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'elementary' episodes 3 & 4 thoughts

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I missed Elementary last week but I managed to see the episode on Wednesday, before watching the new one this week yesterday. Here are my thoughts on both.

[spoilers]I'm still really enjoying this show. I like the flow, I think the cases are getting better, and I am genuinely interested the characters and their development. It's actually something I look forward to watching every week, which I might've mentioned before but I think it's worth repeating.

This show entertains me and makes me laugh. In the third episode, Sherlock's insane texting amused me. He would come up with insane abbreviations to save time, so he can spend on whatever he deems important. I liked how they carried that forward and made it how Joan knew something was wrong, and how she helped save him. Their dynamic is a lot of fun. I also like that Joan had her own instincts, about whether the guy was married, and that she was right. I'm looking forward to seeing her develop her own detective instincts and be able to help Sherlock with his cases in future episodes. I'm sure that's where they're going, and it'll be a fun ride. Also, I like Sherlock encouraging Joan's instincts more with every episode just as much as I like her developing them herself. It's great. The part at the end where he warned her of the downside was sad though. This show has really succeeded in giving Sherlock multiple layers.

Also, speaking of him, Sherlock broke my heart in this episode. You can tell that the heroin threw him off, and I like the line where he said he forgot how it smelled. I love his relationship with Gregson tooand that last scene with the two of them in his office killed me, especially since Sherlock was choking up. I thought it was great that Gregson already knew that Sherlock had been in rehab, and pointed out that he wouldn't have let anyone work with NYPD without a background check, yet at the same time didn't try to force the information out of him. Also I love that there is this mutual respect, where Sherlock values Gregson's opinion so much, and can admit to his own flaws. I really like it.

As for the fourth episode, I like that we got a glimpse once more into Joan's background and her life as a doctor. We saw an old colleague, and the fact that while her suspension is over, she did indeed let her license expire because of her own fears, but her instincts are clearly there. I wonder if she'll have to operate at some point and then it'll lead her to returning to her old profession, at least part time. I still want to know why she chose 'sober companion' but I bet that they'll take their own sweet time with that little revelation.

And the Suits fan in me was excited to see David Costabile [who plays Daniel Hardman] guest starring here, though it pretty much gave away the killer to me ten minutes in. You know they never bring in someone like that to just hang around. Though there still was that twist at the end, which was good.

Anyway, yeah, those are my thoughts. Not too deep but hey, they're there. If you want to share your own, feel free! :D
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