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Smallville 7.05 "Action"

I love Thursdays because Thursday is Smallville day. Another week gone by and another episode has passed. And if you care, you can read my thoughts.

I've been looking forward to this episode. Clark and Chloe were very cute in the beginning. I enjoy their friendship a lot and that has not changed. That scene where Clark promotes Chloe to the actress was just so sweet.

Just a warning, I'm not going through this in order, just writing whatever pops into my mind.

Let's start out with Clark, our hero. TW seems to be into this show half heartedly and I don't really like Tom's haircut. But Clark was very cute. He saved that woman, just like we knew he would. But he seemed bored in his scenes with Lana. i think that is reflecting how Tom feels on this storyline going over again. But I did enjoy the scene with Lex. No, still not a Clex shipper but it was very good.

"When you're destined to save mankind, you're destined to be alone." That was a great quote and I honestly see that is some foreshadowing. Both TW and MR did very well. It was excellent and one of the best scenes in the episode. It was much more interesting than the scene with Clana.

Speaking of the Lana, she is evil. The show is really bringing out her true colors. Finally, they're not covering up the evil bitch that is Lana Lang. I honestly knew she was behind that kidnapping from the start. I previously read that Lionel was kidnapped and I knew that Lana was the one who planned it. Who thought it was absolutely amazing how she was snapping at Mariyln and then one second later, talking sweetly on the phone to Clark?

I was so happy when Lionel warned her for what she was doing. I squealed when she said that a crazy woman had kidnapped him and he said "Yes . . . you". What an intense scene. That man has shot up in my book for that scene alone. He must be the first one to tell her off, that she is going evil. He wins points for just advising her to stay away from Clark and let him go. It's really about time.

Lionel going psycho and killing that woman was a little crazy. i did feel bad for Lex in that scene. When he said that he never gave up on Lionel but Lionel turned around and accused him of the kidnapping. It seems the Luthor family dynamics will never be normal.

One person who deserves applause is Lois. She was in top shape in this episode. The way she was bossing Grant around and trying to go for the story SHE wanted . . . priceless. Then she went to the Luthorcorp building to try and GET her story, blatantly disobeying her boss' orders. Brilliant, Lois, just brilliant. Okay, so she got caught but the Lex/Lois confrontation was worth it.

So she's learning but she's slowly getting there. My faith in Lois is still there and ED is rocking the house! That part with Grant was just perfect. "You would've been my arm candy." Lois, you are constantly reminding me why I love you so much. :) This was a good day for Lois fans everywhere.

The Clana could go away. his saving her, the way he flew done there was a great scene. And I did laugh aloud when Rachel and Clark were rehearing and Lana walked in. They're still not having Clark & Lana even kiss. They hint at it a lot but other than words, they do nothing. I am definitely not complaining because truth be told, I don't need to see Clana. But it is odd that they barely touch. Shows that everyone is bored of the Clana. It needs to just die but the way she's manipulating Clark . . . I have no words for that. I mean, that guy was creepy but it's nice to see someone wanting Clark to do something with his abilities. I was a little awed by the scene where he protected Clark's identity to Lex. That warmed my heart. Clark Kent, i don't know what it is about you but people just love you naturally.

Clark should've taken Clana up on her offer but we all knew he wouldn't. :\ Too bad for us. That gift from the actress was too funny! A red cape. Do the writers think we're that stupid? Seriously . . . we GET the innuendo. He'll be superman one day. Now get him out of the damn red and blue outfits and into some tight jeans and black shirts! That's why I love redk!Clark so much. That's the only way we get him in hot outfits. Definitely need more redk Clark.

But that's besides the point. The last scene was beautiful . . . the imagery was very awesome. The cape was lying there and you can just see it against Clark's blue shirt as he was walking away. So lovely. Great way to end it. :)

Overall, an exciting episode. I did enjoy it much better than last week.

I'm looking forward to next week. Kara will be returning and she is in trouble! Until then my people. Feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!

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