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lana/lois oneshot

Title: this will be (an everlasting love)
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Lois Lane/Lana Lang
Rating: G
Word Count: 1879
Summary: Lana found the ring by accident.
A/N: for the 100_tales table, prompt: #96: writer's choice- ring

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Lana found the ring by accident.

She wasn’t snooping, just putting away laundry, a task she knew Lois hated, but one she didn’t mind doing so she figured she would give her girlfriend a break, since she had gotten back from work early and had some free time. While Lois would happily leave everything in the laundry basket and live off of it, Lana liked things to be a little more organized. However, they managed to make it work.

Did they ever. She truly hadn’t been this happy in a long time.

Yet when she had been putting away Lois’s blouses in a drawer, and unconsciously reorganizing for space, her hand hit a small box and without thinking, she pulled it out and opened it, her brain catching up moments later with her body as she stared at the ring sitting in a bed of velvet, trying to comprehend what she was looking at.

The ring itself was beautiful; it had a gold band with a circular emerald as a center stone, and small diamonds wrapped around it, forming a flower. It took all of Lana’s self control not to try it on immediately, but a part of her already felt guilty enough at finding what was clearly meant to be hidden.

But even still, the implications that the ring contained left her slightly overwhelmed and she had to sit down on the bed, temporarily abandoning the laundry, as thoughts swirled in her brain.

Truth be told, it wasn’t that big of a surprise; Lois and she had talked about marriage months ago during the holidays, with Lois not being as subtle as she thought she was with her pointed questions on Lana’s thoughts. Lana had been honest and vocally open to marriage then and she felt the same way now. Seeing the ring just made it all feel more real, than a hypothetical conversation ever could.

Marriage was a complicated topic for her; with Clark, she had been young and naive and even if they had never gotten there, the thought of marrying him had felt like a dream, feet off the ground and floating in the air, metaphorically speaking. Actually marrying Lex, on the other hand, had been a nightmare from which she felt she couldn’t escape, until she did.

The idea of marrying Lois grounded her, but at the same time, made her feel strong and powerful and just … happy. She imagined walking down the aisle and not being afraid of meeting the other person at the end. Pictured driving away not filled with sadness, but with excitement, and if she was crying, they would be happy tears.

With Lois, there would be no looking back at an exes, just to the side at the one she loved as they continued to move toward their shared future together. It left her feeling hopeful and breathless and just so, so happy.

And all of a sudden, she couldn’t wait till Lois proposed. Maybe she could even hint at it a little bit …

She was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the door to their apartment open.

“Lana? I’m home.”

Eyes wide, she stood quickly and replaced the box in what she hoped was its original spot, seamlessly covering it with clothes.

“In here!” she called out, and made herself look busy with the remaining laundry, alternating between hers and Lois’s side of the closet, as Lois finally stepped into their bedroom.

“Hey. What are you doing there?”

Only then did she look up at the other woman, who always managed to take her breath away, no matter what. As her smile widened, she realized she had in fact been smiling since she found the ring, and she couldn’t stop.

“Just folding laundry,” she answered, and the excitement once again coursed through her veins, causing her to close the distance between them, pulling her into a long, lingering kiss, one that Lois immediately responded to, hands drifting to Lana’s back to press their bodies together. The taste of Lois was one that Lana would never get tired of.

They parted moments later, breathless.

“Wow, if I knew laundry would get you all hot and bothered, I would’ve let you do mine ages ago,” Lois teased, finally speaking after taking a few sharp breaths.

“Oh yes, that is what turns me on,” Lana replied, tone dry. “You’re ridiculous.”

“And yet you love me so what does that say about you,” Lois reminded her.

“That I have excellent taste,” Lana said, adding a touch of smugness to her voice, and drawing a small laugh from the other woman.

The laughter died as Lois looked from the basket to the closet. “So, wait, you were putting clothes away? My clothes too?”

“Yeah, why? I know you hate it so I thought I would get it out of the way.” Lana tried to keep her tone as nonchalant as possible, observing Lois’s mild panic and feeling slightly bad over it.

“Oh, no, that’s … that’s great … awesome even,” Lois replied, starting to babble, eyes darting between Lana and the closet, and Lana’s heart skipped a beat as she could easily imagine what Lois was thinking about. “Best girlfriend ever. I just felt bad you … had to, you know, deal with my messy closet.” Another laugh, but it was definitely much more forced.

“Somehow I managed to navigate,” Lana said, hoping to inject some reassurance into her tone. “It wasn’t all that exciting.”

Lois stared at Lana, expression scrutinizing and Lana made hers as neutral as possible (or so she tried), and she must’ve succeeded, because Lois let out a small breath of what sounded like relief.

