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19 October 2012 @ 12:51 am
elementary s1e03 thoughts  
I watched the third episode of Elemnentary tonight. My dad still likes the show too so he's happy to watch it with me. It's nice having company. [spoilers] And even better when the show is good. I know some people are iffy on it and maybe I'm just easily pleased but I'm liking this show. I actually am eager to see it live, which is a feeling that I don't get as often these days. My favorite parts really are the character development and the relationships. And it makes me laugh too. The scene with Holmes and Watson doing squats? Awesome. Their banter in the last scene was funny too.

And I've really warmed up to Miller's Sherlock. He can be an asshole, but he's also can be apologetic and though he really blows hot and cold with his emotions and how he treats Watson, he can also admit that he is difficult to put up with and his admiration for her being able to handle him. I like the layers, and that we're learning about his backstory too. I know he said that in the episode the only real part of the story he told Adam was that he went to boarding school but I don't think it is a stretch to believe that Sherlock was bullied. He was a self admitted know it all as a child and we all know how kids are. The smart alecks are the class clowns but considering that he was actually really intelligent, I feel that he would probably make more than a few enemies. Yeah, so I enjoy these past tidbits. Also, I totally think that the woman they referenced in the first episode was Irene Adler. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually brought her in. Will they make Mary a guy? Mark? Hmm ... it's a thought.

Though I'm not super eager to find out. Less romance, the better, unless it helps move the plot and/or characters forward. I really don't think it'll be a problem with this show though. On a side note, I know I said 'no relationships' but I still ended up shipping Holmes/Watson. I can't help it. They're entertaining, and I can still ship them while standing by my 'minimal romance' stance, as I prefer them to stay platonic.

Back to the episode. I didn't figure out that Adam was actually the Balloon Man until I saw the time and realized that it was way too soon for the guy to be caught and something had to happen. It's interesting to see intelligent characters, even one as smart as Sherlock, being a little off sometimes. He's human and he's fallible, and he'll solve the case and save the day in the end but that doesn't mean he won't make mistakes on the way there.

So yeah, those are my thoughts. It's not very detailed but I need to work on writing episode reviews again. For now, I just go on for a bit on what I like.

As always, feel free to share your own thoughts! I always am interested in hearing from you all. :D
lynzie914: saving - joellynzie914 on October 19th, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
I 'm really loving it too! But then I know I'm easy to please. XD

But I agree. I love the relationships that they're sitting up and how the characters interact and it totally has me giggling at times too. And I very much agree, on the less romance is more thing and I hope the show sticks to that.

And yes, I totally ship Sherlock and Joan too, but I actually love that the creators said they were never going to go there. Its so rare nowadays on these types of shows, and I like that. Doesn't sop me from shipping it, but I ship all kinds of doomed things. XD
svgurl: elementary holmes & watsonsvgurl on October 22nd, 2012 06:02 am (UTC)
LOL At least that's something we have in common. XD

Me too! I love that they're bound together through a job and therefore are stuck together for at least 6 weeks. It gives them time to develop their friendship so that when it's up, they'll actually want to stay together.

And I very much agree, on the less romance is more thing and I hope the show sticks to that.
Exactly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

Same here! I think that I would've been annoyed [even if I ship it] if they had just made her a woman and gone with the obvious route and put them together. Men and women can friends and their platonic relationship is fun.

Doesn't sop me from shipping it, but I ship all kinds of doomed things. XD
LOL I know what that's like. XD