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guess who's coming to smallville?

Spoilers have been posted on kryptonsite in the spoilers section about  a new League member coming to Smallville. We've all known for months that someone is coming but now, we have a name.Guess who?

The answer? None other than Dinah Lance, the Black Canary herself. :D Yes, yes, she will be there in episode 6.11 "Siren". And that is when Oliver Queen, our beloved Justin Hartley, is slated to return. He's already listed as a guest star for that episode.

I don't think they've cast Dinah yet but it is going to be an interesting episode.

According to Gough, Chloe is doing side jobs for Oliver Queen and gang and still being "quasi- Watchtower".

This will be very, very interesting. Can't wait until January!
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