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Sober Chapter 2

The new chapter of my sequel is here! I hope you all like it. Let me know! :D

Story: Sober
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Oliver/Dinah, Chloe/Bruce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: none
Summary: sequel to “Forever May Not Be Long Enough”. Three years after the story ended, Oliver and Clark meet up again. One of them is engaged and the other is trying to make his mark in the world. Now working together in the Justice League, what will happen?
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 2

Clark was a quick learner and picked up on what Lois was saying easily. One thing he did figure out on his own was that it was best not to aggravate Lois Lane. Apparently, the new version of Lois was not just more sophisticated, she was even bossier than before. Which Clark hadn’t thought was feasible but it happened.

If he wanted to maintain a good relationship, he figured just to go with some of her small whims. He had no plans to let her walk all over him but he wanted to fade into the background and that would require not starting arguments on every little issue.

At the moment, he was on his way to the printer to pick up an article for Lois. He didn’t get a tour of the place so doing these little errands for her helped him learn where everything was.

Bumping into someone, he apologized. “Oh, I’m so sorry . . .” But he trailed off when he saw the person he had inadvertently crashed into. Blue eyes sparkled in recognition.

“CK!” Jimmy Olsen was still the same. According to Lois, he had accomplished his dream and was now a full time photographer for the Planet.

“Hey Jimmy,” Clark greeted him. “How’s it going?”

“It’s great,” Jimmy responded. “I heard you had just been hired here, CK. It’s going to be awesome having you around.” Clark smiled at his enthusiasm. He had always liked the other man.

“Today’s my first day actually,” Clark admitted.

“Well, welcome,” Jimmy said. “I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”

“Thanks,” Clark replied. “I hear you’re a hotshot photographer now.”

Jimmy grinned. “Yeah, it’s just incredible. Love my job.”

“That’s good,” Clark said.

He would’ve said more but Lois’s voice cut through their conversation. “Smallville! Where is my article? Save the socializing for later!”

Clark grimaced and Jimmy shot him a sympathetic look.

“Good luck with that one,” Jimmy said softly, patting him on the shoulder.

“Thanks,” Clark said. “I think I’ll need it.” A quick goodbye and he headed to the printer.

Retrieving the article, he went back to Lois and presented her with it. She snatched it from him and nodded.

“Okay, Smallville, I have a lead and since we’re partners now, you are coming with me,” Lois stated. He nodded and followed her out. Jimmy tagged along with a camera, ready to take pictures.

“So what exactly is this lead?” he questioned as the trio exited the building.

Lois explained what she learned from her source as they walked. They were chatting about the potential story when a scream caught Clark’s attention.

He immediately turned to the source of the sound. And he had to stop himself from gasping. A woman was hanging off a window on the twentieth story of a building. She was far enough away that Lois couldn’t hear her screams but he could.

“Lois,” he said hurriedly, catching her attention and Jimmy’s too. “I will be right back.”

Before she could protest, he ran off, trying to find a private place to get out of his suit. He found a phone booth, which wasn’t much, but it worked. Slipping out of his clothes quickly, he slipped out and shot up in the air.

“Someone help me!” the woman screamed. He sped toward her and watched as she lost her grip.

She was falling but he was quick to catch her. Looking at him, she gasped.

“It’s okay, miss,” Clark said, “You’re fine now.”

She watched him wide eyed as she slowly brought her back to the ground. His rescue had caught a lot of attention. Everyone was staring at them, at him.

There was a crowd that gathered by the time they made it to the ground. Clark gently helped her get back on her feet.

“You saved me,” she breathed, eyes wide with awe. “Thank you . . .”

A lot of people were asking questions but he saw shuffling and found himself face to face with Lois, who had her pen and pad out.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “And how did you do that?”

“I’m a friend,” he said, his voice deeper than usual. “That’s all you need to know, Ms Lane.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jimmy flashing photos frantically. Giving her a nod, he looked up and shot up into the sky.

Atop a building, Clark watched as everyone freaked out over his appearance. He couldn’t help the slow grin on his face. What a way to announce himself.

He looked over the city and his smile faded as he saw a familiar figure walking the streets. A blonde that he only knew too well but hadn’t seen for over 3 years.

“Oliver,” he whispered, recognizing the man he loved. And he wasn’t alone. Oliver was chatting amicably with a companion, a gorgeous brunette woman. His heart stopped when he saw Oliver lean over and kiss her.

