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Accidentally in Love Chapter 15

And we're back to this story! I hope you like the new chapter. Let me know! :)

Story: Accidentally in Love
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, Lois/Oliver, mentions of past Lexana & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, m/m sex
Spoilers: slight season 7
Summary: Oliver returns to Metropolis on business. Clark’s depressed over Lana’s death. An unexpected encounter leads them to a friends with benefits situation, neither willing to get into a real relationship.
Previous Chapters: Here

Chapter 15

Stirring out of a deep sleep, Clark smiled at seeing Oliver draped across his chest. Valentine’s Day had gone off without a hitch and glancing at the ring adorning his finger, he smiled. He knew he couldn’t wear it all the time but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Oliver had seemed to like his necklace and he was glad. He knew he was trusting the other man with a key to his Fortress but he did . . . trust him, that is. Giving him a key just felt right and having the picture there made it more personal.

When Oliver was out on patrol one night, Clark managed to snatch the picture and have it back before Oliver even returned. The blonde never even knew it was missing.

Feeling a shift, he looked down to see brown eyes staring back at him.

“Good morning,” he said softly.

“A very good morning,” Oliver agreed, smiling. He moved to capture Clark’s lips quickly, engaging him in a quick kiss.

“Do you have any early meetings?” Clark asked suddenly, remembering it was still a workday.

“No, I have nothing important scheduled,” Oliver assured him. “Do you have class?”

“In the afternoon,” Clark answered. He paused and added reluctantly, “We should probably head back.”

Ollie pouted. “If we must.”

“We can always come back, Ollie,” Clark told him. “And you have a key too.”

“I wouldn’t feel right to coming here without you though,” Oliver admitted.

“But if you ever want to, you have that option,” Clark replied.

Jor-El knew that Oliver had the key and his biological father hadn’t been pleased with Clark entrusting the key to a human. At first anyway. After a short argument, he finally accepted it and that’s how Clark got the copy in the first place.

Oliver smiled at him, oblivious to his thoughts. “I guess we should get out of bed then.”

Clark nodded but really, he didn’t want to move. Staying in Oliver’s arms all day sounded much better but he knew they had lives to get back to.

Slowly, he untangled himself out of Oliver’s embrace and stepped out of bed, putting his clothes back on. Oliver too made a motion to get up and get dressed.

Exiting the Fortress, they were quickly in the caves again, from where Clark flew them back to the penthouse.

Entering through the balcony, Clark was pleased to find out that it wasn’t as late as he expected. Oliver noticed that too and he immediately suggested that they take a shower.

“Do you think of nothing but sex?” Clark teased.

“No, not really,” Oliver replied, with a grin. “You complaining?”

“Not at all,” Clark said, laughing. He was really grateful that he didn’t have any morning classes. And he didn’t think that Chloe or Lois would miss him. Besides, he wasn’t stupid . . . he definitely was not going anywhere.

And he had clothes in the penthouse too. Oliver insisted that since he was there every night, it was silly for him to go back and get fresh clothes. So he had a set of clothes at the penthouse too. In fact, most of his clothes had found their way to the penthouse and he even had closet space.

“Stay for breakfast?” Oliver offered later, as they put on fresh clothes.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Clark agreed. “Need any help?”

“I’m good, thanks,” Oliver responded.

Clark hung out with Oliver in the kitchen while the blonde cooked breakfast for them both. It was strangely relaxing, just chatting with Oliver. But he didn’t think about it too much.

They had a peaceful breakfast, after which Clark had to leave.

“Thank you,” Oliver said sincerely, “For giving me the best Valentine’s Day I ever had.”

“It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had too,” Clark said honestly. “And I was more than happy to do it.”

Oliver smiled and Clark gave him one last kiss before heading out. “I’ll call you later,” he promised, as the elevator doors closed.

Leaving the Clock Tower, Clark was happy. It had been a great Valentine’s Day after all.

Not everyone felt that way though. Lois Lane was conflicted, as she entered her shared apartment that morning. Valentine’s Day had gone off well, much better than last year. Grant had been extremely romantic, a dozen roses already on her desk when she got into work. People had been skeptical about their office romance, worried that she would get favors but Grant treated her just like anyone else. Eventually, everyone stopped gossiping and learned to deal with it.

