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days 11-14!

Wow, epic fail on my behalf. I'm once again behind on my 30 Day Female Character Meme. For some reason, I don't really have much interest in posting. *shrugs* I'm sure I'll get over it. I always do. Anyway, here's days 11-14!

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children's show

I wasn't sure about this one, because I didn't know what qualified as a 'children's show'. I finally went with a character that I love from one of the shows I watched as a kid: Kimberly Hart (Power Rangers: MMPR).

I totally was hooked on this show when I was a kid. Tommy and Kim were my favorite characters (and of course, I shipped them), but while I had a childhood crush on Tommy, I totally was in awe of Kim. I thought she was so cool and I even had a Pink Ranger action figure. Back then, I didn't really think about why I love her- I just did. I liked how bubbly she was, but now that I think of it, she was a great character, because she evolved and matured. She did have many layers and she was a good friend too. NGL, I stopped watching after they had her send that stupid break-up letter. It broke my young heart.

Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie

I have loved quite a few female characters in films, but I had to go with Nyota Uhura (Star Trek XI).

I really love Uhura and I thought that Zoe Saldana did a great job in her portrayal. She's totally the whole package- smart, intelligent, independent, caring, and a total BAMF. I love how unimpressed she was by Kirk and yet completely appalled by the way that her fellow cadets were acting. Bitch, please, she was taking care of him all on her own. She didn't need some lugs trying to defend her honor. Even Spock is scared of her! That scene when she gets him to change her ship assignment? Classic.

Yet she's fiercely loyal and can be sensitive too. She cares a lot about Spock and though she wants him to open up to her, she also gets him, which is why she accepted it he didn't collapse in her arms or anything. Instead, she just gave him his space.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a lot of her in the sequel. :D

Day Thirteen: Favorite female character in a book

Oh man, I really am having a hard time picking just one for these questions. I love so many female characters in my favorite books but in the end, I have to pick Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice).

Pride & Prejudice is still one of my favorite books and she's my favorite character. I adored her from the start. She's intelligent, witty, strong, and just plain awesome. Though her behavior sometimes embarrasses her mother (and vice versa), it always entertains me. I like how she has her flaws too, and over the book, she changes and sees things in a different view, like when she meets Darcy's sister. Yet at the same time, I like how she's unimpressed by status and how she's not afraid to go head on with Darcy.

She's also very loyal and devoted to her family, as proven by the way she takes care of Jane when she's ill. It's no surprise that Darcy fell in love with her. :D

Day Fourteen: Favorite older female character

There are a lot of parental figures that I like so it was difficult to narrow it down. I finally went with Martha Kent (Smallville).

Clark has awesome parents, which is the reason he didn't turn out like Clark Luthor in the AU world. They definitely played a huge role in making the man he became, and I love that they made the Kents younger so the whole family was more relatable. I always loved Martha and I thought she was not only an awesome mom, but an awesome character. Sure, she's made mistakes over the years and some of the writing has been questionable, but hey, isn't that true for all the characters?

I love how strong she is. She stayed tough post s3, when her son had disappeared and her husband was in the hospital. Plus, she fearlessly took on Kal and helped bring back Clark. I love that she cares about everyone around her, including Lois. Martha saw past her fast talk and saw the girl who just needed some motherly love. Most of all, she adores her son and will go through anything to protect him, as proven time and time again, including in the current season.

I hope we get to see her one last time before the show ends. I would love for her to be there in the finale and if there is a Clois wedding, she should be there too!

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Day Thirty: Whatever you’d like
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