It’s been three years, you must’ve expected he’d move on. It was what you wanted.

“Be careful what you wish for” never applied more. Shooting the happy couple one last glance, he headed back to the phone booth, where he could change back and return to the Planet.

The Planet was a zoo when he arrived, all the buzz being over him, or at least his alter ego.

“Kent!” Perry’s voice boomed throughout the room and Clark quickly rushed to his boss’s office. Lois and Jimmy were already there.

“Where did you go Smallville?” Lois wanted to know. But she didn’t get a chance to pursue her line of questioning. Perry cut them both off.

“It doesn’t matter,” Perry interrupted. “This is the biggest news since Gotham revealed Batman. We can not be scooped on this story . . . this guy is in our city and we need to learn more about him, whoever he is . . .”

“Superman,” Lois threw in.

“Superman?” Clark repeated, amused and slightly horrified.

“Did you not see the S on his chest?” Lois shot back. “Oh wait, you were too busy disappearing!”

Clark willed himself not to roll his eyes.

“Fine, call him Superman,” Perry stated. “Whatever, just get me more information! Now go!”

All three of them scurried out. Jimmy ran off to check on his pictures while Lois and Clark went to their desks to start the story.

“Smallville,” Lois said excitedly, “This is going to be huge! And you know what? Superman knew who I was!”

“That’s great Lois,” Clark told her, images of Oliver still in his mind. He wondered how the blonde was doing.

“Obviously, he must’ve read my articles,” Lois said arrogantly, not noticing his lack of attention.

Clark had to bite his cheek to prevent himself from laughing. “I’m sure that’s it.”

Lois looked at him, her eyes shining. “You should’ve seen him, Smallville . . . he’s absolutely amazing.” She sighed dreamily and her next words made him cringe.

“I think I’m in love.”

It took all of Clark’s willpower not to hit his forehead against a nearby wall as Lois started typing her article, beaming.

Oliver had a new girlfriend and Lois was in love with his alter ego, who she named Superman. He groaned.

Why me?

That afternoon was the busiest day ever. His first day at the Planet and it was so hectic. They were running through the quotes they had gotten from people who had seen “Superman” and then calling the woman he rescued for her story.

Perry was determined to be the first one to announce Superman and everyone was going crazy, putting the paper together in record time. Clark’s first byline would about . . . him. Ironies of life indeed.

But they weren’t the Daily Planet for nothing. At exactly 7 pm, The Daily Planet released a special evening issue, and became the first one to introduce Superman to the world. Clark and Lois’s article was on the front page and Clark couldn’t help the thrill that ran through his body at seeing his name in print.

He could definitely get used to this.

Not too far away, in the Clock Tower, Oliver Queen was finishing up dinner with his fiancée. Oliver smiled at Dinah Lance, also known as the Black Canary in the crime fighting world, who immediately smiled back.

She was everything he wanted . . . beautiful, intelligent, funny and the fact that they were both crime fighters, working in The Justice League made the relationship better because he didn’t have to worry about hiding his identity from her. Their first date had actually been a blind date, set up by none other than Chloe Sullivan, who over the years had become one of his best friends.

After Clark and his breakup, Oliver began to self-destruct. He put all his energy into Queen Industries and took more risks when it came to being the Green Arrow. Everything became worse when Clark seemed to disappear off the planet. No matter how much Oliver tried, he couldn’t track his former boyfriend and that was more painful than he imagined.

It was Chloe who stepped up and interfered, showing him that just because he lost Clark didn’t mean he had to lose himself. Chloe was the one who helped him put the pieces of his heart back together and she was the one who insisted, only 8 months after Clark had left him, that he needed to get back into the dating game.

Chloe had introduced him to Dinah and after they had been dating for about a year and a half, Chloe was the one he went to for advice when he wanted to propose. She was a wonderful person and Oliver found out why Clark had always been so dependent on her.

That was why when he needed a best man, he opted out and went for the best woman, asking Chloe to do the honor. She had been pleased and accepted his offer.

Oliver was eternally grateful to Chloe Sullivan, for she had saved him from himself. He got his chance to partially pay her back.

It came in the form of Chloe’s current boyfriend, Bruce Wayne. Bruce and he went to Excelsior together and did a lot of business together. When he learned that Bruce was none other than Gotham’s Batman, the two had talked, deciding to merge their separate teams into one large Justice League.

