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sv/dcu fic recs!

It's been a while since I've made a fic rec list so I decided to do one today. There are a wide variety of ships, as always, from Clark/Lois to Chloe/Oliver to Clark/Ollie and even Clark/Bruce. Even femslash in there, for those of you who like Lois/Tess! I'm sure there's a few gen/friendship fics too, who prefer that particular genre. Enjoy!

1. Accidental Happily Ever After by sxymami0909 (Lois, Clark/Lois, PG-13)- This is set during the 3 week period that Clark was in the phantom zone and it's Lois's POV. I was hoping that someone would write a fic about Lois based on that time and how she was feeling. This was just wonderful. My heart really broke for Lois but it's helps that we know she got her happy ending. ;D

2. And I Knew You’d Catch Me Flying In The Sun by supercaptain182 (Tess, Lex, Tess/Talia Al Ghul, Lex/Lana, mentions of Lex/OFCs, R, AU)- This fic is absolutely fascinating. It's the story of Tess and moments that she has with Lex as well as other characters. I love her Tess voice and her Lex voice is excellent too. All the descriptions, everything ... just leaves me in awe. Check it out. You won't regret it.

3. Cereus by penumbra (Clark/Lois, PG-13)- This is a future fic that is absolutely beautiful. Everything about it is love. I adore her Clark and Lois ... she manages to make a simple moment between so lovely and amazing. If you love Clois, you'll love this fic too.

4. First Date by mitsuki_shizuka (Clark/Oliver, Tess, PG, AU)- In this AU, Ollie and Tess are sisters. Ollie has taken over his parents' company and Clark works for him. This is about their first date. It's sweet and it put a smile on my face.

5. Good Queen Tess And The Magic Sceptor by bradygirl_12 (Lois/Tess, Zatanna, Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang, Kara Kent, Selina/Dinah, various pairings , NC-17, AU)- She wrote this for me for her 'slave fic au prompt request' and I just love it. It's a fairytale AU. I am not sure how to describe it other than that, but I am sure it will definitely amuse you like it did me.

6. Her Final Act by serafina19 (Tess, PG-13)- This is basically Tess's final thoughts after Lex stabbed her. She had a great Tess voice and I was happy to see this fic because it needed to be written.

7. How Stories Begin by BlueSuedeShoes (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13)- A fluffy continuation of the finale with two Chlollie moments that we didn't see. This made me smile and the moments fit in perfectly. I could too easily imagine it and it made me happy.

8. Improvise by twinsarein (Clark/Oliver, NC-17)- What can I say about this fic except that it's hot as hell? Clark basically gets tired of Ollie looking and not touching and confronts him on it. I have a thing for aggressive!Clark so this makes me happy.

9. Life is Just Peachy by xenokattz (Clark/Lois, Conner, Martha, G)- I love her and her fics. In 'Kent', we learned that Conner is with Martha in DC but this fic shows how he got there. It's so cute and I love all the family bonding. Her and her fics make my (fandom) world a better place, I swear.

10. Lois & Clark's Wedding is Cancelled; It Must Be Saturday by xenokattz (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Oliver, mentions of Oliver/Dinah, PG-13)- Let's face it: we were all shocked that after seven years, Clark and Lois weren't married. This fic explains why. This details some of the 50 times that Clark and Lois attempted to get married but were stopped in some way or another. Characterization? Spot. Creative? Hell yeah. She is a genius and this fic is brilliant and you all must read it. That is all.

11. Oceanography by penumbra (Lois, Tess, PG-13)- She wrote this one for me after I won one of her offers at help_japan and I absolutely love it. It's a fic about Lois and Tess learning to trust each other. Her Lois voice is spot on and I love how the relationship between Tess & Lois is very realistic. She nailed their dynamic and it's very bittersweet.

12. Shattered Soul by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Bruce, Dick, Lionel, Alfred, R, SV/Batman Begins, AU, warnings)- Clark is Bruce's newest slave but he has already been broken and Bruce has to fix him. She's so good with writing emotions and this will break your heart yet give you hope. I loved it and I'm sure you all will too.

13. Snowbound by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Oliver, NC-17)- I always get so excited when she writes Clark/Oliver! One of my favorite authors writing my OTP? A dream come true. I especially love her Oliver because she sees him the same way I do- snarky but very vulnerable. Her Clark is also great. In this fic, Oliver has to take care of an injured, without powers Clark during a blizzard. It's has everything that is needed for the perfect fic- angst, snark and a dash of hotness and adorable boys.

14. Spackle by xenokattz (Clark, Lois, Conner, G)- What I love about fanfic is that it fixes what canon screws up on, such as not letting Lois address the fact that she was almost raped and killed in 'Scion'. Thank Goodness we have brilliant writers like her who fix that. This fic is just a great fixer upper and totally my new canon. She's always been one of my favorite fic writers and this once again proves why. I love how she writes everyone and deals with the situation in a realistic manner. Just perfect.

15. Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Skin by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, AU)- This deals with a slave!Bruce and master!Clark. The warriors are all celebrating after a win and it gives Bruce the perfect opportunity. I really love her Clark and Bruce and that despite being the "master" in this one, he's still very Clark. Her Clark/Bruce always makes me happy and this isn't an exception.

16. Stay by lynzie914 (Chloe, Oliver, PG)- This takes place between Jimmy dying in 'Doomsday' and the funeral. She wrote a missing scene where Ollie's the one who finds Chloe and takes care of her. It's really sweet and just all around amazing. You really feel their emotions and she has a great Oliver voice. Definitely an awesome read.

17. Thorns ‘N’ Roses by bradygirl_12(Clark/Bruce, R, SV/Batman Begins, AU)- I always rec her fics but I can't help it! They're all just perfect. This was no exception. It's a fairytale AU with a healthy dose of angst that will make your heart ache. I love her Bruce, just braving it out and devotedly remaining by Clark's side. The ending makes it all worth it though! Why are you still reading this? Go read already!

18. Your Hero by scrollgirl (Clark/Lois, Lois/Oliver, Clark/Lois/Oliver subtext, NC-17)- This was set post the 'Hydro' Clois kiss and is just damn hot. Clark's very turned on post kiss and even more so thinking he's Oliver in the costume. This will blow your mind and I hope that she writes more SV fic!

If you like something, make sure to comment so we can get more fics from them! Also, if there is a problem with any of the links, let me know and I will fix it. :)
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