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18 May 2011 @ 11:25 pm
chlollie fanmix  
Title: Precious Love
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Chloe/Oliver
Medium: Fanmix
Spoilers/Warnings: none/none
Disclaimer: all characters belong to CW/DC Comics and the music to their respective artists
A/N: for cw_land's 'Smallville Appreciation' Challenge

1. “Beauty From Pain”- Superchick
After all this has passed, I still will remain
After I've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today, someday I'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain

2. “Beautifully Broken”- This Beautiful Republic
Beautifully broken in your eyes
You see the man my sins disguise
You took my place
You saved my life
Miraculous love, sweet sacrifice
Beautifully broken
You were beautifully broken

3. “Just a Kiss”- Lady Antebellum
And I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life

4. “Anywhere But Here”- SafetySuit
Everything that I never thought could happen
Or ever come to pass and
I wonder
If maybe
Maybe I could be
All you ever dreamed

5. “Run To You”- Taio Cruz
Whenever I think of your face
When everything's going my way
And I'm having one of those days
When everything falls into place
You've always been right by my side
And I trust you with all of my life

6. “I Shall Believe”- Sheryl Crow
Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

7. “Nothin’ on You”- B.o.B (ft Bruno Mars)
Beautiful girls all over the world
I could be chasing
But my time would be wasted
They got nothing on you, baby
Nothing on you, baby

8. “Safe In Your Arms”- Paula Cole
Sometimes I'm too bold for my own good,
I go out swinging hard and fast.
This world is beating me broken.
I need a home to rest.

9. “Precious Love”- James Morrison
I was so lost, didn't know what to do with myself,
I was my own worst enemy,
I was lost and oh I needed help,
Then you came along, and saw what state I was in,
You picked me up, when I was down,
Showed me how to live again

10. “All That I’m Asking For”- Lifehouse
All that I'm asking for
Is that you need nothing more
And nothing comes in between
Our love and it's fragile, see
All that I'm asking for
You're all that I'm asking for

.zip file here

Comment, Take, Enjoy! If there are any problems with any of the links, feel free to let me know and I will fix them. :)
svgurl: chloe loissvgurl on May 22nd, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, definitely. I know there are a lot if you have Photoshop but I am only using GIMP so there's not as much help out there, at least not on LJ and the ones outside it aren't very useful.

But I guess trial and error will have to do. :D
Yup. I suppose that's the best way to learn anyway.

Agreed, I was very happy to get a Chlo-Lo scene in the end.
I wasn't sure if we'd get anything and we got a lot, which was a pleasant surprise. I listened to Allison Mack's interview where she talked about the finale and she said that on her last day of shooting, Erica stayed with her until the very end, even though she didn't have anything to do on set. I was like, "AWW, you're a real life Chlo-Lo!"

From the minute that it was announced that MR was returning, I had a bad feeling that Lex would be the one to kill Tess. I'm glad that Tess at least went out a hero, but yes, like you, I wanted more of a reaction. I get that they were short for time and I don't know how they would've worked it in either but I just wanted even a mention from even Clark.
lynzie914: Tess quiet happylynzie914 on May 23rd, 2011 12:07 am (UTC)
Yeah, if you have photoshop I think its much easier to find them. Not so much when your relying on other things. I do most of my stuff with online editors.

I listened to that same interview and that was my reaction too! I though it was so cute and nice. I thought it was so sweet that she stayed. Though I am totally curious about what scene she was talking about, because I thought she said there were four of them in the scene, but Erica stayed too and I can't figure out which scene that would be. Of course maybe I heard wrong too.