He helped Chloe score an interview with Bruce, which hadn’t been difficult because Bruce had already read about her and been impressed with her. And when Bruce wanted to ask her out, he insisted the other man do just that and encouraged Chloe to say ‘yes’, assuring her that there was more to the billionaire than his playboy status.

The two had clicked, just like Oliver knew they would. They had been dating for a while and Chloe was now living with Bruce in the Wayne Manor. Whenever they were in the same city, the four of them tried to get together for double dates.

Either way, his life was going well. It had not turned out as he expected but he had no complaints.

Dinah and he finished up dinner and they both headed to the living room to relax and talk about the wedding. Just engaged over four months, they had a lot of wedding planning to do. But they were both happy to take their time and Oliver wanted to give Dinah the biggest, best wedding ever.

“Hey Ollie,” Dinah said, breaking through his thoughts. He looked at her and found that she was holding a newspaper. “Look here, it seems that The Daily Planet has made a special evening issue. I wonder why?”

He shrugged. “Maybe they had some breaking news or something.”

Dinah scanned the front page and her eyes widened. “Well, it seems that they do.”

“Plan to share?” Oliver teased, curious what had her so shocked.

“We have a new hero in town, Ollie,” Dinah announced.

“Really?” Oliver said. “Who?”

“His name is Superman,” Dinah explained, scanning through the article.

“Superman?” Oliver repeated, vaguely amused.

“I think it’s the name the Planet gave him,” Dinah told him. She frowned for a second. “Lois covered the story.”

“I’m not surprised there,” Oliver stated. Over the years, Oliver watched Lois become the star of The Daily Planet and had been impressed with the way her writing skills developed. Nobody would’ve guessed that she began her career writing insulting articles about his alter ego at the Inquisitor.

Dinah snickered. “I never thought Lois would share her byline.”

“Lois?” Oliver echoed. “I think you’re thinking of someone else.”

“There are two names on this article,” Dinah informed him.

“Are you serious?” Oliver asked, impressed. Lois must’ve been forced into it. There was no way the Lois he knew would ever accept a partner willingly.

“Yeah,” Dinah stated. “The front page article- Metropolis Welcomes Superman. It’s by both Lois Lane and someone named Clark Kent.”

That’s when Oliver’s world crashed down before his eyes. “I’m sorry?” he managed to choke out. “Could you repeat that?”

“Could I repeat what, Ollie?” Dinah asked, blue eyes filling with worry when she saw the look on his face. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he lied. “I just . . . what was the second name?”

“Clark Kent,” she repeated. She tilted her head. “How do you know him?”

He was the love of my life and I once upon a time planned to spend the rest of my life with him.

But he could not give her that answer. For one, Dinah did not know if his past relationship with Clark. He didn’t know why it never came up. She knew that he was bisexual and also knew that he had had a relationship that went south, leaving him devastated. However, she had never asked and he had never offered any information.

“He was a friend,” Oliver said, trying to keep his tone relaxed. “I just . . . am surprised to hear that. Nobody’s heard from him in a few years. In fact, he was Chloe’s best friend.”

“And nobody has heard from him?” Dinah questioned, puzzled. “Did he disappear off the face of the planet or something?”

“No idea,” Oliver replied, shrugging.

“Were you two close?” Dinah wanted to know.

“No,” Oliver answered immediately. “I . . . I hardly knew him.” And wasn’t that the truth. At the end of their relationship, Clark felt like a stranger.

Oliver paused. “I met him when I was dating Lois.” That relationship, Dinah did know about. “He saved my life a few times and helped the League with this one mission.”

She nodded understandingly and smiled warmly. “Maybe the two of you could meet up and catch up.”

“We weren’t that great friends,” Oliver said, trying to prevent any suggestions of future meetings. He couldn’t see Clark, he wasn’t ready . . . three years and he wasn’t ready. Part of him believed he may not ever be.

Damn you, Clark Kent. Everything was going perfect in his life and of course, that was when Clark chose to make an appearance. Three years and no sign of him. And now he was back, working at The Daily Planet. The fact that he shared a byline with Lois meant that she knew he was back. Who else knew that Clark had returned?

Dinah pursed her lips but smiled anyway. “Okay, Ollie, whatever you say. Anyway, we have to make some decisions on the wedding . . .”

“Sounds good,” Oliver agreed, more than willing to change the conversation topic.

She started talking about wedding invitations and the guest list and he nodded, really only half listening.

His thoughts were set firmly on a certain brunette reporter. One thought stuck out though.

