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7.06 "Lara" Review

It's that time again. Yes, Thursday nights, right after Smallville. And today was a shocking episode!

Former Supergirl Helen Slater plays Clark's biological mother, Lara. But we all knew that was coming. How she was going to be introduced? Well, that was interesting.

This episode had some great interactions between the characters. Chloe & Lana finally had a face to face meeting. Kara and Clark, Lionel and Lex  . . . even Lionel and Clark.

I like Kara. She's a little reckless but I mean, I was really worried when they announced her. But surprisingly, they are actually not doing a bad job with her character. Her conversations with Clark are very fun to watch. You don't want to change the channel, unlike all the Clana moments. Throughout the episode, her scenes with him were awesome. She doesn't allow him to patronize her and that's a good thing. I love how she manipulated that lab technician or w/e he was. Kara's very good at being bad. ;)

One of my favorite parts had to be when we find out Kara was the one who came up with the name Kal-El. It's just so adorable. Actually the scenes with Lara and Kara were very cute.

And who knew that Zor-El was in love with Lara? It seems so soap operaish but then again, it connects the pieces of the puzzle. When Kara found out the truth, I really did feel bad for her. She thought of her father as this hero and then he turned to not be as great. That must've sucked. At least Clark wasn't an ass about it at the end. Is it weird that they never mentioned Kara's mother? Am I the only one who caught that? I wonder how she felt about Zor-El's obsession with Lara. A little back story would've been nice. But Smallville is far from perfect, as we all know by now, and I don't think we're going to get it. I can still hope though.

Speaking of weirder interactions, let's talk about Lionel and Clark. Was I the only one going "WTF" when that hug came into play? Lionel Luthor, Clark's surrogate father. Jonathan Kent is rolling in his grave. *g* I like how Clark is demanding information from him but still continually lies. Such a Clark thing to do. So in character for our favorite farm boy. It's good to know he doesn't trust Lionel completely.

Lionel was acting oddly in the beginning. As for JG's hair, it was very weird. Maybe that was just me. :\

Lionel saving Clark at the end was unexpected but I don't know, it was okay. I was surprised but it was nice.

That agent guy was creepy! He was almost like a robot, his voice was so monotone and his expression hardly changed. And he shot Lex. Because apparently, Lex's security is crap. I swear, after all those times Clark had broken in, you would THINK that he would learn!

Lex was trying to protect Kara but he didn't get anywhere. As we know, he was too busy getting shot. :D The Clark & Lex confrontation scene left me feeling incomplete. They just cut it off. I wonder what lie Clark told this time to get himself out of that situation.

The Lex/Lionel scene was rocking though. Lex was trying to protect Kara from Lionel while Lionel was protecting Clark & Kara from Lex. I was taken aback when I found out that Lex did indeed know Lionel is protecting Clark. I think this scene was significant in the downfall of their relationship and mark my words, before Smallville ends, Lionel will be dead. And I am 99% certain Lex will be behind it.

I was thankful this episode didn't have much Lana. Who needs her? She was being all creepy stalker but she did prove to be useful. They had a Lana & Chloe scene and I was rooting for Chloe when she suspected Lana of not being completely honest. It's about time! Especially after she went on about how wonderful Lana is. That made me sick.

We ended up getting a Clana loft scene. That was the biggest twist. Clark has the crystal and wants to what . . . recreate his mother? I'm sorry, that's a bit creepy. Still no Clana kissage. I don't want to see it but can they make it at least a little realistic? My God, they're a sexless couple and Lana's voice irritates me to no end.

Instead, we got a Jimmy/Kara kiss. *rolls eyes* I am so not buying into that couple. I felt so bad for Chloe at the end! She never has it easy does she? :(

No Lois this week but she'll return next week. Too bad she's bringing Grant with her. The episode is "Wrath" and Lana's true colors will be revealed. I hope.

I did like this episode a lot. I'm liking SV this season. Keep up the good work guys!

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