Yeah, I had had similiar thoughts. Finales in general make me nervous because shows tend to kill people off, but this one especially. I was glad that she went out a hero too, character wise it was a good way for her to go out and it probably sounds weird, but if someone was going to kill her I was glad it was Lex. Its just he's the villain of the story if that makes sense. Exactly, Idk how it would have worked but I really wanted a mention of it. It didn't have to be a big thing. IDK maybe in the deleted scenes? LOL, I'm still hoping.
svgurl: tess somebody save mesvgurl on May 23rd, 2011 03:51 am (UTC)
Agreed. I used to use online editors, like PIxlr but GIMP was free to download so I just stick with that now. Yours looks awesome though so I don't think you need the tutorials. :D

I love how they praise one another. It's just too adorable. The cast always seems like a family, which is very sweet.

because I thought she said there were four of them in the scene, but Erica stayed too and I can't figure out which scene that would be. Of course maybe I heard wrong too.
Hmm ... I thought she said that there was only 4 of them left by the end of the day? IDK. I guess I will have to go listen again, lol.

With Smallville, people don't tend to stay dead but since it was a series finale, there is no coming back and I was worried too.

it probably sounds weird, but if someone was going to kill her I was glad it was Lex.
I get it and I agree. I'm glad it was Lex too, instead of Lionel on the surgery table. It felt bigger this way.

IDK maybe in the deleted scenes? LOL, I'm still hoping.
Oh, I hope so! That would be great.
lynzie914: Tess behindlynzie914 on May 24th, 2011 01:03 am (UTC)
I might have to look into gimp, I've heard good things about it. And thank you, that's always nice to hear. XD

I agree. I love how much the cast seems to genuinely like each other and how they became a family of sort. You can always tell how much they like working together, and I think it comes out in their acting too.

Maybe that is what she said, I totally could have just confused myself. I'll have to listen again too. Not that I mind. :D

Yeah, I was worried for the same reasons and apparently it was a good thing to be worried about. But I'm taking comfort in the fact that at least there's fandom, where she can live on.

LOL, glad it actually makes sense. That's exactly how I saw it, it was bigger because Lex was the one to do it.
svgurl: cassidy freemansvgurl on May 27th, 2011 12:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's a pretty solid program. I haven't really had any issues so far. IDK what online program you use but if you don't use Pixlr, it's pretty good too. And you're welcome! I was just being honest. :D

I know, it's just great. I think that after you spend all that time together, it's bound to happen but it still makes me happy. And yes, it definitely shows in their actingl. I remember Tom said once that he and Erica got along so well initially that they had to be reminded that Clark and Lois weren't supposed to get along that well. XD

Hee! Yes, there are worse things in life to have to do. I love that Allison gave them all mixed CDs- it reminded me of 'Crimson'.

Tess' future was always at risk but yes, in fandom she will live on. And in fic, we can pretend she didn't die. ;)

LOL, glad it actually makes sense. That's exactly how I saw it, it was bigger because Lex was the one to do it.
For sure. And I love that she took Lionel out too. He just keeps getting killed by his kids. Not that he doesn't deserve it because you know he does. He was never going to win 'father of the year', that's for sure.
lynzie914: Tess smilelynzie914 on May 27th, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
Pixlr is one of the ones that I use, and your right it is good. A little confusing at times, but I like it. XD

Yeah, defenitely still makes me happy. XD LOL. I love that story, its so cute that they had to be reminded!

Much worse things. :D I know, I thought it was so sweet and it totally made me think of Crimson too! I thought it was just me. XD

Yeah, I actually thought they had killed her off in the S9 finale. When I heard she was in S10 I was so relieved. I was really hoping with them making her "Lutessa Lena Luthor" it would increase the chances she would get to live, but sadly it didn't. But yes, I think its a good plan to just pretend. I'm good with denial. XD

Agreed! I loved that not only did she save herself one last time, showing how badass she was, she got to take him out too. And yes, he did totally desereve it both times.

Edited at 2011-05-27 06:47 am (UTC)
svgurl: tess mercersvgurl on May 28th, 2011 07:46 am (UTC)
They say that it's supposed to be like the online free version of Photoshop but IDK. It did get confusing for me too but it was a huge help before I downloaded GIMP. :D

I love the cast SFM. I really hope we get some bloopers on the season 10 DVD. It's been ages since we've gotten any and they're always so funny!

I didn't watch s9 live so fortunately, I knew she was in s10.

