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Erica, Tom, Michael & Cassidy interviews!

There are new interviews up with Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum and Cassidy Freeman (4 separate ones actually) about the series finale of Smallville. I posted them here, if anyone was interested in taking a watch.


He's always so classy and intelligent. I thought it was so cute when he mentioned how much he missed Michael. I love their bromance. :D


God, this woman is flawless. I swear, when she was tearing up, I almost did too. I love the way she loves Lois and the show in general.


My love for him grew exponentially after this interview. I always loved/appreciated Michael Rosenbaum but this interview was great. He managed to say so much and he made me laugh. I LOVED how he pointed out that Clark didn't mean to be deceitful by protecting his secret.


I love her and I love Tess. I cracked up when she said that she read about Michael's return on KSITE! LOL I hope that her character doesn't die! Her fate is the one that I'm most worried about.

I love the Smallville cast. They're just amazing. All of them. I am going to be a wreck tomorrow, I just know it.
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