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so i lied about the memes . . .

But they're fun and I'm addicted! :\ I snagged this one from

Here are the rules:

1. I opened my music player. Put it on shuffle. And selected my favorite lyrics from the first 25 songs that played.
2. You should attempt to guess the song title and the band/artist who plays the song.
3. No googling or cheating in any other way.
4. Have fun guessing!

1. If I don't say this now I will surely break
    As I'm leaving the one I want to take
    Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
    My heart has started to separate 
"Look After You"- The Fray; found by chlarks_cupid

2. So this is the way that I say I need You
    This is the way that I say I love You
    This is the way that I say I'm Yours
    This is the way, this is the way

3. And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call
    You meant more to me than anyone I ever loved at all
    But you taught me how to trust myself and so I say to you
    This is what I have to do

4. I really wanna start over again
    I know you wanna be my salvation
    The one I can always depend
    I’ll try to be strong, believe me I’m trying to move on
    Its complicated to understand me

5. I see the world as folded in your heart
    I feel the waves crash down inside
    And they pull me under
    I  will give you anything you want, oh
    You are all I wanted
    All my dreams have fallen down
    Crawling around...

6. Got them resting in my head
    Decisions that made my bed
    Now I must lay in it
    And deal with things I left unsaid
    I want to dive into you
    Forget what you're going through
    I get behind, make your move
    Forget about the truth

7. Like the little school mate in the school yard
    We'll play jacks and uno cards
    I'll be your best friend and you'll be my Valentine
    Yes you can hold my hand if you want to
    ' Cause I want to hold yours too
    We'll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds
    But it's time for me to go home
    It's getting late, dark outside
    I need to be with myself and center, clarity
    Peace, Serenity 
"Big Girls Don't Cry"- Fergie; found by chlarks_cupid

8. You took my heart
    Deceived me right from the start
    You showed me dreams
    I wished they would turn into real
    You broke the promise and made me realize
    It was all just a lie

9. And I don't know
    This could break my heart or save me
    Nothing's real
    Until you let go completely
    So here I go with all my thoughts I've been saving
    So here I go with all my fears weighing on me 
"Sober"- Kelly Clarkson; found by chlarks_cupid

10.  I've been dying inside -- little by little
    Nowhere to go -- I'm goin outta my mind
    An endless circle -- runnin from myself until
    You gave me a reason for standing still 
"What's Left of Me"- Nick Lachey; found by chlarks_cupid

11. I've never seen this kind of love
    The kind that won't slip away
    Yes I'm soaring thru your heart
    Don't you know I could not survive
    Without you in my life

12. this world is never enough,
    and I'm not givin up my faith in
    love is like blood, i'd spill it
    freely for some my faith in love is
    like blood, it flows in everyone don't
    stop to look at the clock, forever
    won't be long enough

13. Love ended here today
    And the dreams we used to share
    I watched you walk away
    As you told me you still cared
    Now I can't believe you're gone
    How could you say goodbye
    You told me you'd never make me cry

14. Were you right, was I wrong
    were you weak, was I strong, yeah
    both of us broken
    caught in the moment
    we lived and we loved
    and we hurt and we joked, yeah
    but the planets all aligned
    when you looked into my eyes
    and just like that
    the chemicals react
    the chemicals react "
Chemicals React"- Aly & AJ; found by chlarks_cupid

15. These fancy things, will never come in between
    You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
    When the war has took it's part
    When the world has dealt it's cards
    If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart
"Umbrella"- Rihanna; found by chlarks_cupid

16. You're not the best thing that I knew
    Never was, never cared too much for all this hanging around
    It's just the same thing all the time
    Never get what I want, never get too close to the end of the line
    You're just the same thing that I knew
    Right before the time when I was running from you

17. I don't quite know
    How to say
    How I feel
    Those three words
    Are said too much
    They're not enough
"Chasing Cars"- Snow Patrol; found by chlarks_cupid

18. So far away I wish you were here
    before it's too late this could all disapear
    before the doors close, this comes to an end
    but with you by my side I will fight and defend i'll fight and defend yeah yeah

19. I hear you talking, but your words don't mean a thing.
    I doubt you ever put your heart into anything.
    It's not much to ask for, to get back what I put in,
    But I chose the waters that I'm in

20. You hold me in your hands
    You won't let me fold
    You still my heart when you take my breath away
    Would you take me in take me deeper now
    And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by it
    Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

21. All I wanted was to know and say
    Don't wanna lose the love I found
    Remember when you said that you would change
    Don't let me down

22. Your subtleties
    They strangle me
    I can’t explain myself at all.
    And all that wants
    And all that needs
    All I don’t want to need at all
"It Ends Tonight"- The All-American Rejects; found by charlie_jae

23. Baby seems like everywhere I go
    I see you, from your eyes, your smile
    It's like I breathe you, helplessly I reminisce
    Don't want to compare nobody to you

24. Welcome to the fallout
    Welcome to resistance
    The tension is here
    Between who you are and who you could be
    Between how it is and how it should be "
Dare You to Move"- Switchfoot; found by chlarks_cupid

25. Don't you think I'm trying to tell my heart whats right
    That I should really say goodnight
    But I cant stop myself from falling (falling)
    Maybe I'll tell him that I feel the same
    that I dont want to play no game (No)
    Cuz when I Feel his arms wrapped around me
    I know meant to say No (I Meant To Say No...) "
Irresistible"- Jessica Simpson; found by chlarks_cupid

I can't wait to see if you guys get it right. :)
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