Did Chloe know Clark was back?

It was close to midnight when Chloe Sullivan finally made it home. Her job kept her busy but it was definitely worth it. Leaving Kansas had been good for her but she missed her home.

She worked at The Washington Post for two years when she got a great offer from The Gotham Tribune. It wasn’t Metropolis and it wasn’t the Planet but two years of DC and she was ready to move back.

Now she was Assistant Editor-in-Chief at the Tribune and it kept her busy. Her life was good . . . she had her dream job and she was dating a great guy.

Bruce Wayne was nothing like the rumors made him out to be. She had been all too grateful to Oliver, who had managed to score her an interview with the billionaire who was notoriously wary of reporters.

She had been even more shocked when after the interview, he asked her out. Her first call had been to Oliver, who advised her to accept. And it was one of the best decisions she had ever made. Moving him with him had been the second.

Finding out Bruce Wayne was Batman had made her laugh more than anything. She seemed to have a thing for heroes. Of course, it explained his need to act like a brainless playboy to the general public and it was a good act. Before she went out with him, she had fallen for it too.

Dating him was not easy but she loved him and all the initial problems were worth it when she found that she was breaking through his shell. It had all been worth it the first time he had told her he loved her.

They had been dating just a little short of a year and Chloe was deliriously happy. Sometimes, she wondered if her life was a dream. If it was, she never wanted to wake up.

Slowly, she made her way through the mansion, and relaxed in the study with a good book. Bruce was not home yet . . . he was probably out on patrol. She made a habit to wait up for him, unless it got really late. A girl did need her beauty sleep.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a voice calling her name. Looking up, she saw Alfred standing there, holding a cup, an amused smile on his face.

“Alfred,” she said, surprised. “Is everything all right?”

“Everything is fine,” he assured her. He handed her the cup. “I thought that you might appreciate a cup of hot cocoa on such a chilly night.”

She beamed and took the cup. “Thank you. You are a saint.”

Alfred just chuckled and left but Chloe had been sincere in her declaration. He really was a saint. Alfred had been nice to her from the minute she started dating Bruce and she didn’t know how the Wayne Manor would ever run efficiently without him. Also, Bruce would’ve been a lot worse off if he wasn’t in his life.

She sipped her cocoa and went back to her book. Time passed quickly and she was so engrossed in her book that she didn’t hear the footsteps approaching.

A soft kiss to her head brought her back to reality. Looking up, she met the midnight blue eyes of her boyfriend, who had changed out of his Batman costume and was back in casual black silk pajama pants and a dark top.

“Hey,” she said, standing up and meeting his lips for a gentle kiss.

Pulling away when they needed air, she grinned. “How was your day?”

“Not bad,” Bruce said, taking her abandoned seat. He pulled her into his lap. “And yours?”

“Busy, but good,” she stated. “It’s better now that I’m with you.” She was about kiss him again when he stopped suddenly.

“Oh,” he said suddenly. “I had something to show you.” He paused. “But you’re going to have to get off first.”

“Do you have to do it now?” Chloe asked suggestively. “We can be doing so many other interesting things than talking.”

“This is important,” he insisted. “And once you see it, I know you’ll agree with me.” Reluctantly, she got off and he rushed out of the room and returned within minutes, holding a newspaper.

She took the paper and raised an eyebrow at the title. “The Daily Planet? You know I work at the Tribune right? Kind of traitorous there, Bruce.”

“Just read the first article,” Bruce commanded.

“Okay,” she agreed. “Metropolis Welcomes Superman . . . who the hell is Superman?”

“Read the byline,” Bruce instructed.

“By Lois Lane,” Chloe read and then she gasped. “And Clark Kent?”

“Isn’t he a friend of yours?” Bruce asked, “The one you haven’t heard from in a while?”

“3 years,” Chloe whispered. Clark had been missing for 3 years and suddenly he showed up, on the front page of one of the most prominent newspapers in the country, sharing a byline with her cousin of all people!

“And look at that new superhero,” Bruce went on. “Where did he come from?”

She glanced at the pictures and she couldn’t help the smile. The man in the costume wore no mask. His features were sharper and the green eyes she was used to were now blue. But his identity was not much of a mystery, at least not to her.

“Bruce,” she said slowly, “I don’t think he’s as new as you think.” He looked at her curiously and she gave him a smile, not saying anything else.

Clark Kent, she thought, you have some explaining to do.

Chapter 3

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