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suits 3.01 'the arrangement' + 3.02 'i want you to want me' thoughts

Suits! I really missed this show, and I know it was back last week. I did mean to post my thoughts on the first episode too, because I did see it live. I just kept forgetting/procrastinating on it and I figured I can just add my thoughts on both episodes here!

First of all, this season has started out intense. I knew it would, considering that everyone was at each other's throats at the end of last season. This show gives me so many feelings, I swear, but I love it. Can I just say how happy I am that Harvey and Mike are back together? I saw spoiler stills from episode 3 so I had a feeling it would be this episode and my sister had guessed before that they'd be on good terms by episode 3 but from the direction episode 2 was going, I wasn't sure if it'd take the beginning of episode 3 for them to make up.

So glad it didn't! I don't think my heart could've waited another week. Man, I ship them so much. I think I even converted my sister. After their confrontation in the first episode, she just looks at me and was like "OH MY GOD. THEY'RE A MARRIED COUPLE. THEY'RE A FREAKING MARRIED COUPLE." This is coming from someone who really was rooting for Mike/Rachel, just to put things in perspective. ;) Seriously, so happy they're a team again, even if I feel bad for Louis. He even had a cake! Poor Louis. It would've been interesting though to see Mike and Louis team up and see how that worked out for another episode or two. Obviously, it'd be Mike and Harvey in the end, and Mike can't work for Louis too long, with his secret hanging over his head, but still. They were fun while they lasted and I thought they had a good dynamic. It made for some fun scenes. The mud bath scene? I couldn't stop laughing and Mike's traumatized expression didn't help. This is the second time the poor guy has seen Louis naked. XD Of course once he becomes Louis's associate, it would be harder for him to back to Harvey but I'm sure they could've worked around that.

Someone should give Louis a break. I feel like he has done some shitty things in the past, but some days, I feel like he loves the firm more than anyone else in the show. Speaking of Louis, he seriously has had all the best lines in these two episodes. His Batman and Robin reference? The whole break up conversation with Donna? Was the entire second episode just a giant dedication to the relationships between Harvey/Mike & Harvey/Jessica? The betrayal and forgiveness theme and everything that happened with Ava and her protege? Seriously, subtlety is not in the dictionary of the writers. Not that I'm complaining. My sister and I were freaking out from beginning to end and having so much fun with this episode, even when our hearts broke. At least it was somewhat mended by the end. Unfortunately, not everyone can be happy and the Rachel/Donna falling out made me sad. I knew it was coming because I read Megan Markle's interview. Still, OUCH. At least they had one cute scene in the beginning.

The 'you don't have a life' comment from Rachel was a low blow, but I don't hate Rachel. I like her and I can understand why she's hurt. I mean, I get why everyone kept the secret from her and didn't want any more people to know about Mike's secret, but I get her point of view too. I never believed Rachel would actually tell, because I don't think she's that vindictive, even if she would be angry/jealous/hurt so I'm glad the show didn't even hint her going there, other than in Mike's nightmare. I am worried about her plot though. We saw character development in season 2 so now that she and Mike are back together, I hope she's not delegated to the love interest and I hope she gets her separate plot and everything. I still want to see her to go law school and become Louis's associate. They would make a formidable team and possibly rival Harvey & Mike. Yeah, I said it. I also love Donna, but lately, some things she does frustrates me. I hate that she refuses to take responsibility for what happened in season 2. She claims she did it for Harvey, but she's wrong. What she did was wrong and what she did is not what Harvey would've wanted. He's not a child and she's not his parent; at the end of the day, he's her boss. And he has made it clear several times that he wants to be in the know, good or bad. I don't think that's ever going to get any sort of resolution, which is frustrating.

Side note: I also feel the same way when Harvey is openly insubordinate to Jessica. I love him but really. The person who said that this show is turning into 'Day of Our Lives' wasn't wrong.

I kind of want for Donna to get a love interest. Not to make Harvey jealous, because I've moved on from them too, and I hate love triangles. I just can't see them as a couple anymore (no offense to those who ship Darvey) and if I had a choice of Harvey's endgame ship, it'd be Zoe. Yes, I realize she's Gabriel Macht's real life wife so it is funny that that is the one I prefer but that's the only one that felt right to me. But back on topic. I just want Donna to be happy. She deserves love too!

As far as Mike and Rachel go, I shipped them a lot in the first episode/season but drew away from them in the second. I still believe that they have chemistry and their scenes in the first episode and even the second were cute. Not sure how long it's going to last. Shows tend not to be fond of relationships and I hope they don't drive a wedge in between them for no reason. I mean, I have a feeling that Mike's secret is going to cause trouble, since he is literally living out her dream, even though neither of them went to law school. If it is some contrived reason to break them apart, I'm going to be really annoyed. I know Ross and Rachel are literally in their names, but really, the back and forth gets old. It's what drove me away from them in season 2 and I want the good feelings to last a little longer this time around.

What else is going to last longer is the Jessica vs Harvey drama. Man, when she finds out about Darby and their secret deal, she is going to be pissed. There was a lot of talk about loyalty and Harvey even mentioned Jessica being his mentor so this is going to get worse. There is just a lot of backstabbing going around. Can I also say I like Darby? I find him interesting and I like how he figures out people, like he knew that Harvey didn't really want to quit. I don't believe he did either. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. Nice touch bringing Cameron back. I am looking forward to seeing where this plot goes.

Wow, that was a long rambling mess and I'm sure I still missed a bunch of stuff. I promise I will try to have the post more put together next week. If you read it, kudos, and as always, you're all welcome to share your thoughts. I would love to hear them!
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