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pimping and a friending meme!

I will post a rl update within the next few days but for now, I'm going to pimp some stuff that are female/female-character centric.

If you love landcomms and you love female characters, womenverse is for you. It's a landcomm dedicated to female characters from all types of fandoms! They just started their current round so you have time to go on and join in on the fun. If you do join, make sure to let them know svgurl sent you. :D

Next, a friending meme!

~We Love Women! Multifandom Friending Meme~
We Love Women! Multifandom Friending Meme

If you love the awesome women in fandom, come on over and make new friends!

Now I'm going to be lazy and link you to a women-centric list that someone else made. Go check it out here!
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