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This one is for babydracky, because she requested a Bart fic in this meme. I made it Bart/Chloe with onesided Bart/Oliver and Clark/Oliver. :) I hope you like it!

Story: Second Chance At First Love
Pairing/Characters: Chloe/Bart, one-sided Bart/Oliver, Clark/Oliver
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m & m/f sex
Spoilers: season 6
Summary: Bart has a thing for blondes.

Bart thought he had a blonde fetish. Because every single person he fell for was blonde. “Person” was the right word because even at a young age, he was certain he was bisexual.

He didn’t know what his attraction was to blondes but they just always seemed to stand out more. Chloe Sullivan was the first woman who really blew his world. If it had been Chloe who asked him to stay, rather than Clark, he was pretty positive he wouldn’t have left.

However, she had just giggled at his flirting, amused at his attempts to hit on her.

Everyone knew him as a clown, a joker and nobody really took his flirting or even his feelings very seriously. Sometimes, that sucked. Just because he liked to crack jokes didn’t mean his feelings were less significant than anyone else’s.

However, he didn’t want to bring it up. Never thought to bring it up. But maybe he should have.

The next time he fell for a blonde, it was a male. None other than the person who saved him from the street life. Oliver had encountered him in his apartment but had not called the cops. No, he had witnessed Bart’s superspeed and offered him a job, saying that he could put those powers to good use.

He recognized Oliver Queen right off the bat but was surprised to learn the he was the elusive archer that had been cleaning up crime for the past few months.

What could he do but accept? This would give him a solid roof over his head and he couldn’t help remembering Clark, who had always wanted better for him. In his mind, he was changing and being the good guy that Clark believed that he could be.

He fell for Oliver, probably because for one, the blonde was gorgeous. And secondly, he was his savior. Just like he had a tiny crush on Clark because there was something so powerful and strong about Clark, he developed feelings for Oliver.

But Oliver never saw him as anything but a little brother. The blonde was approximately 9 years older than him but this did nothing to erase his feelings.

The only reason he never made a move was because Oliver was clearly straight. He made that point clear with all the women he paraded around with and even more so when he engaged in a serious relationship in Metropolis.

He felt a tiny sense of glee when Oliver and Lois broke up. Lois was gone but Bart would still be around. Never once did he consider there may be another factor, someone else who had already captured Oliver’s heart. Someone that was not Lois or any other woman. The signs were all there- he was constantly gushing about Clark and was so insistent to have Clark come with them.

Still, he didn’t catch on. He should’ve noticed how Oliver was so worried the minute he found out about Clark’s near death. If he was smart, he would’ve picked up on how jealous and bitter Oliver got when the news of Lana’s miraculous return reached their ears.

And if he had been a tad bit more observant, he would have connected the dots between Clark and Lana getting back together and Oliver become more depressed. No, his work didn’t suffer and he still gave 110% when it came to being the Green Arrow. But he was distancing himself. AC and Victor were concerned.

Why was I so stupid? Clark and Lana’s reunion had gotten a stronger reaction from Oliver than the news that Lois had a new boyfriend. He thought that part would be hard to share but Oliver had just brushed it off, claiming that they broke up and Lois was free to be with whoever she wanted. Oliver’s cool reaction had pleased Bart because he figured that Oliver was now free, truly free.

Boy was he ever wrong.

Bart was the one who kept in touch with Chloe and he was always the one to give the rest of the group news from Smallville. Chloe was always happy to fill him in on the gossip. So he was the first one to hear that Clark and Lana broke up.

Of course, he shared that with everyone else. Oliver immediately perked up. AC and Victor noticed but Bart didn’t. Both AC and Victor knew of his crush and were shooting him worried looks. In retrospect, he had seen them looking at him but he just assumed they were paying attention. When it came to Bart’s feelings, either Oliver hadn’t noticed or was being purposely dense, to avoid confrontation.

How could Oliver return his love when he didn’t even look at him that way? His heart, his mind, his very being was already consumed . . . consumed by Clark. Someone he didn’t even consider to be competition. Not to mention, he assumed Clark was straight too. He soon found out that he was very, very wrong.

It happened one day shortly after he had announced Clark and Lana’s breakup. He was just searching for Oliver. Victor and AC were tightlipped on where he was but after a little bit of pleading, AC told him that Oliver had taken a trip back to Smallville.

Worried Oliver would go and try to win back Lois, Bart had ran to Smallville, ignoring Victor and AC’s protests that he shouldn’t go. Doing that was his first mistake.

He found Lois easily but was surprised when he saw Oliver was nowhere nearby. Maybe Clark would know. And that was his second mistake.

Approaching the barn, he entered and was taken aback to hear noises. Shrugging, he made his way up the stairs and what he saw tore his heart into pieces.

Clark was there, lying on the couch . . . underneath Oliver. They were tangled up in one another and Bart’s heart ached at seeing Oliver having sex with another man. Not just another man, one he had considered a good friend.

Too caught up with what they were doing, neither of them even noticed him. Clark’s superhearing didn’t even pick up on his presence.

But it was their words that really got to Bart. “Oh God,” he heard Oliver moan, “I’ve wanted this for so long Clark . . . you have no idea.”

“I’m yours now,” Clark replied breathlessly. “No more waiting.”

“And I plan to keep you Boyscout,” Oliver teased, between kisses. “Don’t doubt that for a second. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he heard Clark reply and that was the final straw. Tears prickled at the back of his eyes and in a flash, he was gone.

Oliver was in love with Clark and his feelings were returned. His head was spinning. Oliver would never love him. He didn’t have a shot . . . and if he was honest with himself, he never did. It was all about Clark.

