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chloe fanmix

Title: One Girl Revolution
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Chloe Sullivan
Medium: Fanmix
Spoilers/Warnings: none/none
Disclaimer: all characters belong to CW/DC Comics and the music to their respective artists
A/N: for cw_land's "End of the Season Free For All" Challenge

1. "Paradise"- Coldplay
When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
Dreamed of para- para- paradise

2. "I Bruise Easily"- Natasha Bedingfield
My skin is like a map
Of where my heart has been
And I can't hide the marks
It's not a negative thing
So I let down my guard
Drop my defenses down by my clothes

3. "Anything But Ordinary"- Avril Lavigne
To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring
I want to know that I
Have been to the extreme
So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive

4. "Reflection"- Christina Aguilera
Look at me
You may think you see
Who I really am
But you'll never know me
Every day
It's as if I play a part
Now I see
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart

5. "Unchartered"- Sara Bareilles
I'm going down,
Follow if you want, I won't just hang around,
Like you'll show me where to go,
I'm already out of foolproof ideas, so don't ask me how
To get started, it's all uncharted

6. "I'm Not Over"- Carolina Liar
What would you do?
What would you do?
Do you know?
I once had a grip on everything
It feels better to let go

7. "Lessons Learned"- Carrie Underwood
And every tear that had to fall from my eyes,
Everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night,
Every change, life has thrown me,
I'm thankful, for every break in my heart,
I'm grateful, for every scar,
Some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned

8. "One Girl Revolution"- Superchick
I'll be everything that I want to be
I am confidence in insecurity
I am a voice yet waiting to be heard
I'll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world
And I'm a one girl revolution

.zip file here

Comment, Take, Enjoy! If there is a problem with any of the links, please let me know and I will fix it.
Tags: category: gen, character: chloe sullivan, fandom: smallville, fanmix
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