I was really hoping with them making her "Lutessa Lena Luthor" it would increase the chances she would get to live, but sadly it didn't.
Actually, I knew that the minute that she became good that her life was at risk, Luthor or not. Before that, they could've made her Lex's Mercy from the comics. But yes, denial is the best option. *nods*

Yeah, it was awesome! She's such a BAMF. Lionel is a great villain (one of the best in the show!), which is why we love to see him get taken down. :D
lynzie914: Tess lipslynzie914 on May 31st, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've never used photoshop, but I know its been compared to it. And it is defenitely a big help even it does confuse me. :D

I am so hoping for bloopers too. I've been hoping they would show up again for several seasons now but I'm hoping that since this is the last season it'll make them more likely to put them on. Some of them do that for some reason. I loved the old ones we got too and I would love to see some of them with all the new additions to the cast.

Yeah good and knew Clark's secret, it did pretty much mean she wasn't going to survive. But wishful hoping and all, and now denial. :D

She really is. I loved that we got that scene in there, she took out a room full of people and managed to escape. That's the Tess I know and love. Though I love the softer side as well. :D Yeah, he really is and I agree, that's why its always awesome to get to see him taken down.
svgurl: tesssvgurl on May 31st, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
I've never used Photoshop either. The last time I used any Adobe related products was middle school & high school, because I did yearbook and journalism. I remember nothing. XD

Yeah, I've wanted bloopers for some years now, especially when you hear stories about what goes on on the set so I'm really crossing my fingers for season 10. Like you said, since it's the last one, they might give us something. I definitely want to see more BTS of TW & MR in the finale. I am positive awesome things happened, lol.

I loved the old ones we got too and I would love to see some of them with all the new additions to the cast.
Agreed. The cast is so funny that I'm sure they would be a riot.

Plus, she isn't a comic book character and they felt that they could make an impact with her death and "get away with it", if that makes sense.tehzo and I were talking about it and she insists that Tess is fine and doing karaoke on weekends with Emil. I like her version. XD

And she did it in a hospital gown! I love the softer side too but I like when she goes all kick ass on everyone. I just like female characters kicking butt. It's more fun that way. :D
lynzie914: Tess quiet happylynzie914 on June 3rd, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
LOL, well then your one up on me because I don't even have that experience. :D

Yeah, all the stories and interviews really made me want them too. Especially because you see just how charming and funny all the cast members are in interviews and what little BTS stuff we get, so you know that there are probably some awesome bloopers out there. And yes! I would love to see some more stuff for Tom and Michael, cuz your right, I'm sure that that day was full of awesome moments.

Yeah defenitely makes sense. That was the reason I was worried about Chloe's death for years and then after I started loving Tess' character starting worrying about her as well. I like her version too. I think I'll just have to make that my own canon. XD

LOL, she did. Not everybody can pull off the badass look while in one, but she defenitely did. And yes, I always love it when female characters get to kick some butt. Never fails to make me happy, especially when they're awesome like her.
svgurl: smallville womensvgurl on June 7th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Trust me, it doesn't help. I had no idea what I was doing then and if I had to try Photoshop now, I still wouldn't. :D

I am kind of worried that they'll only put all the features in the huge box set though. I do hope they have some in just the season 10 DVD, because I already have s2-9 and I can't justify getting that set but I really want the extra features! :( Tom & Michael's friendship is seriously one of my favorites so I am always interested in seeing how their reunion went, etc. Especially considering how hard Tom fought to get MR back! :D

I think a lot of people were worried about Chloe. After season 7 though, I knew they wouldn't kill her off, though it was touch and go that year, considering AM had to renew her contract and whatnot. And yeah, season 10 was when I really began to worry about Tess. And yes, we will all make that our personal canon. She can tell embarrassing stories to little Conner about his dad while Oliver protests in the background. XD

Yup, and that just makes her even more awesome! What I like about her type of badassness (yes, that's a word!) is that she has many layers. A lot of people seem to think that the key to making awesome female characters is just to give them a gun and let them kick butt. While that's good, they also have to be real ... with flaws, who make mistakes and learn from them. That was something Smallville definitely did right.