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16 May 2011 @ 10:31 pm
clois fanmix vol i  
Title: Destiny Calls
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Lois
Medium: Fanmix
Spoilers/Warnings: none/none
Disclaimer: all characters belong to CW/DC Comics and the music to their respective artists
A/N: for cw_land's 'Smallville Appreciation' Challenge

1. “Falling For You”- Jem
Coz I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so

2. “Just The Girl”- The Click Five
'Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep comin' back for more
She's just the girl I'm lookin' for

3. “Chasing Pavements”- Adele
This ain't lust
I know this is love
But, if I tell the world
I'll never say enough
'cause it was not said to you
And that's exactly what I need to do
If I end up with you

4. “Crush”- David Archuleta
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you?
Are you holding back
Like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going

5. “Crazy For This Girl”- Evan and Jaron
Would you look at her
She looks at me
She's got me thinking about her constantly
But she don't know how I feel
And as she carries on without a doubt
I wonder if she's figured out
I'm crazy for this girl

6. “Blush (Only You”- Plumb
When you look at me
I start to blush
And all that I can say is you and us
oh baby I'm so afraid to be in love
with you, with you...

7. “Street Map”- Athlete
One day it's gonna happen
I don't know when
I'll be on your street
But I know one day it's gonna happen
You're gonna be swept off your feet

8. “Miss Independent”- Ne-Yo
Ooh there's somethin about
kinda woman that can do for herself
I look at her and it makes me proud
There's something about her
Somethin oh so sexy about
kinda woman that don't even need my help
She said she got it she got it
No doubt, it's somethin about her

9. “Change The World”- Finger Eleven
I know you bring the best out of me
and I know you're sick
of abstract things
But time has been kind
in a weird kind of way
Cause I've been waiting for this feeling to leave
If I can hold onto this feeling this long
Maybe I can get you to hold me

10. “Angel”- Leona Lewis
I feel it, you feel it
That this was meant to be.
I know it, you know it
That you were made for me
We can't deny this any longer
Day by day it's getting stronger
I want it, you want it
It's what the people want to see

11. “Closer”- Travis
And when I see you then I know
It will be next to me
And when I need you then I know
You will be there with me
I'll never leave you

12. “Your Love is a Song”- Switchfoot
So I've been keeping my mind wide open
I've been keeping my mind wide open, yeah
Your love is a symphony
All around me
Running through me
Your love is a melody
Underneath me
Running to me

13. “Meteor Shower”- Owl City
I can finally see that
You're right there beside me
I am not my own,
For I have been made new
Please don't let me go
I desperately need you

14. “Mesmerized”- Lifehouse
Sometimes when I'm with you
These feelings falling
Like a landslide
As both of our dreams collide

.zip file here

Comment, Take, Enjoy! If there's a problem with the links, feel free to let me know and I will fix them!
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dragon5174dragon5174 on May 17th, 2011 01:49 pm (UTC)
Kinda sad that the show is over, but this mix is very appropriate for these two.
svgurl: clark/lois glowsvgurl on May 18th, 2011 05:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm sad the show is over too. It's hard to let go.

but this mix is very appropriate for these two.
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :D
lynzie914: Clois behind closed doorslynzie914 on May 20th, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
I love this one too! The cover art is gorgous, I especially love the front cover and I love your song collection. I totally associate Your Love is a Song with Clois so I was really excited to see it on here.
svgurl: clark/lois side by sidesvgurl on May 21st, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad you liked it. NGL, I had to split up my Clois fanmix in two, because there were just too many songs. I may or may not have another 14 that I'm waiting for an excuse to make a mix out of. XD

The cover art is gorgous, I especially love the front cover and I love your song collection.
You're always too kind to me. I'm glad you liked it though! For some reason, I was happy with the way the cover came out and I'm thrilled that you think it looks good too. I am also very relieved the song choices work as well.

I totally associate Your Love is a Song with Clois so I was really excited to see it on here.
Do you really? That's such an awesome coincidence. But you know what they say about great minds ... ;D I thought of them when I first heard it.I imagine it from Clark's POV, like the parts about keeping the hopes/mind open. Felt very fitting for him.

Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment! It totally made me smile. :D