Dinah kept darting glances at him and he knew immediately that she found out about them.

Part of him wondered if she was going to tell Lois but she never did. He couldn’t help but wish that she would. Lois would freak out and dump him and then he’d be free to be with Oliver.

He wondered if Oliver still loved him. Yeah, right, he’s probably over you by now. Do you really think you’re that special?

His mind was cruel but he hated that it was probably right. Dinah had most likely found about Oliver’s unfaithfulness and dumped him. But that didn’t mean he still wanted Clark. Besides, he had never told Clark he loved him in the first place.

You made you choice, stick with it. So he did. The months passed like days and soon, it was time.

The wedding day had arrived. Clark stared at the mirror, adjusting his tux one final time. He looked at his now bare hands. In a few hours, there would be a ring there and Lois Lane would be Lois Lane-Kent.

He had declined a bachelor party but Bruce had thrown him a small one anyway, with just a few close friends. Oliver had not shown up.

Looking around his loft, he remembered all the good times he had there. Many of the recent ones with Oliver. It was one of the places they snuck to when they met secretly.

“Are you okay?” A voice broke him out of his thoughts. He spun around to see Bruce making his way up the steps.

“I’m fine,” Clark lied.

Bruce just raised an eyebrow. “Clark, over the past few months, you’ve been pretending that you’re fine but I can see that you’re not.”

“Bruce,” Clark tried but Bruce was quick to cut him off.

“If you get married today, there is no going back,” Bruce stated. “Tell me, Clark . . . can she make you happy?”

“I love Lois,” Clark said firmly.

“But you’re in love with Oliver,” Bruce countered. Concern was evident in his dark blue eyes.

Clark swallowed hard but was unable to deny the claim.

“Both Chloe and I have talked about you two,” Bruce told him. “Without each other, you two are not doing well. Oliver just isn’t hiding it as well as you do.”

Clark bit his lip. “Oliver is just upset because of his breakup with Dinah.”

A hint of a smile appeared on Bruce’s face. “Clark, he was upset before Dinah dumped him. He started withdrawing since you asked Lois to marry you.”

“I appreciate your concern Bruce,” Clark replied. “But I know what I’m doing.”

“I just don’t want to see you make a decision you’re going to regret,” Bruce said.

“I am not,” Clark said. “I love Lois and I’m going to marry her. We will be happy together.”

“Are you trying to convince me, Clark?” Bruce questioned, “Or yourself?”

Clark lowered his eyes.

“It seems you’ve made your choice,” Bruce said. “I actually didn’t came here to lecture you. We need to get to the church.”

Lois had wanted to get married in Smallville, calling it “the first place she could call home”. Clark was only too happy to have the wedding in his hometown.

It’s time. Clark followed Bruce to the waiting car and the drive to the church was one in silence. This was supposed to the happiest day of his life. Why was he so miserable?

Isn’t it obvious? Because you’re marrying the wrong person. If there were only a way to turn off his thoughts . . . he would certainly be a lot happier.

His stomach was in knots as he entered the church. The guests were already there, filling up the room. He took his place at the front and looked around at the crowd. His mother was sitting in the front row and she looked so happy.

Forcing a smile, he prepared himself for what was to come. Music began and the flower girl came first. Following her was Lois’s bridesmaids. Chloe was accompanied by Bruce and as they reached the front of the church, they split, Bruce moving to stand by his side.

Then the music played. All the guests turned toward the entrance and watched as Lois made her way in. She looked absolutely beautiful, in a long strapless gown. He knew she had been growing her hair for months and it rested in long waves down her back.

She made her way toward him, her eyes shining and Clark wished he could be as happy as her. Her father was walking her down the aisle and as per tradition, handed her over to him.

He took Lois’s arm and together, they stood in front of the minister. It was time.

As the crowd settled down, the minister began.

“We are gathered here today to witness the holy matrimony of Clark Kent and Lois Lane,” he started. Clark was only half listening as the man made his speech.

“If anyone objects to this pair being wed,” the minister was saying. “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Clark smiled at Lois and she smiled back at him.

“All right,” the minister continued. “For the exchange of vows . . .”

“WAIT,” a familiar voice yelled, interrupting him. Everyone’s eyes, including Clark and Lois’s, turned to the direction of the sound.

And Clark was certain his heart stopped at the moment. Because standing in the doorway of the church was none other than Oliver.

His hair was in its messy spikes and he was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, no tie. His face was flushed as if he had run from Metropolis to Smallville.

But Clark was certain he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life.

Oliver stood up straight. “I object.”

“On what grounds?” the minister questioned. Clark could tell the guests were all excited. This was like a scene straight out of a movie.

I can’t believe Oliver is here. What is he possibly thinking?

“I object,” Oliver repeated, “On the grounds that I’m in love with the groom.”

Gasps filled the entire room and Clark could only stare blankly at Oliver. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Lois’s horrified expression.

Oliver took a few steps into the church. “I love you, Clark Kent. I’ve been in love with you for years. Nobody can love you the way I do. Don’t marry Lois. We’re destined to be together.”

There was excited chatter in the room. Clark couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes off Oliver’s.


At the sound of Lois’s voice, he turned back to his fiancée, who was staring at him, tears filing her eyes.

The entire church was staring at him, waiting for him to make his decision.

He had to make a choice . . . it was Oliver or Lois. Too bad he had no idea what to do.
Tags: category: slash, challenge: fanfic100, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver

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