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10.20 'Prophecy' review!

Another Friday, another new Smallville. This is the last episode before the series finale. Wow. That's really crazy, isn't it? Very overwhelming, at least for me. I can't believe the show is actually ending! Anyway, I had my doubts about this episode, like I have when I heard about the previous ones, but I was hoping it'd be better than it sounded. So I kept my fingers crossed when I watched.

Meh, it was okay. A decent episode, though not really a favorite. I had moments that I liked and I had many problems, but I'm grateful that it didn't end up being the Oliver and Kara show, like I originally assumed or was worried about. It wasn't 'Wrath Pt 2' either. Though Lois has always been more morally steady than Lana (and even Chloe), episodes with someone getting Clark's powers just haven't gone so well, which is why I was wary. Sadly the bad outweighed the good this time.

Starting with what I liked as always.

The Good:

Clois! Gah, they kill me. That last scene? My heart ... it's broken! I know that they're going to be okay and get their happy ending, but right now, everything hurts. Lois especially killed that moment. She just broke my heart. But they were fantastic throughout. I loved how cute they were in the beginning. They were lovely in the Fortress, all holding hands and being sweet. They even just cracked me up when she had his powers. I love that even without saying it, you could see Lois understanding Clark a little bit more, especially during the scene when she was using her superhearing. Realizing that he heard people in pain every day but couldn't do anything about it ... wow. Intense moment. Though her comment about "the head tilt and the squinty eye thing" being part of the superhearing made me laugh. Only Lois can come up with this stuff. Clark seemed so amused. Speaking of Clark, I love him! He was saying all the right things in that last scene. "My destiny is marrying you" and how she was his strength, not his weakness? WIN! It's a shame they had to end the episode like that, but I suppose they have been hinting that she may do that for a little bit. I can understand how she feels too, since she was thinking about how she worried Clark was in danger (and without his powers) and immediately ended up really putting them both at risk. So her instinct said to run. Yet, this next week is still going to be a tough one on my heart.

Individually, they were also awesome. Lois was brilliant. I loved her dialogue, like how she's "800% more awesome" and then amended it to 700%? I just died. I liked that she went from having fun with the powers, superspeeding in and out, to actually getting what he goes through. Seriously, Erica Durance knocked it out of the park. I just love her to pieces. On a shallow note, didn't she just look gorgeous in that final scene? That dress she was wearing ... stunning. She should really wear purple more often.

Clark was also rather great. He was intense, but grounded and knew what he had to do. I love him in the glasses, but I wish he didn't take them off at every given opportunity, like the second he steps into Lois's office. What if someone walked in? I did like him wanting to take Lois to see Jor-El and then confronting him at the end. He knew what he had to do, and I love how how firm he is in Superman mode. I liked his scene with Toyman and I kind of liked his scene with Jor-El. I am not pleased with the Fortress, but I liked how Clark realized that he could make the tests stop and he had to rely on himself. Though I don't know why the show always has to go to extremes. There's really no middle ground, is there?

I like that Oliver and Kara trust each other because of Clark. "If Clark trusts you, that's good enough for me." It really shows how much that he means to both of them.

Oliver and Granny Goodness's confrontation was fairly interesting. I don't know how I feel about it, but I didn't see him leading her to the bow coming and then them just destroying it. And Ollie digging up the gold kryptonite at the end? Yeah, that just spells trouble.

The Bad:

Here we go. The actor who plays Toyman does a good job, but that whole plot was really useless. First of all, there were so many continuity errors that it wasn't funny. I thought Tess was taking care of Toyman. She made him an offer in season 9, 'Echo', didn't she? Am I just not remembering something in between? Because IDK how he got into a prison cell. Also, some of his "teammates"? Also didn't make sense. Like did I hear 'Metallo'? John Corben went good in 'Upgrade'! He was supposed to have gotten his original heart back and doesn't have powers anymore. As far as 'Roulette', does she have one dress or something? Did they do that so that we can recognize her? I thought she was just some woman who Chloe for her plan to snap Ollie out of his depression. How did she become an actual villain? Confusion.

Also, Kara. What was the point of her appearance? She kind of helped Ollie get the bow, by "balancing him out" but really, she didn't stand out. There really was no purpose! Honestly, it was just screentime that could've been spent elsewhere. I would've rather seen her in the finale, when everyone else was showing up. She really did make me feel bad for her in her scene with Jor-El though. Poor Kara ... what a tough choice! I was sad that they had her disappear into the future, but I loved that she checked to see if Clark was all right first. Sadly, she didn't see the end of that one, huh? But her leaving? There was really no need for that.

And Jor-El! What an ass. That Fortress sucks. I can't believe it forced Kara to make a choice like this, and keeps treating Clark like a child. It's not acceptable and I am not surprised that Clark shut it down. I keep hoping or permanent redemption for that stupid thing and it seems it won't be happening.

The whole Darkseid arc is fail. I can't bring myself to care. It's used too sporadically to feel like a main plot and I'm really worried about the finale now, because I don't know if it'll be as epic as promised. I'm looking forward to man things, but IDK how they'll bring the whole Darkseid stuff to a huge climax and conclusion when there's hardly any build-up.

Am I the only one who has found it weird that Ollie never even mentioned Chloe? I mean, she's his wife, for God's sake. Wouldn't she be worried while he gallivants around? Just a brief, "oh, she's home". Anything! It's just, two episodes in a row is a bit too much. I don't want him to dwell on her, but I just find it weird. It's all about Clois for me, but they're married. With Smallville, it really is out of sight, out of mind though, isn't it? :\

The timeline is also quite screwy. Clark mentions that Lois has spent days in her office, yet at the end of 'Dominion', there was only 2 days left until the wedding! I know they were going for dramatics there, but I think that was a mistake. It was just too unrealistic.


If you consider this is the episode before the series finale, it's a disappointment. I want better. I want more. I don't know. It's just frustrating. I keep saying that I'll only focus on the good, but with this episode, I just couldn't hold the complaints in. They were too much to ignore.

Hopefully the finale will be as epic as it sounds. *keeps fingers crossed* I know I'm going to get emotional over it anyway. 10 years and it's almost over. Wow.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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