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These are all drabbles for my scifiland Bingo Card. They're all Smallville related.

1. "Robot"- Clark/Lois, Chloe, PG, 340w. A robot that looks like Superman attacks Metropolis but that's the least of their problems.

Clark shouldn't have been as surprised as he was when one of Lex's plans was to make an evil robot of well ... him. Or rather Superman anyway. Yet he still was and it took him longer than he should've to get back to his senses and stop it from destroying Metropolis. It was harder to capture it than they thought it would be.

In fact, it only slowed down because of Lois. This robot not only looked like Clark but had similar tastes- it fell for Lois at first sight. Which caused a whole new round of problems. Clark wasn't sure whether to laugh or be horrified upon seeing the robot profess its love to his wife.

Chloe wasn't much help either. "This is so weird," was her response to the whole situation.

"Thanks for that, Chlo," Clark replied dryly. "Very helpful."

She just shrugged. "Did you ever watch that TV show, Family Matters, when you were a kid?"

Sadly enough, he actually knew where she was going with this. Not that Clark would ever admit it. "Yeah ..."

"My dad loved that show," Chloe admitted. "This kind of reminds me of how Urkel made a robot of himself and it ended up falling in love with Laura ..."

"Except I didn't make this robot," Clark reminded her.

"Close enough," Chloe responded, not the last bit bothered.

"Any chance that episode provided a solution on how to deal with our current problem?" Clark questioned.

"No, I'm still working on that," Chloe said apologetically.

Turned out that she didn't have to bother. Lois apparently didn't tolerate robotic versions of her husband putting the moves on her and took care of it her own way.

"Next time," she snapped at them. "I would appreciate it if you stopped gossiping about 90's television and helped me." The two of them could only stare at her, with sheepish expressions on their face.

Though one thing was certain: Clark wouldn't complain about Lex's kryptonite ray guns anymore. They were much easier to deal with.

2. "Inspiration"- Clark/Oliver, PG, 313w. Oliver is having a hard time being inspired to work, until Clark helps.

Oliver stretched and winced as his muscles ached from sitting in the same place for a long stretch. He glared at the contracts on his desk, wishing he could be outside, where it looked warm and nice.

But instead, he was inside his office, working. These contracts were important and he couldn’t afford to mess up such a huge deal, which was why he was combing through them so carefully. However, it had been hours and he was tired. Maybe that sounded whiny but Ollie couldn’t find any inspiration to continue and he still had a good 10 pages left.

“You look exhausted,” commented an all too familiar voice. Looking up, he grinned when his boyfriend standing there, amused.

“I think you’re right,” Oliver admitted. “I am sick of contracts.”

Clark laughed as he made his way toward Oliver. “That’s something I never thought I’d hear you say … you may be in the wrong business then, you know.”

Chuckling, Oliver nodded. “What I meant was that I’m sick of contracts now.”

“You look all uncomfortable and everything,” Clark observed. Walking around the desk, Clark closed the distance between them.

“You can say that,” Oliver said, rubbing the tight muscles in his neck.

“Here, let me take care of that,” Clark offered and before he could protest, his boyfriend was behind him, giving him a neck massage.

“That feels good,” Oliver moaned, leaning back into his embrace and unconsciously closing his eyes.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Clark joked. Leaning forward, his voice hot on Ollie’s ear, he said, “Let’s make a deal.”

“Mmmhmm.” Oliver was pretty much willing to agree to anything at that point.

“You finish those contracts and I’ll …reward you myself,” Clark murmured.

Ollie’s eyes snapped open, images popping into his head immediately about how Clark could reward him. Maybe he did have some inspiration to finish after all.

3. "Ice Cream"- Lois/Tess, PG, 309w. Tess watches Lois eat ice cream.

Tess Mercer didn’t care for dessert. No, it had nothing to do with calories or anything related to that … she had just never really been interested in that particular part of the meal. Sure, she had her weak spots- a good crème brulee or a well-made flan could easily make a bad day better but simplier things, like ice cream, never really caught her interest.

