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ficlet: making it right (clark/lois/ollie)

Title: Making it Right
Fandom: Smallville
Claim: Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen
Prompt + Number: #75 “Fix”
Rating: G
Word Count: 398
Warnings: none
Summary: follows "left out" and "panic"; Clark and Lois confront Ollie when he gets home.
A/N: For my ot3_100 table.

“What’s going on with you?”

That was the last thing Oliver expected to hear right after he returned from a business trip.

“Lois,” Clark said, from where he was seated. “Give him time to breathe. He just got back.”

Lois glared, and Oliver’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he watched them.

“Yeah, but he should’ve been back yesterday,” Lois retorted. “And I’m tired of waiting.”

“Hold on,” Oliver interrupted. “I told Clark that I was going to be delayed.”

“Because that makes things okay,” Lois argued. “It’s not like you had a valid reason for staying back. You just didn’t want to come home.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Oliver lied.

“Is it?” Lois challenged. “You’ve been pulling away from us and we all know it.”

“We should sit down and cool off,” Clark interjected. “Yelling won’t solve anything.”

“Ha!” Lois snorted. “This coming from the guy who was worried Oliver didn’t love us anymore.”

Oliver’s gaze darted to Clark, who both scowled and paled. “Clark?” Oliver questioned. “Is this true?”

Clark looked down and then back at Ollie, shrugging. “You don’t seem to want to be around us anymore, and even when you’re here, you’re distant. Hard not to put two and two together.”

Oliver sucked in a breath at the ache in Clark’s voice, and walked toward him, falling to his knees. “Hey, I love you. I love both of you.” He glanced over at Lois, who looked angry, but he could see what she was using her anger to hide.

“Then what’s wrong?” Lois demanded. “And don’t say ‘nothing’, because I can tell when you’re lying.”

“I guess,” he admitted, swallowing hard. “I guess I didn’t think you needed me.”

“Then why didn’t you come talk to us?” Lois said, moving to sit next to him.

“I was afraid to be right,” Oliver confessed, ashamed.

“Well, you’re wrong,” Clark said firmly. “And if Lois or I are ever doing anything to make you feel that way again, you tell us.”

“I get that, and I will,” Oliver promised, feeling humbled and grateful, but most of all, relieved. He had never been happier to be wrong in his life. “I’m sorry.”

Lois grumbled good-naturedly, and Clark grinned, pulling them into his arms, the three of them embracing in a warm hug.

They’d talk more later on. Oliver had missed this, and he would never doubt what they had again.
Tags: challenge: ot3_100, fandom: smallville, ship: clark/lois/oliver

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