That evening, he had taken her to an exclusive Italian restaurant for dinner and they had a wonderful time. Grant was everything she wanted in a man and she smiled, remembering the rest of the night. He was a workaholic but he didn’t neglect her nor did he disappear randomly. Two very important qualities.

Then why did she feel like something was missing? Looking around, she was surprised to hear silence. Where were Chloe and Clark?

She reasoned Chloe must be with Jimmy but then where was Clark? He had been disappearing a lot lately. Sometimes, it was to hang out with Oliver. That she understood but other times, he just wasn’t around and she couldn’t help but be curious as to his whereabouts.

Chloe didn’t seem too worried and she caught on to everything Clark did so she knew she could assume he wasn’t up to any trouble. Then again, it was Smallville . . . how much trouble could he really get into?

Hearing the doorknob twist, she smiled seeing Clark enter. He seemed to do a double take when he noticed her.

“Hey Lois,” he said.

“Hi Smallville,” she replied. She couldn’t help but notice how happy he looked. For that, she was happy. Because no matter how much they argued, she really did want to see him happy. And after Lana’s death, he had closed up and she hated it.

Now, he was more cheerful. If that had anything to do with his friendship with Oliver, then, she was glad. Oliver Queen broke her heart but if he somehow managed to put the smile back on her best friend’s face, she couldn’t hate him.

“How was your Valentine’s Day, Lois?” Clark asked, bringing her back to reality.

“It was good,” she said. She fingered the pendant she was wearing. “Grant gave this to me.”

“Very pretty,” Clark complimented. “I’m glad you had a good time.”

She smiled and nodded. “Did you do anything special?”

“Nope, nothing special,” Clark said, “This year, I decided to lie low.” Something was flickering in his green eyes though but she didn’t question it. Why would Clark lie to her?

She wouldn’t have gotten a chance to ask anyway because that was the moment Chloe chose to come in.

“Hey guys,” Chloe said cheerfully. “How’s it going?”

“I see someone had a good Valentine’s Day,” Lois joked.

“A very good Valentine’s Day,” Chloe replied, beaming.

“Well, I can’t wait to hear all about it,” Lois said. “But first, I have to run some errands . . . we’ll talk later though?”

Chloe nodded. Saying goodbye to Clark, she left again.

Truth be told, she didn’t to answer Chloe’s questions just yet. Lately, she had been feeling confused about Grant.

If she was honest with herself, she would admit that her doubts began the second Oliver had shown up on her doorstep.

But she was over Oliver . . . right? One thing was for certain: she had to think some things through and make some decisions. Because right now, she was confused as hell.

Oh, thank God, she’s gone. Clark loved Lois but he was so glad that she didn’t persist on the Valentine’s Day issue.

He smiled at his best friend. “So, Chloe, you and Jimmy had a good day?”

“Yeah, it was great,” Chloe said enthusiastically. They both moved to sit on the couch. “How about you . . . how was your night with Oliver?”

“Very good,” Clark responded.

Chloe raised an eyebrow and looked like she was about say something but she gasped. Seeing her gaze on his hand, where the ring rested, he smiled.

“Clark Kent,” Chloe said, “Where did you get that ring?”

“Oliver gave it to me,” Clark admitted.

“What did you two do for Valentine’s Day?” Chloe wanted to know.

Smiling sheepishly, he explained how he surprised Oliver with a night at the Fortress.

When he was finished with his story, Chloe looked shocked.

“You took him for a romantic evening at your Arctic castle,” Chloe summarized, “Gave him a key to the place to the only remnant you have of your home planet and he gifted you with a diamond ring . . . and the two of you are friends with benefits?”

Clark nodded. “Yeah, why?”

“Are you kidding me?” Chloe exclaimed, “The two of you are no way sex buddies . . . this is one step away from ‘I do’.”

Clark laughed. “Chloe, you’re exaggerating.”

“And you’re in denial,” Chloe retorted, “Give it up, Clark . . . you took so much effort into giving him a perfect evening. Why would you do that?”

“Well, I wanted him to have a special Valentine’s Day and make him see there was one person who didn’t want him for his money,” Clark said. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Clark,” she said gently, “I never said there was. I’m just saying your feelings run a little deeper than you want to believe.”

