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Om Shanti Om & Bollywood related stuff

I apologize in advance for this post because half my flist (at least) won't be interested but I felt the need to share my thoughts, in case anyone actually cared. Most of you can just skip it over. On Friday, I saw Om Shanti Om with one of my friends.

Now once upon a time, I used to be obsessed with Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan was my god. I am so not even kidding. I'm kind of out of touch but Shahrukh really is the only one making decent movies. So I decided to go check this one out.

The first half, I swore every single person was on crack. My friend was vague about details. All I heard was that Shahrukh was trying to be an actor and he was in love with this famous actress. The first reaction I had was "Shahrukh is still doing movies like this?" I thought he was moving forward, after 17 years in the industry.

It was not like I expected at all. As I said, I thought everyone was crazy in the first half. The writers were high when they were writing it and Shahrukh had to be high when filming. That was only explanation I could come up that made sense. The girl was pretty good . . . I don't remember her name but at some points, she really reminded me of a young Juhi Chawla. I loved Juhi/SRK together . . . they had great on screen chemistry. Not as good as Kajol/SRK or Madhuri/SRK but still, they made a great couple.

The second half had much more twists. I have to say, I called the whole reincarnation plot at the half. It seems that I can still figure out hindi films. I was very impressed with myself. LOL I told my friend what was going to happen and at that point, we were extremely skeptical. Because after the disaster that was Karan Arjun, I really thought SRK would know better.

But I was right. After intermission, the film went 30 years into the future and I was very pleased with my deductions. The first song to come had me smacking my head. "Dard-E-Disco", which is translated to "A Painful Disco" and I worried about the quality about Bollywood music. I mean, seriously guys? And what was up with SRK trying to be Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2? You can tell he's been working out but that song just had me cringing. SRK, I love you but . . . no.

The reincarnation plot was handled extremely well. I was really impressed. The songs got better too. Deewangi Deewangi ROCKED! And I loved the filmfare awards scene. Oh, Abhishek how I love thee! But there were approximately 32 actors and actresses in that song. It was shocking. I would've killed to be on that set. And dude, I can't imagine the security. My friend and I were shocked. They just kept coming. Juhi & Kajol showing up was the best part though. I just wished Madhuri would've been there but she so would've stolen the show. Good news? Aishwarya Rai (AKA Barbie, as I call her) was not there. She so wouldn't have fit in.

But when Saif and Salman showed up and the Khans were all together, that was awesome! So that song had to be my favorite part, hands down.

The return of the memories was nice and the rest of the film was good. The ending really shocked me. I did not see that twist coming. Arjun Rampal did a good job. I liked him in this movie.

The actress had a great debut film. I mean, working with SRK? And in a film like this, which is doing so well? That's a dream project.

She did look a little young and in her double role, I liked her better in the first half. She was a lot more sophisticated but I think that was the point. The second half, she was a little too bimbotic for me.

Overall, this was a really good movie. If you can survive the first half, which still had some really hilarious moments, the second half is much better.

This movie also got me back into reading bollywood fanfiction. There is a comm called bolly_fics and i was really excited to see some OSO fics up.

However, I really want some Kal Ho Na Ho fics. Aman/Rohit all the way! I swear, those two had more chemistry than either one of them had with Naina. And I know they were joking around but it warmed my slasher heart.

I really want to write bollywood fics . . . I have had this urge to write it. :\ darn OSO . . . getting me all distracted from Smallville. :D

I loved Bollywood first though and I started out writing by penning like 200 page stories based on Bollywood movies. I guess I am going back to my roots. We'll see how it works out. I'll finish the stories I have now and then see what happens. :)

In the meantime, I'm going back to watch Kal Ho Na Ho.
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