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'elementary' episode 2 thoughts

So I finally watched the second episode of Elementary. My dad likes this show so he was willing to watch it with me. [spoilers this way] And we both really enjoyed the episode! Even my mom, who was in the room while watching, is now a fan and appreciates it too. I gotta say ... I like this show. I find it interesting, and I like the dynamic between Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes, and I'm seriously loving Joan more and more every episode.

I couldn't care less about the parts with Joan and the ex, though the scene when he was there at the apartment was kind of funny, because I do laugh at awkward moments like that, as I suppose the writers are hoping that we will. I'm curious as to how Joan went from being a doctor to a sober companion and I wonder if they'll ever get into that bit of background, as it is quite an unexpected leap. I did like the mention that she has issues with her parents and I'm kind of hoping that if they ever bring them in, they'll stay true to Lucy Liu's Asian heritage, in ways they never did with Kristin Kreuk in Smallville. Asian parents who are disappointed that their daughter left a successful medical profession? I can see it. As it is, it's already canon! Just not the Asian part. Before you criticize me for stereotyping, I grew up in the Bay Area, and I am Indian. Both my sister and I have Asian friends and Asian parents [which includes Indians btw] can be intense, so we know that first hand.

The main plot was fine. I liked how they tricked the real murderer with the setup and even though I knew what was going to happen, it was enjoyable to watch anyway. I still like Miller's Sherlock and how he respects Captain Gregson, who is an interesting character too. And they brought out the violin in this episode! I do of course like the moments where Sherlock does all those crazy stunts, like putting himself into a trance in public. Joan threatening to poke him with a push pin at that other meeting cracked me up.

So good episode and I am still going to continue to watch. :D

What did the rest of you think? Any thoughts/comments are welcome. Also, does this show have a fandom yet? I used to be able to search things using the interests, but now LJ is being a pain in the ass and it isn't working. So any fic/vid/comm recs would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

On an unrelated note, Arrow isn't on my On Demand. Comcast and CW- you both fail, so I'll have to find another way to watch that. At least I'll know that this is one show I might have to make sure I don't miss live. :\
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