“No way,” Clark protested.

“Then why are you so interested in his happiness?” Chloe wanted to know.

“Because I care for him,” Clark said, “We’re friends too . . . there is nothing strange about this.”

“You care about him,” Chloe agreed, “But I don’t think it’s just as a friend and not just as someone you have sex with. You want more, Clark . . . don’t deny it.”

“I don’t want more,” Clark argued. “I’m happy with our arrangement.”

“Are you?” Chloe countered.

“I am,” he said confidently. Aren’t I? Chloe’s words raised doubts in his mind, doubts that weren’t being raised for the first time.

Last night had just been so wonderful and waking up this morning with Oliver felt so natural. Their routine was so right and never had he been so happy with anyone before. Could it be that he wanted more? That just friends with benefits was not enough?

“Clark,” Chloe went on, “I think you want more . . . and you’re not the only one who feels that way.”

“Chloe don’t be silly,” Clark said. He paused. “What do you mean I wouldn’t be the only one?”

Chloe smiled. “Oliver is definitely heads over heels for you, Clark Kent. It’s so obvious and that ring couldn’t have been a clearer declaration of his intentions.”

“Chloe, Oliver doesn’t want a relationship,” Clark said. “There’s no way he feels anything that is more than physical for me. The only person he has any feelings for would be Lois.” And he didn’t mention how much those words hurt him and he found that saying it aloud did hurt.

“I am pretty sure Oliver is over Lois,” Chloe responded. “And he’s completely into you. Oliver probably wants more too; the two of you should talk about this.”

Could it be? Clark’s heart blossomed at her words but then he pushed the thoughts away.

“No,” he said firmly. “Chloe, I don’t want more and Oliver doesn’t either. We’re fine with the way things are. Trust me.”

Chloe didn’t look convinced. “Clark, I think you’re being ridiculous but if you say so, I guess I have no choice but to accept it.”

“I do say so,” Clark confirmed. “Chloe, this arrangement is working for me, trust me . . . I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay Clark, I’m going to trust you on this one,” Chloe said. “But if you aren’t, you don’t have to be afraid to ask for more you know.”

“I know that,” he told her. “But I don’t want more. Neither of us do.”

And the subject was dropped. At least for now it was.

But Clark couldn’t help the nagging at his heart, Chloe’s words constantly haunting him throughout the day. When he was in class, he couldn’t concentrate, unconsciously toying with the ring.

He found a silver chain and placed the ring on the necklace. That way, he could wear it and avoid any questions he would’ve received if it was on his hand.

That night, he called and made plans with Oliver. They were going to meet up for a movie marathon at his place. But why was he more nervous than usual when he was getting ready? He spent more time picking out the right shirt and when he entered the penthouse that evening, there were butterflies in his stomach.

Oliver was at his usual spot, greeting him with a kiss like always. Was that normal for their situation? It seemed like more of a couple-y thing to do. But he had never questioned it before.

Stop over thinking things, Kent. It’s just Chloe getting into your head. You know what you want so don’t let anyone try to tell you differently.

He did know what he wanted and what he didn’t was a relationship.

“Clark?” Oliver’s voice effectively snapped him out of his thoughts. “You okay?”

Meeting concerned brown eyes, he nodded and smiled. “I’m fine,” he said. “So . . . what movies you got planned?”

Oliver grinned and started chatting, leading them to the entertainment room. Clark tried to keep up with the conversation, even though his thoughts were elsewhere.

When they were settled, snacks in hand, and the new Spiderman movie playing, Clark felt content.

Yes, this was exactly what he wanted. He was perfectly happy with their arrangement.

Then why wasn’t he pushing Chloe’s ideas out of his head?

Why do men have to be so stubborn? Chloe could see it as plain as day. Her best friend was totally in love with Oliver Queen and Oliver loved Clark too. They were hiding behind this friends-with-benefits façade, too afraid of risking their hearts with a real relationship.

Now, Clark was hanging out with Oliver, which meant he wouldn’t be home that night. But then again, he hardly ever was home. They spent all their free time together and they honestly wanted to believe all they cared about was the sex?

