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Smallville 7.07 "Wrath"

This week I was not looking forward to Smallville. But yet, it's Smallville . . . so I have to watch. I have this unhealthy addiction that is fed by my weekly dose of Tom Welling. I watched and here are my thoughts, if you care.

It seems that we're back to Lanaville. I knew that this week was going to be bad, saw the previews and kept my expectations low. That's how you stay sane on Smallville, by keeping those expectations low. That way you can't be disappointed. But after that opening Clana scene, I wanted to turn off the TV. Horseback riding? Seriously?

The Clark & Lana in this episode did not fail to make me sick. It was disgusting. And now I wished I had never questioned that the Clana wasn't kissing. I curse all of you that did. I really did not need to see it. And that sex scene? I almost lost my dinner.

Let's start out with Clark . . . he's the biggest idiot on the planet. The evidence is right in front of him. She's evil and he just wants to live in this fantasy of Lana. This Clark Kent disappoints me . . . the way AlMiles is slowly ruining the iconic character of  Superman just to feed their own selfish Lana love is just wrong. It's not fair to the fans, both of the comic legend, the movie and Superman in general. This show is not about Lana Lang . . . it's about the struggle between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor and the journey they take to becoming the best hero and the biggest villain the world's ever seen ,respectively. Then why are we seeing so much Lana? I'm not understand their logic at all.

Clark didn't listen to Lionel and at least Lex managed to get through to him, at least slightly. I like how Lex called him out on not trusting Lana. It's pretty funny. Clark feels free to barge into the mansion whenever he wants . . . it seems that Lex still feels the same way about the farm. I was amused.

Clark and Lex had some good interactions in this episode. Theirs were much more preferable to the Clana crap that was shoved down our throat. I especially loved the last scene with them. Very intense.

Now let's move on to Lex. He's experimenting and I almost cheered when he did say he knew that Lana was spying on him. I loved how he forced her to see that Lana and him were both dark, not just him and that Clark would never understand. The Lexana kiss I could've done without. They both deserve more than Lana Lang.

Who was the center of this episode. Never more than today did she prove her lack of love and respect for Clark. I don't care . . . pro-Lana people may say she was "protecting him" but that's such bullshit. She ran around with her powers, and I just wanted to slap her. The way she blamed her evil nature on the powers at the end infuriated me. Excuses, Lana, all excuses.

Her scene with Chloe was the best though. GO Chloe! Chloe is determined to protect Lana and she knows Lana is all wrong for Clark and she won't let her ruin him. Clark is really lucky to have her around, that's for sure.

I'm pretty sure Grant's evil now. It seems people who called him on it early were correct. The Lois/Grant kiss I could've done without. They look so wrong together. :( 

Lois is looking quite strange too. I love my Lois, loved how she tried to sneak out of the hospital and then decided Grant was there to see her because he was attracted to her. That was so adorable. But really, what is up with her hair? They need to stop lightening it. LL is a brunette and so is ED naturally. She looks good as a brunette. If it ain't broken, don't fix it! I didn't like the bangs either or the straight hair. It was weird. But her telling Clark how messed up Lana was was priceless.

Why we had to end with a Clana loft scene I don't know. I like that Clark is doubting her and didn't really give her an answer. But him taking the blame for what she turned out to be? I'm a Clark apologist and I don't think he owed her his secrets, ever. It's so dumb that he needs to blame himself. But at least she noticed and pointed out that he was trying to protect her image. That was the smartest thing she's ever said.
But he needs to dump her. NOW. We'd all be happier. I like how she tried to compare herself to him but he compared her to Lex.

Overall, crap episode. It was a sad week in Smallville.

Better luck next time guys.
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