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10.17 'Kent' review!

This particular hiatus seemed to go on forever, but finally, Smallville is back. It's the beginning of the end, which kind of breaks my heart, but it had to happen sometime, right? Anyway, though I was happy to have the show back, I was not looking forward to this episode at all. Sometimes, it's good to keep your expectations low.

It actually worked. It was much better than I expected and though I am not a huge fan of the 'Luthor' universe, it ended up having a point and making a difference. There were still parts that frustrated me, especially since I dislike the idea of Clark/Tess immensely, but there was awesome Clois, in both universes to make up for that.

The Good:

Tom fucking Welling. Yeah, he was amazing. This man never gets enough credit, but he's really good. He was so adorable as CK and then, creepy as hell as Clark Luthor. I swear, he gave me chills even in the Clois scene. It's amazing how the beginning Clois scene, he can act so warmly and then, he managed to put me an an unease in the other one, even if all the words he was saying was right. I was very impressed and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does after Smallville.

Speaking of Tom, how adorable was Clark? Kent, of course. CL is sexy, I'll give him that, but I'll take the farm boy every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I love how earnest he was in his scenes with everyone. He's totally my Superman.

Clark and Clark Luthor's confrontation also kept my attention. Clark really does believe in redemption. He could've easily gotten rid of him, but he didn't. He took him to the Fortress and tried to help. It's these kind of things that put him above the rest ... it's these types of actions that makes him ... Superman. Which is why Superman has always been my favorite hero, ever since I was a kid.

And Clois was just as amazing. I loved their first scene together and their playfulness. Their relationship is so open and honest. Lois was pro; she could tell that something was wrong with Clark Luthor, just from that one telescope move. That gal knows her man and it's why she ends up with him. I loved their final scene too. When she told him that her home was with him ... I melted. He was wearing his father's jacket and she was in one of his shirts. The way they were on the porch, with her head on his shoulder ... I couldn't stop smiling, I swear. Just, such a beautiful couple. A beautiful, amazing couple that owns me.

I even liked AU Lois and Clark. I liked how she could see that it was him and was willing to help him. Poor AU Lois though- her husband is dead and she's all alone. I feel sad for her in that world. :(

The Clark & Jonathan was really good too. I have had my ups and downs with Jonathan Kent but I love his relationship with Clark. It was interesting seeing the different dynamic and how Clark convinced him of who he was. I also like Clark challenging Jonathan on what he was doing and about his relationship with Martha. I was glued to the screen. And obviously, it helped because Jonathan went to find Martha at the end! Hopefully they got their happy ending. When Jonathan said, 'goodbye and good luck ... son", I teared up. This show! It is killing me! I like that AU Jonathan showed Clark what holding on too tightly to the past can do, at least the kind of attachments that become obsessions and destroys the rest of your life. It helped Clark grow as a character, which is why this episode wasn't a total waste.

Lois alone was just as badass. She managed to figure out CL, get rid of him, then contacted Tess and later contacted Emil. She knows what to do. Together, Emil and Lois totally saved the day! I love them working together. I like that she considered the farm home, but she was willing to accept his decisions. She knows when to back off and how to support him. I swear, she's constantly reminding me why she's my favorite female character, second overall only to Clark.

I don't like Cless but I was very glad that they didn't actually kiss. I found some of the moments interesting, like Clark Luthor confronting Tess on her feelings for Clark and Tess's denial. How he told her she'd still be a Luthor, even if she got rid of the mansion caught my attention too. In that moment, we saw a bit more of Clark Luthor. He's still not developed enough, but it's more than we saw in 'Luthor'. The destroyed mansion definitely had an affect on him.

Plus, we got a Tess/Emil moment! I do love those two. I don't ship Tess with any male character but Emil. I like how he believes in her. It was very sweet. Emil just being around makes the episode better, to be honest.

The Bad:

There was a lot of holes in this episode. For instance, what happened to Clark Luthor? Did he go back to his own world? How could he possibly redeem himself after all he's done? I mean, we see him all, "Father" to the AI and cut the scene. That was a good place to leave it, but I would've really liked to know what happened. Clark and Lois could've at least talked about it!

Also, how did Clark Luthor get away from AU Ollie and even get to kill him? The last time we saw AU Ollie, Clark was telling him to use the kryptonite on Clark Luthor. Why didn't AU Ollie just kill him? How did he even escape? NGL, the fact that AU Ollie was dead made me a little sad.

Maybe they're little things but they took away from the episode for me.

The selling of the farm or the idea that they will also upsets me. They don't have to live there but that's Clark's childhood home! I don't want them to sell it!


Despite it's flaws, it was one of the better episodes of the season. At least for me. Maybe it's because my expectations were so low, but I think I liked it.

How awesome was the finale promo though? Wow, I was just in awe. SO cool! Though the promo for next week just cracked me up. My sister was all, "what the hell?" I swear, she said it a second before Lois did.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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