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ficlet: a night at the movies (clark/lois/ollie)

Title: a night at the movies
Fandom: Smallville
Claim: Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Oliver Queen
Prompt + Number: #57 "dates"
Rating: G
Word Count: 339
Warnings: none
Summary: It's date night.
A/N: For my ot3_100 table.

“Got the snacks. Almost done?”

Clark looked up from setting up the project to see Lois carrying popcorn and other types of junk food in her arms, beer already on the floor at her feet, next to their pile of blankets and pillows that were making up their chosen seating arrangement.

“Yeah, I’m about ready,” Clark replied, glancing around for their missing third, as Lois set the rest of the food down. “I just need the …”

“Laptop?” Oliver finished, as if on cue, entering the barn, laptop in one hand and two pizza boxes tucked under his other arm.

“That would be it,” Clark said, grinning, getting to his feet to take it from him.

After that, it was only a few more minutes before everything was hooked up and the screen was connected. Clark took his seat on one side of Lois, and Oliver was already relaxed on her other side. Between their busy schedules, it was hard to find time for dates, but they did their best to make time.

“What’s the first movie?” Oliver wanted to know.

“Well, it is Lois’s choice,” Clark answered, “So …”

“Top Gun,” they finished in unison, while Lois just smirked.

“I feel the need … the need for speed,” she quoted gleefully. “And Ollie can’t complain, because I know he chose Robin Hood.”

“It’s the Disney version,” Oliver grumbled playfully. “That’s the best one.”

“Hard to argue against an animated fox with a bow and arrow,” Clark joked.

“What did you pick, Smallville?” Lois questioned.

“The Pelican Brief,” Clark told her. It was from the 90s, starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington and Clark had never gotten to see it, so he decided to use this as an opportunity.

“What an odd combo,” Oliver remarked, chuckling.

Clark looked between Lois and Oliver, smiling, as the familiar opening from Top Gun began. “Yeah, but I think it works.”

Both Oliver and Lois matched his smile, and Oliver visibly softened, head nodding in agreement.

“You know what? I think you’re right.”
Tags: category: multi, challenge: ot3_100, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/lois/oliver
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