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15 July 2011 @ 12:40 am
a few memes  
First of all, thanks to makesomenoise and winterstorrm for the vgifts! It was sweet of you to think of me. ♥

Now, I have some memes that I snagged from my flist (don't I always?) and possibly tumblr.

First, a fandom meme:

Leave a fandom in my comments and I will tell you:
Favorite Character:
Least Favorite Character:
Prettiest Character:
Character I Wanna Marry:
Character I Wanna Be Best Friends With:
Favorite Pairing:
Favorite Episode:
Unpopular Opinion:

The next few I got from skylar0grace:

An icon fic meme:

Just for the fun of it, I'm doing another icon-fic challenge! Which means, *drum-roll*, you comment with the desired icon and I write a short piece to it. Drabble, vignette, oneshot if it really speaks to me!

1. Please try to keep it to the shows/characters you know I write!
2. If you have a text only icon you like, comment with a ship you think it would apply to or would like to see a short to!
3. First five win! If I'm still in a writing mood, I'll see if I can't write a few more. So comment just in case!!

Another fic related meme:

This time it's all about facts. Give me one fact, true or made up, about a character/couple and I'll drabble about it.

Last but not least, a pairing meme:

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you:
1. When or if I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them

That's all for now! I promise that I will make a real post within the next few days. Tomorrow's (or rather today, since it's the 15th already) my mom's b'day so probably not then but definitely over the weekend to switch things up. :D

Take care, everyone!
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scrollgirl: dcu smallvillescrollgirl on July 15th, 2011 07:46 am (UTC)
First meme! Do Smallville, please! *g* (Predictable, yet fun.)
svgurlsvgurl on July 30th, 2011 08:32 am (UTC)
Smallville! I don't mind predictable, lol. :D

Favorite Character: Clark
Least Favorite Character: Grant (he had some good moments but he was just so useless!)
Prettiest Character: Lana. Though the entire cast is really pretty
Character I Wanna Marry: Clark or Oliver
Character I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Lois
Favorite Pairing: Clark/Oliver, with Clark/Lois coming in as a very close second
Favorite Episode: Just one? Impossible! Some of my favorites are 'Pilot', 'Exile', 'Crusade', 'Justice', 'Idol', 'Homecoming' and 'Identity'.
Unpopular Opinion: I have many, but one is that I don't think that Clark is a douche for walking away from humanity at the end of s8. I actually applauded him, because everyone other than Lois and Jimmy sucked in 'Doomsday'.
karahalliwell: Other ; Heels<Dickkarahalliwell on July 15th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Icon fic: icon + Blur-Etto

Fact fic: Clark and Oliver have private meetings every Friday about "The League"

Pairing: Lois/Tess

... *breaths*
svgurl: lois/tess 'odyssey'svgurl on July 31st, 2011 04:41 am (UTC)
Okay, still thinking of an idea for the icon one but I will come up with something soon! My SV muses are kind of dead these days, lol. As for the fact fic, would you prefer that to be gen or were the quotes mean what I think it does? Sorry, I'm slow.

HP! I can do that:

Favorite Character: Harry
Least Favorite Character: Umbridge
Prettiest Character: IDK. It's hard because I'm not particularly attracted to any of the movie-verse cast. Maybe Luna? She was pretty.
Character I Wanna Marry: Harry. I guess I like green eyed, dark haired heroes. ;)
Character I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Hermione
Favorite Pairing: Harry/Draco
Favorite Episode Book: either the 3rd or 4th one
Unpopular Opinion: I am not a huge fan of Snape. I'm glad he was redeemed but I don't have that same adoration that the rest of fandom seems to.

For the ship one:

1. When or if I started shipping them: 'Odyssey'. Honestly, I was sold right away. That scene in the mansion with Lois in the maid's outfit was just too slashy!
2. What I think their challenge is: If Tess were alive, there's Clark to consider and she'd have to be careful, since she's in a powerful position. It wouldn't look good for Lois to be exposed as dating her boss. Plus, both are stubborn women and it'd take a while to not only accept their feeling but act on them.
3. What makes me happy about them: They have such chemistry! And they're pretty together. I was really happy when Tess welcomed Lois to Watchtower too.
4. What makes me sad about them: That Tess is dead. :(
5. What moment I wish had never happened: Hmm, IDK. I liked all their scenes.
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: For Lois, probably Clark or Oliver. NGL, I ship her with Lana too. For Tess- Emil, Lana or Chloe.
7. My happily ever after for them: Tess isn't dead, sweeps Lois off her feet and they live happily ever after. I'm sure Clark can be comforted by Bruce