“Are you okay?” Lana asked. Once Lois nodded, she let her lips curve back into a smile, and pulled her girlfriend close once more. “So how about we stop talking about laundry then?”

“You have something more interesting in mind?” Lois asked, smiling as well, and Lana didn’t reply, instead choosing to kiss her again and show Lois exactly how many more interesting ideas she had in mind.

And Lois certainly didn’t complain. Not that Lana gave her much of a chance to do much talking at all.

However, afterwards, the topic wasn’t brought back up, as Lois’s worry seemingly faded away. Or perhaps she believed that she didn’t have anything to worry about after all.

Lana did her best to play along in the days to come, though a part of her did sometimes wonder when it was going to happen and how. She didn’t go back and look in the closet again, despite being occasionally tempted, and didn’t push the topic, knowing Lois would go ahead when she was ready.

And Lana was more than happy to wait. She wasn’t going anywhere.

Not now, and if she could help it, not ever.

There were brief moments where it came back up, with Lois’s weighted questions when the news covered a public proposal at a baseball game, or they would see a couple getting engaged while having dinner.

Lana made her thoughts on public proposals clear (a strong no), which seemed to bring Lois lots of relief so they were fortunately on the same page. With them, that happened more often than not.

But as days turned into weeks and then months without a proposal, it faded from Lana’s mind, which led to Lois being able to catch her by surprise.

Something that she had been doing from the very start. To say Lana didn’t mind was a bit of an understatement.

They were in Smallville for the weekend, taking a break from the city life, and Lois suggested they go have a picnic.

“It’ll be fun!” she had said brightly that morning.

“Might rain,” Lana noted, checking the weather, but she agreed without hesitation as they prepared a basket of the food Lois insisted they buy the day before and headed out.

Lois was right; it was fun, the two of them sharing lunch as they got to relax, without a care or worry in the world.

Just as they were getting to dessert, Lana’s prediction came true, and a drizzle turned into a downpour within minutes.

“Goddammit,” Lois groaned, as she rushed to pack their stuff. Lana, on the other hand, stood up, tilting her head, letting the hit her face, feeling the cool water run across her. “Lana, are you just planning to stand there?”

Lana giggled, and reached for Lois, grabbing her hands, and tugging at them. “Come on, Lois, have a little fun. Dance with me.”

Lois softened immediately, and let Lana guide her. “Well, if you insist …”

Alone on the field, they danced to their heart’s content, both getting soaked and not caring. Lois twirled Lana, who let out a surprised noise as Lois dipped her, the two of them sharing a sweet kiss, before she brought her back up.

Then all of a sudden, Lois stopped and stared at Lana, her hazel eyes warm and loving. Lana stopped as well, looking at Lois, wondering why they weren’t dancing anymore.

“I love you,” Lois told her, tone soft but confident.

Lana beamed, still slightly confused, but always happy to hear those words. She didn’t have to hear it; Lois expressed her love in so many other ways. That didn’t mean it wasn’t nice or didn’t make her melt every time. “I love you too.”

Whatever questions Lana had died as Lois fumbled with her pockets, pulling out a small box. A small, very familiar looking box and Lana’s eyes widened, as she flipped it open to reveal the ring she had found all those months ago.

“Lana, you know you mean everything to me,” Lois started, and before she could continue, Lana yelped.


Lois’s mouth dropped in shock. “Yes?”

“Yes, of course!” Lana said happily. The rain hadn’t stopped, and her clothes and hair were sticking to her skin, but she didn’t feel cold. No, she felt like she was on top of the world, and nothing or no one could bring her down from this high.

Her girlfriend, no, her fiancee (and no, that was a word she wasn’t going to get sick of; Lana couldn’t wait until it turned into wife), pouted. “You know, I had a whole speech planned. I practiced.”

“Tell me later,” Lana said, tugging her close, her face hurting from smiling so much, but she couldn’t stop. Didn’t want to stop. “Right now, I want you to put that ring on my finger and kiss me.”

“Bossy, bossy,” Lois teased, but she did just that. The cool metal sliding onto Lana’s ring finger was the best sensation and it fit perfectly, like it was meant to be there all along. “How did I fall in love with such a bossy woman?”

“Pot, kettle,” Lana shot back. “And you want to marry me, so what does that say about you?”

“That I have excellent taste,” Lois said, grinning, wrapping her arms around Lana’s waist as she leaned forward, intent clear. “Ready to get stuck with me for the rest of our lives?”

“Yes, of course,” Lana said, as their lips met in another kiss.

When it had to do with Lois, the answer would always be yes.

And Lana was definitely ready.

Tags: category: femmeslash, challenge: 100_tales, fandom: smallville, fanfic, fic: this will be, ship: lois/lana

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