That was until she saw the way one Lois Lane ate her ice cream. It had been a hot day in Metropolis and of course that was the day the air conditioner decided to break. So the employees at the Planet were sweltering. However, the ice cream shop next door was making a killing. Lois had been one of those to indulge in a trip during her break.

Tess was walking outside her office when she found that out first hand. Lois had a cone of what looked like cherry flavored ice cream and for what felt like the first time in her life, Tess was speechless. Lois was happily licking and sucking on her cone, tongue darting out to catching drops of the fast melting ice cream.

Her mouth went dry as she found herself unable to do anything but watch, imagining better uses for that mouth. Lois chose that moment to look up, smiling innocently.

“Hey Tess,” Lois said cheerfully. “You should really get some ice cream. It’s good.”

“No thank you,” Tess managed.

“You can try some of mine,” Lois said innocently, offering her cone.

“I’m not a fan of ice cream, Ms Lane,” Tess replied stiffly. “And I suggest you get back to work. Those stories don’t write themselves.”

With that, she turned and high tailed it back to her office, unsure of whether she should ban ice cream all together or keep a never ending stock of it.

4. "Apart"- Oliver-centric, Oliver/Chloe, G, 212w. Oliver's thoughts on Chloe during their separation in season 10.

Life without Chloe sucked. There was no other way to put it. He never imagined that he would end up loving the petite blonde as much as he did, but she really was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

And she was gone. She had traded her life for his, then faked her death and disappeared. While he was happy that she was alive, it killed him to know that she was out there somewhere and he had all alone without her.

There were moments that he wanted to fall back into his old ways- drinking and partying, but he stayed strong. Chloe would be disappointed in him if she found out he was giving up on himself. So he kept going, taking things a day at a time.

“She’ll come back,” were the sympathetic words of his close friends. ”When?” and ”Can you guarantee that? was what Oliver wanted to ask them but he just accepted their words for what they were.

But he still held on to the hope that they were right. Being apart from the woman he loved was the worst but he knew that the pain would be worth it when they finally reunited. And they would reunite.

Oliver would make sure of that.

6. "Death"- Clark, PG, 193- Clark wasn't afraid of death. His thoughts during the fight with Zod during 'Salvation'.

Clark wasn't afraid of death. He never wanted to die, though there were times where he felt the people he loved would be better off without him, but the idea of dying didn't scare him. It did once upon a time but as the years passed, so did his feelings on the subject. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he had died- multiple times really, but he was very willing to sacrifice his life to save the world.

Which is why as he fought with Zod on a rooftop, listening to him threaten the ones that he loved most, he knew what he had to do. So he let himself get stabbed with the blue kryptonite knife. Clark could see the brief shock in Zod's expression before it switched to one of triumph. He thought he had won.

But Clark had another trick up his sleeve. He quickly fell off the rooftop, and even as he was dropping through the air, he could see Zod being sucked up into the sky. The world was going to be safe. With that final thought in mind, Clark let the darkness envelop him.

9. "Fear"- Clark-centric, Clark/Lois, PG, 225w. Clark isn't fearless.

No matter what some people thought, Clark was hardly fearless. He just learned to overcome whatever fears he had to do what was right. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t have them.

In fact, he had plenty. Sure, having powers allowed him to take more risks and limited what he did have to fear but there were still things that frightened him.

When he was younger, he had an irrational fear of heights. He knew in his head that unless there was kryptonite around, he wouldn’t get hurt if he fell but that didn’t remove the fear. In fact, he was positive that was the reason it took him so long to fly. But he finally overcame that particular fear and being able to fly was amazing, not to mention very useful.

Another fear he had was losing the people he cared about. He had lost so many people in the past and Clark knew that should someone find about his dual life, his loved ones would still be the first targeted.

Yet he married the woman he loved and started a family with her. As he watched Lois play with their kids, he knew that it was okay to have fears, as long as you didn’t let them overwhelm you. Facing and overcoming them was definitely worth it. It had been for him.
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