And he couldn’t bring himself to hate his friend, no matter how jealous he was of him. How was it his fault that Oliver had fallen in love with him and not Bart? Clark was not even aware of Bart’s feelings.

Depressed, he made his way into the Talon. Not watching where he was going, he crashed into someone.

“Hey,” a familiar voice said, “watch where you’re going!” He looked up and met Chloe Sullivan’s hazel eyes.

She recognized him. “Bart, oh hey. I didn’t realize you were back in town.”

“Yeah,” Bart said, remaining vague. “It was kind of a . . . unplanned visit.”

“Did you go see Clark?” Chloe questioned. “I’m sure he’d be happy to see you.”

Bart laughed but it was a bitter laugh. “I saw Clark . . . he’s a little preoccupied at the moment.”

Chloe tilted her head, confused. “I didn’t think he had any plans for the day.”

“Well considering I walked in on him having sex with Oliver,” Bart said, “He’s definitely busy.”

Chloe’s eyes widened and disappointment filled her entire expression. “Clark and Oliver?”

“I guess you didn’t know either,” Bart sighed.

Chloe tugged on his arm. “Come on, we can talk about this in my apartment. I don’t think we want either of them to end up on the front page of tomorrow’s Inquisitor.”

Bart agreed and followed her up to the apartment. They entered and he took a seat on the couch.

“Can I get you anything?” Chloe offered. Bart just shook his head. Chloe made her way to the couch and sat next to him.

“Are you okay?” Chloe asked gently. He looked at her beautiful face. How could any man resist her?

“I’m not sure,” Bart confessed.

“Is this about Clark and Oliver?” Chloe persisted. “You have feelings for Oliver don’t you?” And that was the reason Chloe was one of the best reporters Bart had ever met.

“It’s stupid, I know,” Bart said, trying to brush it off. “I mean, it’s not like he could ever have feelings for me . . .”

“That’s not stupid at all,” Chloe told him. “And I’m hardly one to judge about unrequited feelings. You’re looking at the girl who’s been crazy about Clark Kent since she was 14.” She rolled her eyes. “And besides a Spring Formal dance where he ditched me to go after Lana and a kiss when we thought the world was ending, he’s never seen me that way. Apparently, he’s into men.”

“Then he’s an idiot,” Bart said. Seeing Chloe’s disbelieving smile. “I mean it . . . you’re intelligent, funny and sexy . . . he’s really missing out.”

“Thanks Bart,” Chloe said. “But we’re not here for my pity party. How are you doing?”

“It just sucks, you know?” Bart said.

“He does care about you,” Chloe said softly, putting a hand on his knee. “They both do.”

“It’s just not the way I feel about him,” Bart finished. “I get it.” He shrugged. “I’ll get over it.” He grinned at Chloe. “Let’s not talk about this depressing subject. What about you? How’s the boyfriend?”

At this Chloe grew somber. “We broke up.”

“Really?” How did someone as amazing as Chloe have so many issues with men?

“I had secrets and he couldn’t stand the fact I didn’t tell them to him,” Chloe explained. “Besides, he seems quite happy with Kara.”

“Kara?” The name sounded familiar.

“Clark’s cousin,” Chloe reminded him. Oh yeah, Clark had a new biological cousin.

“Must be a Kryptonian thing,” Bart quipped. Chloe laughed and nodded.

“Well, Chloe, if you ask me, I think you can do a lot better,” Bart commented, putting his hand on her knee. She smiled and his heart skipped a beat.

Now he was remembering why he fell for Chloe Sullivan in the first place.

“Thanks,” Chloe said. “And you’re a great guy, Bart. Don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure you’ll find someone incredible soon.”

“And if I found her already?” Bart asked, deciding to just make a move. He was done sitting around and letting chances at love pass him by.

“Bart?” she said but he closed the distance between them and kissed her. Chloe responded to the kiss and wow, she was a great kisser.

Just as things got heated, Chloe pulled away. “Bart, we can’t do this . . .”

“Why not?” Bart asked. Clearly, she wanted it too. He moved and started trailing kisses down her neck.

“Because,” Chloe spluttered, but not pushing him away, “I’m older than you for one.” Bart grinned at her attempts to kick him out.

“I’m legal,” he told her.

“I’m not going to be your second choice,” Chloe said firmly. “I know you’re hurt but I’ve done this before . . . I’m not doing it again.”

“I’m not Clark,” Bart told her. “And Chloelicious, you’ll never be my second choice. I wanted you first.”

She grinned at the nickname. “I got my own adjective?”

“Oh yeah,” Bart said.

Chloe smiled seductively. “All right, Flash, let’s see what you got.” Flash . . . I like that name. It was a lot better than Impulse.

With Chloe looking at him like that, he wasn’t doing much thinking though. He moved to kiss her again but she stopped him.

Before he could ask, he put a finger to his lips. “I’d rather continue this in my bedroom, if you don’t mind.”

He definitely didn’t mind. Before she could blink, he had them both in her bedroom and on the bed.

“No wonder they call you Impulse,” she murmured as he met her lips.

“I prefer Flash,” he said. Laughing, she pulled him on top of her, capturing his lips with hers once again.

Then there was no talking for the next couple of hours.

Chloe was not Oliver . . . he had wanted her first and it seemed that the fates put him where he was supposed to be.

And they’d get no complaints from him.
Tags: character: bart allen, character: chloe sullivan, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: chloe/bart, ship: clark/oliver, story: second chance at first love

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    *dusts off LJ* Wow, has it really been almost two months since I posted? Seriously, where did the time go? Anyway, I promise I'll give you a real…

  • meme time

    I will probably make a real life update post later today or tomorrow, but for now, have a meme that I snagged from lynzie914: Give me…

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