Shaking her head, she sighed. Hopefully, they would both realize what they had before someone got hurt.

“You know,” Oliver said casually, turning Clark’s attention away from the movie, “I’m going to be in Star City next week.”

“Are you going back there?” Clark asked. Why that made him so nervous, he didn’t know. “I know that you were only supposed to be here for a couple of weeks.”

“I could go back there,” Oliver told him, “But I’m not going to. I’m kind of happy in Metropolis. I just have to go back temporarily . . . there’s a couple of meetings I have scheduled next week.”

“When are you leaving?” Clark asked. “And how long are you going to be gone?” His heart skipped a beat when he heard Ollie say he was happy in Metropolis. Was he a part of that reason? Either way, he didn’t want Oliver to go . . . Clark knew he would miss the blonde too much if he were to leave now.

“I’m leaving Sunday evening,” Oliver said, “And I’ll be back Friday afternoon.”

“Cool,” Clark responded. It would be strange not to see Oliver for 5 days but Clark was just relieved he was coming back at all.

But he forgot all about his worries when Oliver leaned forward to kiss him. Clark responded to the kiss, his thoughts scattering as he lost himself in the blonde’s embrace, as he had so many times before.

The movie marathon was forgotten but Clark did not have any problems with that. As Oliver all but carried him into his bedroom, clothes falling on the floor on the way there, Clark was more than happy to comply.

And when they fell on the bed, completely naked, Clark captured the blonde’s lips eagerly.

Nope, definitely no problems.

Clark ended up spending most of Saturday with Oliver too. In fact, it was Chloe who had to come and get him.

Oliver and he were just finishing lunch when they heard the sound of the elevator. The doors opened to reveal his best friend. Surprised to see her, Clark spilled pasta sauce on his shirt. Oliver snickered and he shot him a glare his way. But the blonde didn’t even react.

“Hey,” Chloe said smiling, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“No worries, Watchtower,” Oliver said. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, Clark and I have to finish up our project,” Chloe said, “And since I have things to do tomorrow, I was hoping to steal him away?”

Clark smiled apologetically. “Sorry about that, Chlo . . . it completely slipped my mind.” He turned to Ollie, “I’ll catch you later?”

“Yeah, sure,” Oliver said, “You may want to do something about that stain. Pasta sauce can stain.”

“Got any suggestions?” Clark asked, staring at the stain.

“Leave the shirt here,” Oliver said, “I’ll get rid of it . . .”

“I’ll go change then,” Clark said, walking toward the bedroom. “I’ll be right back Chloe.”

Chloe watched amazed, as the two interacted. Friends with benefits, my ass.

“Wait,” Chloe said, addressing Oliver, “He has clothes here?”

“Yeah,” Oliver replied, “He spends so much time here that I thought it was a good idea. In fact, he has a lot of clothes here.” Oliver chuckled. “I think the right half of the closet is his.”

He has closet space? And they’re really claiming they’re just about the sex? Chloe had to stop herself from groaning aloud. Men were stupid and these two had to be the densest of the lot.

“Okay, we can go,” Clark announced, returning with a new shirt on. She watched as he gave Oliver a quick kiss.

“I’ll see you later,” Clark told him and she watched as Oliver smiled warmly at her best friend. They’re so in love.

“Bye Oliver,” she said.

“Bye Chloe,” he replied and she left with Clark, unable to stop the smile that threatened to spread across her face.

Clark didn’t suspect her odd behavior though but she had gotten to witness first hand that those two were indeed closer than she thought. And she heard the affection for Clark over the phone but seeing it written all over Oliver’s face confirmed all her theories.

Oliver gave Clark a ring, Clark had closet space . . . no, it wouldn’t be long now.

They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. She really hoped that Clark and Oliver realized what they had soon. Before it was too late and they lost it all.

For Clark, the next week dragged on forever. He didn’t realize what a big part Oliver had come to play in his schedule. They did spend time together before Oliver left but Clark was surprised that he was saddened by Oliver’s leaving.

Don’t be silly, he’ll be back soon. No need to overreact. Nevertheless, it was still a long week.

Clark busied himself with the school paper, took on an extra article so he would have less free time. Oliver called him every night and he couldn’t help but feel giddy every time he saw Oliver’s name on the caller id.

