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clark/ollie fic rec!

Okay, as you might know, bottom_clark is having a Comment Meme, where you can submit/fill prompts.

So, I submitted a Oliver/Clark one. My prompt was: 'Clark's tired of Ollie just looking and not touching so he decides to take charge' (I have a thing for aggressive Clark). Since very few people write/ship Clark/Ollie, I didn't have much hopes in getting it filled.

But someone did! twinsarein wrote an extremely hot fic, which completely made my day. I love everything about this story and I feel it must be by everyone, if you love Clark/Ollie (and I know a lot of my flist does).


Make sure to comment if you like it! When you comment, make sure to hit the 'reply to this' button at the bottom of the last part of her fic, not the 'post new comment' at the top/bottom.

Also, the meme is running till April 22nd so there is still time if you want to fill/submit new prompts. All prompts can be filled multiple times, jsyk.
Tags: category: slash, fandom: smallville, fic rec, ship: clark/oliver
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