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more memes!

I got these from lavendergaia:

First, a fandom meme:

Pick a TV show, and I will tell you my ...
* favorite male character:
* favorite female character:
* prettiest character:
* funniest character:
* favorite season:
* favorite episode:
* favorite romantic ship:
* favorite family ship:
* favorite friend ship:

Next, a ship one:

Give me a character/ship and I'll give you one song lyric (line/verse/stanza/whatever) to describe them. Conciseness is the idea.

Last, something a bit different:

1) Get people to give you suggestions for actors to put together in a movie.
2) Put your music player on shuffle & find a song
3) Make a poster
4) Write a synopsis

Can't promise the poster will be stellar as I am graphically challenged but I'll try!
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