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'elementary' pilot thoughts

So I saw the Pilot of Elementary last night. [spoilers] And I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I am easily pleased or I just kept my expectations low, but I actually enjoyed the episode, much more than I thought I would. I'm not in love with it or anything yet [and I did get distracted a few times during the episode], but I like Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes. Since I haven't seen him in anything else nor did I look him up before, I didn't realize he was British, which was a big relief. Some things just shouldn't be changed and Sherlock's British origins are one of them. At least IMO.

I was definitely wary about the idea of 'Joan Watson' [ngl, a part of me would've been really interested in a female Sherlock Holmes], as it sounded like it came straight from a fanfic, but so far, I'm good with it. I think Lucy Liu and Miller had chemistry. At the very least, their dynamic worked for me and I will have to see how they handle the character in the next few episodes to really make a better call on that though, as well as Liu's acting as the character. She was up and down in this one for me.

As far as the case goes, it wasn't anything special, though there were moments I enjoyed. I always do like the 'ah ha' moments that makes Sherlock Holmes so impressive, like the scene where he found the safe room, but I wish there were more of that. I know they had to fit in a lot of plot stuff during a short period of time, while establishing the characters and setting too, so I'll forgive the show if some things felt a bit rushed. Overall, it's just all very mixed for me but at least I will be tuning in next week.

Anyone else watch? What did you all think?
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