But there was nothing unusual about that, right?

There was nothing wrong with Oliver calling him the second he landed and there was definitely nothing strange about him running to see Oliver and wait for him at his penthouse. It was perfectly normal that Oliver came in and the minute he saw him, pulled him into a very long and passionate kiss.

Nothing wrong about that at all.

When the need for air aroused, they separated. “I missed you,” Oliver admitted.

“I missed you too,” Clark responded, smiling.

“Oh yeah?” Oliver asked flirtatiously, wrapping his arms around Clark’s back.

“If you’re free, I would be more than willing to show you how much,” Clark said cheekily.

“I’m definitely free for that,” Oliver told him. They were about to kiss again when Clark heard the elevator.

Scanning the elevator, he froze when he saw Lois’ figure behind the doors.

“Oh, God,” Clark said, and in flash, was on the other side of the room. Oliver frowned, a hurt look on his face.

“It’s Lois,” Clark explained, and Oliver nodded, understanding. “I’ll be in your bedroom.” He definitely didn’t want to explain his presence to Lois. Before the doors opened, he was gone.

Oliver forced a smile as Lois stepped out of the elevator, though he was a little confused why she was there. And he was a bit frustrated. Five days without Clark and he just wanted to drag the brunette to bed and keep him there for a few hours.

“Hi Lois,” he said, remembering to be polite.

“Hey Oliver,” she replied. “How’s it going?”

“Not too bad,” Oliver said, “And yourself?”

“I’m pretty good,” she said. In all the time he had known Lois, he had never seen her as nervous as she was right now.

“So what can I do for you?” Oliver said, “I have to say this is a surprise.”

“Oliver,” she said hastily, “I know the last time we spoke, it was a bit uncomfortable. And I wanted to apologize for that . . . you came to see me and I could’ve been nicer.”

“Lois, I know I hurt you,” Oliver said, “I didn’t expect anything less. For the way I treated you, you were far nicer than I deserved.”

She smiled. “Yeah, either way, I just hated the way we left things.”

Where is she going with this? “And?” Oliver prodded.

“I want to be friends,” Lois said. “With my still being Mrs. Kent’s chief of staff and you supporting her financially, I think that we might be seeing more of each other. I’d rather things not be awkward.”

Oliver refrained from breathing a sigh of relief. Then he inwardly frowned. Just a few months ago, he would’ve wanted more, would’ve been disappointed with her response.

Then again, a few months ago, he didn’t have a gorgeous brunette in his bed. Pushing those thoughts out of his head, he focused on Lois.

“Friends sounds good, Lois,” he agreed, with a smile.

“That’s great,” Lois said happily. “I have to go now, but I’ll talk to you later?” He nodded.

“Bye Ollie!” she said and he watched as she got into the elevator.

Hearing footsteps, he turned toward the sound, a more genuine smile emerging on his face when he saw Clark.

“Sorry we were interrupted,” Oliver said. Clark smiled but Oliver saw that it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Is everything okay?” Clark asked.

“Yeah, Lois wanted to know if we can be friends,” Oliver told him.

“What did you say?” Clark wanted to know.

“I said yes, of course,” Oliver responded.

“And you think it’s a good idea?” Clark asked. Oliver frowned. What was with Clark?

“Yeah, I mean, we can finally get some closure,” Oliver said. Seeing his lover’s skeptical expression, Oliver closed the distance between them.

“You okay, Clark?” Oliver asked.

“I’m fine,” Clark said but there was still something in Clark’s eyes Oliver couldn’t place. But he decided to ignore it for now.

Smiling wickedly, he pulled the brunette into his arms. “Then what do you say we pick up where we left off? I do believe you have to prove how much you missed me.”

Clark grinned. “I would be more than willing to do that.” Their lips met again, all thoughts of Lois Lane gone.

At least Oliver was able to forget Lois. For Clark, it wasn’t that easy. Clark couldn’t erase the worries he had about Lois’ visit.

Why would she come see Oliver so suddenly? And friendship? Why now? It didn’t seem like a very Lois-like move to make.

Clark tried his best to focus on Oliver, to focus on the sexy blonde whose mouth was devouring his own, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Chapter 16
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