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10.19 'Dominion' Review!

New Smallville this week. Not only does this episode mark Oliver's return, it is also Justin Hartley's directorial debut. I had mixed feelings on the episode prior to watching it, because much like 'Booster', it felt like it was centered not on Clark and considering we only have a few episodes left, that doesn't make me happy.

Anyway, of course I watched it and here are my thoughts.

I actually enjoyed the episode, but I don't feel like it helped move the season forward, other than revealing to Ollie that he has been marked. Honestly, that could've easily been accomplished in other ways. The whole Darkseid arc has been handled badly, IMO. They had a lot of it early on and then just let it die as the season continued. It wasn't consistent enough. Hell, even the Doomsday plot was handled better than this.

Justin did a good job with directing, though some of the slow-mo scenes in the Clark/Ollie fight scene looked a bit silly, instead of cool. But more on that below. Let's start with the good parts, as always.

The Good:

Clois! How epic were they? I loved both their scenes so much. In the first scene, they were adorable and flirty and just LOVE. I adored them setting up their new apartment and how they brought back Lois's love of Whitesnake with her pillow. The dialogue? Went straight to my heart. "All I know is my perfect spot is here with you." Clark Kent may or may not have ruined me for all other men. Seriously. And their last scene? Golden. I love these two SFM that it is almost silly because hello? They're fictional characters. I know that on a logical level but my heart is all "OMG OMG CLOIS PERFECTION LOVE CLOIS". Did you see their faces? Especially Clark's when he realized he was gone for 3 weeks and how he said Lois waited for him? I will love them forever, I just know it and I am kind of dreading not getting to see them interact weekly.

Clark and Oliver. My boys! They make me so ridiculously happy. They haven't had this many scenes together in forever and I was in heaven, even with the violence (which wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be). I loved how Ollie was so hell bent on going with Clark and I swear, I cracked up when he jumped in the portal with him because it looked like he was giving him a hug or something. Their scenes were so cute. I love how worried Ollie looked while Clark was in the fight and trying to help him out. Justin Hartley had the best woobie face. And Ollie believed Zod and was worried that Clark would think less of him if he found out he had the mark! Be still my heart.

Best part? They had a PLAN. I don't know when they could've formed it but they had one. They were working together. What I loved about 'Salvation' (one of the things anyway) was that Clark used his brains, not his powers, to outwit Zod and once again, he did the same thing. Zod's arrogance continues to be his downfall and I just love it.

Though I was sad that Oliver didn't get to reveal that he had the mark. He was so going to, but then Clark had to go talk about "locking them up". I facepalmed because come on, Clark, didn't you know something was wrong? You're smarter than that! Otherwise, they were awesome. :D

While Clark and Oliver were off being awesome in the Phantom Zone, Lois and Tess were totally great together in Watchtower. All their scenes were perfection too. Cassidy and Erica really just brought it (side note: this was Erica's 100th episode- woo!). I love their talk about heroes and I cheered when Lois said how being a hero's wife meant never giving up. Reason #1,000,051 that Lois Lane is awesome. I like that Lois got through to Tess and convinced her not to destroy the portal. Tess looked pretty in her glasses.

This episode had lots of Clark, which was a pleasant surprise, because I was worried on that front. I enjoyed Clark and Zod's interactions and how vehement Clark was that he wasn't like Zod. In fact, Zod kind of reminded me of Lex, with is proclamations that he was "only looking for a brother with Kal-El" to Oliver.

I found Ollie and Zod's scene interesting too. I don't know how Zod knew that Oliver had been infected but I'm surprised that Oliver believed him, considering that we haven't seen any other signs that Ollie has the mark. Maybe Oliver feels different? IDK. I always kind of wanted Clark to find out by accidentally seeing it with his x-ray vision but w/e. I suppose that wasn't a possibility. But that's what fanfic is there for! XD

The Bad:

While the episode was good, I felt it was unnecessary this late in the season. There must've been better ways for Oliver to find out rather than bring back Zod. Callum Blue was good as always but really? Zod? There are only a couple of episodes left; there's no time for this kind of stuff. Again, they could've used the 'Darkseid' theme in a better what that's more relevant to what the finale is going to be about. There are so many questions that have been left unanswered (e.g. what happened to Lionel?).

Parts of the fight were cool but I thought the slow-mo was a bit overdone. I get what they were going for, but yeah, just a little too much. Maybe that was just me though. It was still a great fight!


As an individual episode, it was good, but overall, I don't know how I feel. But IDK. I don't want to spend too much time thinking about it. Season 10 has its share of flaws but I really want to enjoy the end of my show so I am trying to ignore most of them.

So let's just say it was a nice episode and move on, lol.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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