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This was requested by quiet__tiger on this meme. She wanted a Oliver/Lois fic, which was really about Oliver/Clark. I hope this satisfies! :D

Story: Who He Wants
Pairing/Characters: one-sided Clark/Oliver, Oliver/Lois
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warnings: mentions of sex
Spoilers: 6.07 "Rage"
Word Count: 809
Summary: Ollie thinks about Clark during the Thanksgiving dinner.

Oliver laughed at something Lois was saying though it was extremely difficult to pay attention to anything she was saying. But he had to . . . he was lucky she had forgiven him for his latest stunt and he had a lot of making up to do.

Healing drugs seemed good in theory but apparently, it also messed up his brain pretty bad. Thank God for Clark. If the brunette hadn’t interrupted, right now, he would’ve been a murderer. Not to mention that it was Clark who encouraged him to patch things up with Lois. He was definitely something else.

And the reason that Oliver couldn’t keep his mind on Lois. His gaze kept wandering to the head of the table, where Clark was sitting. His speech about his parents had warmed Oliver’s heart.

Also, Clark looked good. In a pair of pants and a light blue shirt, he was very handsome and Oliver wished that he would get out of that red shirt/blue jacket combo more often. No day dreaming about the farm boy, Ollie, you have a girlfriend, remember?

Yes, he did have a girlfriend, a girlfriend who he had just reunited with. He felt horrible for injuring her as the Green Arrow, even though it was unintentional. Throwing her across the room was not the best way to score points for your alter ego. At least she forgave him.

He did care a lot about Lois. She was a great woman but he couldn’t deny his growing feelings for Clark. It was just that Clark was always there. Their lives were forever entwined and whenever Oliver got himself in trouble, Clark was there to save the day.

With every rescue, he got to know Clark a little better. No, they didn’t always get along and there were times when Clark was just downright frustrating to the point when Oliver just wanted to grab him and shake him for being so annoyingly stubborn.

Then there were other times where Oliver wanted nothing more than to be like him. Clark was so strong, not just in the physical sense but in the emotional one too. He had a strong heart and clearly, once Clark cared about someone, he protected them until the end. Lex was an example of that. No matter how much damage he caused, Clark was there to save him.

He was another example. It seemed as if he could tell anything to Clark and the man wouldn’t leave his side. Oliver confessed to having a part to do in a young boy’s murder and Clark hadn’t said anything. Took drugs and almost killed a man but Clark hadn’t walked away.

Clark’s faith in people and that there was good in everyone . . . that was his greatest strength. And when he said he wanted to be more like Clark Kent, that was what he meant. Sure, the powers would be nice too but it was Clark’s huge heart and ability to love was what Oliver admired most. That was enough to avoid the more annoying parts of Clark’s personality.

Catching Clark’s eye, he shoots him a smile and his heart flutters when Clark grins back. He had never gotten a chance to thank him before. There weren’t words that could show how grateful he was. Clark breaks the gaze to engage in a conversation with Chloe and Oliver feels like something is missing.

His girlfriend is chatting on, oblivious to the fact that Oliver isn’t paying attention. He tries to focus back on the conversation but his thoughts never strayed far from Clark. Unfortunately, that glance is the only interaction he gets to share with Clark all evening.

Lois wouldn’t let him out of her sight and he ended up spending all his time with her. Which usually would’ve been fine but he really would’ve liked the chance to talk to Clark too.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be that night. He left with Lois and it was upon her suggestion that they headed back to the penthouse.

They made love that night but even though it was Lois who was lying underneath him, it was Clark he was seeing. When Lois’s hands were on his body, he was imagining Clark’s bigger hands.

He felt horrible because Lois was amazing in her own right, but he couldn't help that all he wanted was Clark.

Hours later, as Lois slept in his arms, he couldn’t help but imagine how Clark would feel in his arms. Stroking Lois’s hair unconsciously, he wished it was Clark’s silky threads that he was running his fingers through.

Oliver wondered what Clark would sound like in bed, what he would taste like and how his skin would feel. Wondered what those delicious lips would feel like against his own and wondered what exactly he was hiding under those modest clothes.

Most of all, Oliver wondered if he would ever have a chance to find out.
Tags: category: slash, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, ship: lois/oliver, story: who he wants

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