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Smallville 7.08 "Blue"

My favorite day of the week is here! Smallville day and how I love it. No matter how many times they disappoint me, I still continue to get excited and watch enthusiastically. So here's my review on this week's episode.

Let's start out by saying how stupid Clark is. By now you think he would've learned to listen to Jor-El. Honestly, I can understand the curiosity about his mother. Martha is gone to Washington and he may be feeling a little lonely. Especially since Lana's turned evil but really. He has Kara. Taking the crystal to the Fortress is one thing but to defy his father and use it? That's another thing.

I read the summary on kryptonsite so I knew what was coming but it was still shocking. The reunion between Lara and Kara was nice. :) I'm surprised that Clark didn't get more of a lecture for hiding that crystal. He certainly deserved it. But the reunion between Zor-El and Kara was creepy.

Zor-El is just weird. My lovely friend and beta, boltgirl426, has him pegged as a  "matrix reject". Especially with that horrid jacket, I'd say she's on the mark. ;)

Him going after Lionel was interesting. Clark was there to save the day at the nick of time, as usual. But if Lionel is Jor-El's vessel, wouldn't he have known Lara's name? That was a bit odd. I suppose they were doing it to be dramatic but it was inconsistent. Nothing new for SV, I guess.

But I squealed when Clark brought Lara to the Clock Tower. "Mom, don't worry, this is my boyfriend's apartment". Okay, that is the Collie shipper in me coming out but any mention of Oliver I take. I love how everyone invades his penthouse when he's gone. Lana coming in there was not cool though. I mean, hasn't he dumped her yet?

I did like Lara calling Lana out on her evilness. One person who doesn't worship at her feet. Now if her son could see the same way and turn to a certain blonde billionaire, we'd all be happy. Fine, I'd be happy. Same thing.

Clark was an idiot for wearing that ring but I was spoiled so I knew it would remove his abilities. We had the Clark/Zor-El scene and that was short, thank God because Zor-El sucks.

Him coming and taking Lara was so expected. I felt sad for Lara though. She was sacrificing herself for her son.

Clark was smart in thinking of the kryptonite. Proves he has SOME brains at least because most of this episode, he didn't seem to be using them. I swear, they have Clark getting stupider by the episode. I can't believe, even at the end, when Zor-El was going to KILL Kara, he had to be forced into destroying the crystal. It's sad that he had to let go of his mother, since he just met her, but really man!

And they all disappeared. That was a shocker. And Kara has amnesia. i wonder where they will take that storyline.

The Grant/Lois crap was unnecessary. I mean, he's not THAT irresistible. I'm glad that Chloe was trying to talk some sense into Lois. The lady can walk away from OLIVER QUEEN so this guy should be no problem.

Lois is not awful for dating her editor though. It's stupid though and really, I expected her to have much more control that she showed. As I said, he's not that great looking. I mean, seriously, save the dating the coworker thing for when Clark gets his head out of his ass and realizes he is meant to be a journalist. Lane-Kent baby, LANE KENT.

And don't give me crap about the Chlois theory. I don't want to hear it . . . I don't buy into it and I have so much hate for it, it's insane.

Now let's get to the MAJOR twist. JULIAN IS ALIVE. And his name is Grant Gabriel. WHAT THE HELL ARE THE WRITERS SMOKING? Are you serious? And how did he fall under Lex's radar anyway? That came out of nowhere. i demand an explanation right now. My GOD, this was ridiculous. And so SO shocking.

I don't know how I feel about this episode. The twist at the end made me sit up straight. The Clana was limited but i really wanted Clark to dump her. Once again, he was justifying her.

I'm still waiting to see where they take this one. I guess since we're hitting repeats now, we'll have to wait. And I'll try to wait but it won't be patiently.

See you guys in a couple of weeks!

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